Model-measurement Interaction: the Development of Model-like Data from the ARM Scanning Radar Network

Scott Collis Argonne National Laboratory
Kevin Widener Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Nitin Bharadwaj Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Pavlos Kollias Stony Brook University
Annette Koontz Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Douglas Sisterson Argonne National Laboratory
Brad Orr No Affiliation

Category: Infrastructure & Outreach

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

The implementation of multi-frequency dual-polarization scanning radar platforms at the fixed and mobile ARM sites will generate a large volume of data. The routine synthesis of geophysical parameters for comparison with cloud-resolving models and accurately describing the state of the atmosphere in three dimensions is a challenging task. In order to achieve this, a modular framework for manipulating scanning radar data will be developed based on a five-phase process: Quality control and product generation in radar coordinates, gridding onto a Cartesian grid, simple product generation in Cartesian coordinates, retrievals involving constraining and adjoint models, and finally statistical descriptions of data from the previous four phases. The system is being developed in a manner that allows interaction between the ARM Climate Research Facility infrastructure, the Atmospheric System Research (ASR) working groups, and the scientific community such that the integration of modules written by third parties is straightforward through careful definition of the NetCDF file structure. The continuous operation of this system presents an exciting opportunity to generate long-term records of the three-dimensional structure of precipitating and non-precipitating systems from the tropics to the Arctic.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.