2018 Joint ARM User Facility and ASR PI Meeting

The joint meeting of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility users and Atmospheric System Research (ASR) principal investigators took place during the week of March 19 to 23, 2018, at the Sheraton Tysons Hotel in Tysons, Virginia. This meeting brought together over 250 ASR researchers and ARM Facility users and infrastructure members to review progress and plan future directions for ASR research and the ARM user facility.

General meeting sessions began on Monday, March 19, with topical breakout session meetings. Tuesday and Wednesday featured plenary sessions that include presentations by U.S. Department of Energy program managers, reports from ARM and ASR on research progress, scientific presentations by ASR principal investigators and ARM Facility users, and tutorial sessions on how to use the ARM Facility. See the agenda for plenary presentations and breakout session reports.
Don't forget to:

  • Breakout session summary reports should be submitted here by April 27. The breakout session reports serve as a record of discussion results from the session and are an important resource for the DOE program managers, as well as providing information about the science needs of ARM users to the ARM facility.  Breakout session reports should provide a concise narrative, discussing key findings, decisions, issues, needs, and/or future plans and action items.  To submit, click on “Submit Summary” for your breakout session, which will bring up a web form with the breakout session report template.
  • Plenary and breakout session presentations may be uploaded here (in PDF form). For plenary presentations, simply click on the “Upload Presentation” link next to your name. For breakout session presentations, click on the “Upload Presentation” link next to the name of the appropriate breakout session. Multiple presentations can be uploaded to a breakout session.
  • Posters may be uploaded here (in PDF form).  You may search for your abstract by name or abstract title.

Contact pubs@arm.gov if you need assistance or have a question.