Earth Systems Observations Group Leader


Join our world class team of Earth scientists! The Earth and Environmental Sciences Division (EES) at LANL is seeking a dynamic, innovative individual to lead the Earth Systems Observations group, EES-14. EES-14 is a diverse Group of about 100 staff, post-docs, and students with an annual budget of approximately $50M. EES-14performs laboratory and field-based experimental and observational research, and associated data analysis and modeling encompassing the geologic, geochemical, hydrological, ecological, landscape, and atmospheric sciences.

The Group Leader provides leadership in technical and programmatic activities and champions EES-14 capabilities and personnel. The specific responsibilities for this position include fiscal oversight, research program development, oversight and technical development of laboratory facilities, resource and space allocation, safety and compliance, as well as personnel management including employee evaluations, promotions, and salary management. The Group Leader is responsible for maintaining a strong safety and security envelope while cultivating a culture of respect for safety and security within the Group. The successful candidate will work to ensure that the Group has a comprehensive, integrated set of core-competencies to deliver on existing programs and commitments as well as positioning the Group to meet emerging challenges and develop new programs through effective partnering with peers across the Laboratory and at other institutions. S/he also works with the Division Leader to determine organizational objectives, implement and disseminate lab policies, and delegate assignments. The Group Leader is supported by a Deputy Group Leader, five Team Leaders, two administrative assistants and a financial analyst.