Earth-System Modeling Scientist


20 May 2021 - 31 July 2021

The Computational Physics and Methods group at Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is seeking qualified applicants in the areas of artificial intelligence / machine learning for Earth-system predictability and modeling. Candidates with experience in modeling and analyzing climate processes using innovative artificial intelligence / machine learning techniques are especially encouraged to apply. The successful candidate will contribute to development and application of the Energy Exascale Earth System Model (E3SM), the DOE’s new Earth system model, to address science questions relevant to DOE’s missions. Los Alamos National Laboratory is focused on the role of ocean and ice systems in high-latitude and global climate, marine biogeochemistry, land-river-ocean interactions, and the impacts of sea-level rise. The candidate will be expected to perform outstanding research in at least one of these areas, including using E3SM for fully coupled, global, variable-resolution simulations of the Earth system.