Postdoctoral Appointee – Climate Scientist


Do you want to perform innovative and creative research in climate, earth, and atmospheric science? Are you motivated to do research that impacts a broad range of problems of national importance? If so, you could join our dynamic team by being selected as an Atmospheric Science Postdoctoral Appointee!

We seek hardworking and dedicated applicants with interests in developing and applying atmospheric and earth science measurement and modeling techniques to scientific and engineering applications relevant to Sandia’s diverse mission space. Sandia is currently exploring a variety of applications for this work which involves various projects.

You will join a large multidisciplinary team seeking to develop novel attribution tools to enable identification of and assign relative responsibility to ensuing downstream physical impacts from geographically and temporally localized large magnitude events (e.g., volcanos, climate interventions, or the disappearance of Arctic sea ice).

On any given day, you will be called on to:

  • Address complex problems in support of broad-ranging mission areas
  • Collaborate with highly motivated researchers on challenging research questions using innovative computational resources
  • Present your work within leading publication and conference venues
  • Work on potential projects which include:
  • Simulating the climate response to proposed climate intervention strategies and applying machine learning (or other data analytics techniques) and uncertainty quantification towards risk evaluation
  • Development and analysis of climate models such as E3SM with a focus on the coupled climate system (atmosphere, land, ocean and cryo-sphere)
  • Atmospheric and laboratory based measurements of ambient conditions including meteorological variables and aerosol/gas phase concentrations. Source-term characterization/development for use in validation modeling scenarios