Program News Archive


Jul 16 24 Projects Selected for ASR Funding
Jul 01 Pursuing Cloud Particles
Jun 28 DOE Collaboration Bears Fruit With the E3SM Single-Column Model
Jun 13 ASR Federal Program Manager Position Now Available
May 28 Maximilian Maahn: Remote Sensing and Radar Retrievals Expert
Apr 29 A Life of Chasing Radiation
Mar 26 Graduate Student Funding Opportunity Announcement
Mar 26 Modeler of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions
Feb 25 Student of Cloud Microphysics
Feb 25 ASR Scientists Receive Honors at 2019 American Meteorological Society Meeting
Jan 28 Student of the Arctic Atmosphere
Jan 28 BAMS Paper Zeroes in on HI-SCALE Campaign


Dec 27 New ASR Funding Opportunity Announcement for Fiscal Year 2019
Dec 03 2018 AGU Presentations Featuring ASR Science
Oct 29 ‘A Different Kind of Earth System Model’
Oct 29 The Science of Thunderstorms
Sep 24 LASSO, Doppler Lidar, and Shallow Cumuli
Sep 24 ASR Principal Investigators Share GoAmazon2014/15 Field Campaign Research Data
Sep 19 The ‘Drama of It All’
Aug 27 For Jerome Fast, a Lab Fellowship
Aug 27 Oak Ridge Introduces Summit, America’s Top Supercomputer for Science
Aug 16 Deadlines Approaching for DOE-Climate Program Office Fiscal Year 2019 Federal Funding Opportunity
Jul 30 ASR Recommends 19 Funding Proposals
Jul 30 ASR-Supported Scientists Receive DOE Early Career Research Program Awards
Jul 30 ASR Priorities Fit Into Broader DOE Five-Year Strategic Plan
Jul 30 Developing E3SM: How to Fit a Planet Inside a Computer
Jul 20 ‘Dramatic Clearing Events’ in Marine Cloud Cover
Jul 19 Peering Into Soot Aerosols
Jun 25 Pioneering Measures of Low Marine Clouds
Jun 25 LASSO Helps Rope In the ‘Cloud Problem’
Jun 25 Submit Abstracts Now for LASIC Session at 2019 AMS Annual Meeting
Jun 11 ‘One of the Most Fun Things’
May 25 Low Clouds Over Land and Sea
May 25 A Great Plains Divide
May 25 When a Maritime Continent Gets in the Way
May 25 Data Reveal Smoke Aerosol Presence Higher Than Previously Believed
Apr 30 ‘Until Next Time, Oliktok’
Apr 30 DOE Unveils New High-Resolution Earth System Model
Apr 30 In Search of the Physical Factors Behind Severe Storms
Mar 30 Graduate Student Funding Opportunity Announcement
Mar 30 Snow Does Not Dampen the 2018 Joint User Facility and PI Meeting
Mar 30 Firsts and Forecasts From a Dean of Modeling
Feb 26 On the Way: A Better Analysis of Ice in Clouds
Jan 29 Amazon Rainforest Provides a Unique Natural Lab to Study Effects of Aerosols
Jan 29 For Clouds and Aerosols, a Renewed Three-year Look at Small-scale Processes


