The Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources in the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences at the University of California, Davis, is seeking an assistant professor of cloud physics and climate change. This position will conduct mission-oriented research for the California Agricultural Experiment Station for an academic year (9 months).

The Department of Land, Air, and Water Resources is seeking applicants that focus on the impacts of clouds on climate and how these impacts are affected by changes in the Earth system. The successful candidate is expected to establish a competitively funded research program to address critical issues such as warm or cold cloud microphysical processes, aerosol‐cloud‐radiation interactions, or improving the representation of clouds within either regional or global climate models.

Applications need to include:

  • curriculum vitae including publication list,
  • up to three publications,
  • undergraduate and graduate transcripts,
  • statement of research accomplishments and future research plans,
  • statement of teaching accomplishments and philosophy, and
  • four to six professional letters of reference.

Applicants are encouraged to submit an optional statement of contributions of diversity. Application materials must be submitted via the UC Davis Recruit website. The position will remain open until filled. To ensure consideration, applications should be received by January 31, 2016.