Dec 21 Early Career Funding Opportunity Available
Dec 10 Scientist Profile Part 2: The Road to Aerosol Science
Dec 09 2017 AGU Presentations Featuring ASR Science
Nov 25 Jiwen Fan Paper Tops Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Most Read List
Nov 20 Joint User Facility and PI Meeting: How to Submit a Breakout Session Topic
Nov 17 New ASR Funding Opportunity Announcement for Fiscal Year 2018
Oct 27 Allison McComiskey Searches the Skies for Aerosol Answers
Sep 24 High Importance in the Heavens: The Enduring Challenge of Representing Clouds
Sep 24 Brookhaven’s Computational Science Laboratory Accelerates Radar Simulator Code for Cloud Research
Sep 19 DOE Office of Science Announces Graduate Student Funding Opportunity
Sep 18 BAMS is Latest Publication to Spotlight ASR-Supported Cloud Photo Research
Sep 18 Trio of ASR Investigators Selected as 2017 American Geophysical Union Fellows
Aug 26 New Project Funding Recommendations Announced
Aug 26 Guang Zhang’s Great Leap Forward in Understanding Deep Convection
Aug 26 ASR Scientist Plans to Use DOE Early Career Award to Study Thunderstorms
Jul 24 Scientist Profile: Ann Fridlind Stays Grounded While Studying the Clouds
Jun 26 A Family Affair: How Cloud, Land Surface, and Aerosols Interact to Influence the Atmosphere
May 22 Growing Insights on New Particles in the Atmosphere
May 16 ASR Scientists will Help Lead Earth System Processes Workshop/Summer Course
Apr 24 ASR Scientists Receive Honors from American Meteorological Society
Apr 24 Nominate Your Peers for 2018 American Meteorological Society Honors
Apr 24 ASR Scientists Gear Up for 38th American Meteorological Society Radar Conference
Mar 27 Scientist Profile: The Vertical Velocity of Virendra Ghate
Mar 27 2017 Joint Meeting Well Attended Despite Spring Nor’easter
Feb 28 Graduate Student Funding Opportunity Announcement
Feb 25 Uncovering the Turbulence-Mixed Chemistry of the Amazon Rainforest
Jan 21 New ASR Working Groups Announced


Dec 10 Research Activities for ASR at 2016 AGU Fall Meeting
Nov 28 For Critical Marine Low Clouds, a Research and Observation Plan
Nov 28 Robert McGraw Receives Prestigious Publication Award
Oct 24 Amazon Study: Rainstorms Carry Particles Needed to Make Clouds
Sep 26 Three Projects Launch New Climate Model Development and Validation Activity
Aug 22 Fiscal Year 2017 ASR Funding Opportunity Announced
Aug 22 To Tighten Climate Models, a Livermore Team Investigates the Land-Cloud Interface
Aug 22 An International Research Consortium Takes Aim at Pan-Arctic Climate Consensus
Aug 22 2017 ARM/ASR Joint Meeting Announcement and Results of 2016 Meeting Survey
Aug 20 Absorbing Aerosols Workshop Report Now Available
Jul 25 Smoke and Clouds above the Atlantic: Biomass Burning Aerosol and Climate
Jul 25 Project Funding Recommended
Jul 25 ASR Marine Low Clouds Workshop Report Available Online
Jun 27 ASR CARES Package of Science
Jun 27 BAMS Article Reports on a Data-Rich Storm Clouds Campaign
May 26 Meeting Moves ASR Science and the ARM Facility Forward
May 26 Nature Geoscience Article: Raindrops Disperse Climate-Critical Organic Particles
May 26 Young ASR Researcher Receives White House Award
May 26 An ASR ‘Green Ocean’ Project Wraps Up its Amazon Data Gathering, Prompts a Coming Tide of Papers
May 26 Atmospheric System Research Sponsored Workshop on Absorbing Aerosols
May 20 Atmospheric Convection Workshop Held
May 10 ACME/ARM/ASR, or AAA, Workshop Report Available on DOE Website
Feb 24 Supplemental Awards Available for Graduate Students
Feb 15 ASR Marine Low Clouds Workshop Held
Feb 06 New Funding Opportunity Announced
Jan 06 ASR Colleagues Honored at 2016 American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting


Dec 09 Research Activities for ASR at 2015 AGU Fall Meeting
Dec 09 ASR Colleagues Elected into AGU Fellowship
Nov 02 Nature Article: Urban Smoke Plays a Greater Role in Climate Warming than Previously Thought
Oct 05 Two Funding Opportunities Announced for Atmospheric System Research
Sep 16 Funded Projects for FY15 Announced
Sep 14 Graduate Student Funding Opportunity
Aug 17 New ASR Program Manager Selected
Jul 21 ASR Scientist Jiwen Fan Wins Ascent Award
Jun 08 Fond Farewells and a Welcome Aboard!
Mar 25 ASR Federal Program Manager Position Now Available
Jan 29 ASR Makes Awards to Two Teams for Science at the New ARM Sites
Jan 15 Studying the Amazon Basin’s Climate by Air and by Land


Dec 30 2015 American Meteorological Society Awards and Fellows Announced
Dec 13 ASR Research at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
Nov 21 Collaborators from the United States and Brazil Gather in D.C. to Discuss GOAMAZON
Aug 11 Fiscal Year 2015 ASR Funding Opportunity Announced
Aug 05 ASR Colleagues Elected into AGU Fellowship
Jul 31 2015 Funding Opportunity Available for Early Career Scientists
Jul 21 Shaima Nasiri Appointed ASR Program Manager
Jun 02 Testbed Workshop to Improve Climate Models
May 27 Funding Opportunity for Site Science in the Eastern North Atlantic and North Slope of Alaska
Apr 03 Research Progress Reviewed at ASR Principal Investigator’s Meeting
Feb 05 ASR Research at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting
Jan 31 Examining the Morphology of Black Carbon Particles


Dec 31 New Brochure Highlights Advances in Atmospheric Science
Dec 02 ASR Research at American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
Nov 21 U.S. and Brazilian Research Agencies Award Green Ocean Amazon Projects
Oct 31 Research Colleagues Honored by the American Association for Aerosol Research
Aug 22 Research Colleagues Elected AGU Fellows
Jul 31 2014 Funding Opportunity Available for Early Career Scientists
May 31 Joint Call Strengthens Amazonian Research Collaborations
May 15 Funding Opportunity Announced for GOAmazon Research
May 07 Atmospheric Science on Parade in Potomac, Maryland
Mar 15 Fiscal Year 2013 ASR Funding Opportunity Announced
Jan 30 Sally McFarlane Joins ASR Program Management Team
Jan 25 ASR Highlights from 93rd Annual American Meteorological Society Meeting


Dec 01 ASR Researchers Participate in American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
Oct 29 Hurricane Sandy Falls on ASR Working Group Meeting
Jun 08 ASR Scientists Lead Recent, Upcoming Field Campaigns
May 21 Pan-Global Atmospheric System Studies (Pan-GASS) Conference
Apr 03 Program Members Gather in Virginia for Third Annual Atmospheric System Research Science Team Meeting
Feb 29 Funding Opportunity Announced for Regional and Global Climate Modeling and Atmospheric System Research
Jan 30 Fiscal Year 2012 Funding Opportunity Announced for ASR


Dec 01 American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting
Nov 29 ASR Shared in DOE Booth for the WCRP Open Science Conference
Nov 18 DOE Graduate Fellowship Program Accepting Applications for 2012
Aug 31 2011 Radar Meteorology Conference
Jul 11 Postdoc Position Available
Jun 15 Funding Opportunity Announced for ASR
Jun 15 AGU Fall Meeting Sessions Announced
Jun 14 ASR Researchers Participate in India Aerosol Campaign
Jun 10 Save the Date! Fall Working Group Meetings Announced
Jun 10 Leadership Position for Atmospheric System Research at DOE
Jun 04 2011 Gordon Research Conference on Radiation and Climate
Jun 04 Eleventh Biennial ACCESS
May 19 2011 Far-Infrared Remote Sensing Workshop
Apr 06 Second Annual ASR Science Team Meeting Takes Place in San Antonio
Jan 12 Leadership Position for Atmospheric System Research (ASR)


Nov 10 AGU Fall Meeting 2010 Sessions
Nov 10 DOE Seeks Director for Office of Biological and Environmental Research
Jun 08 Monthlong Air Sampling Campaign Begins in Sacramento
Apr 27 Dates Selected for the ASR Fall Working Group Meetings
Apr 09 Highlights from the ASR First Science Team Meeting
Mar 27 DOE Seeks Two Modeling Program Managers
Mar 12 Atmospheric System Research Funding Opportunity Announced
Mar 12 First Annual Science Team Meeting Kicks Off