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ASR Journal Articles : 2017

AuthorWorking GroupArticle TitleJournalResearch HighlightFunded By
HegyiDynamical and thermodynamical impacts of high- and low-frequency atmospheric eddies on the initial melt of Arctic sea ice (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
YamasoeDownward solar global irradiance at the surface in São Paulo city-The climatological effects of aerosol and clouds (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
HarrisCoordinated Airborne Studies in the Tropics (CAST) (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
MartiniDerivation of clear-air turbulence parameters from high-resolution radiosonde data (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
Raz-Yaseef Large CO and CH emissions from polygonal tundra during spring thaw in northern Alaska  (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
SladeCloud droplet activation through oxidation of organic aerosol influenced by temperature and particle phase state (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
WoodLow-CCN concentration air masses over the eastern North Atlantic: Seasonality, meteorology, and drivers (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
WilliamsObservational evidence against strongly stabilizing tropical cloud feedbacks (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
ZhouWhy do general circulation models overestimate the aerosol cloud lifetime effect? A case study comparing CAM5 and a CRM (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
ZhangCloud Life CycleInter-comparisons of marine boundary layer cloud properties from the ARM CAP-MBL campaign and two MODIS cloud products (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
ZhouAerosol Life CycleRegional influence of wildfires on aerosol chemistry in the western US and insights into atmospheric aging of biomass burning organic aerosol (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
Dias-JuniorConvective storms and non-classical low-level jets during high ozone level episodes in the Amazon region: An ARM/GOAMAZON case study (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ARM
MascioQuantifying uncertainties in radar forward models through a comparison between CloudSat and SPartICus reflectivity factors (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
KeSpatiotemporal downscaling approaches for monitoring 8-day 30 m actual evapotranspiration (Citation)ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ARM
ZhouInfluences of cloud heterogeneity on cirrus optical properties retrieved from the visible and near-infrared channels of MODIS/SEVIRI for flat and optically thick cirrus clouds (Citation)Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer ARM
HeymsfieldDependence of the Ice Water Content and Snowfall Rate on Temperature, Globally: Comparison of In-Situ Observations, Satellite Active Remote Sensing Retrievals and Global Climate Model Simulations (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
RothfussAerosol Life CycleInfluence of functional groups on the viscosity of organic aerosol (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASR
MaahnPotential of higher-order moments and slopes of the radar Doppler spectrum for retrieving microphysical and kinematic properties of Arctic ice clouds (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology     Yes
RothfussAerosol Life CycleCharacterization of the temperature and humidity-dependent phase diagram of amorphous nanoscale organic aerosol (Citation)Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics ASR
SchwartzCloud Life CycleHigh-resolution photography of clouds from the surface: Retrieval of optical depth of thin clouds down to centimeter scales (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
BatemanAerosol Life CycleAnthropogenic influences on the physical state of submicron particulate matter over a tropical forest (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
ZhuRetrievals of all-weather daytime air temperature from MODIS products (Citation)Remote Sensing of Environment ARM
LundquistAssessing State-of-the-Art Capabilities for Probing the Atmospheric Boundary Layer: The XPIA Field Campaign (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
KuoTropical convective transition statistics and causality in the water vapor-precipitation relation (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
WangCan MODIS cloud fraction fully represent the diurnal and seasonal variations at DOE ARM SGP and Manus sites? (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
D'AmbroAerosol Life CycleMolecular composition and volatility of isoprene photochemical oxidation secondary organic aerosol under low- and high-NOx conditions (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
BernerStochastic Parameterization: Toward a New View of Weather and Climate Models (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
ChambersCERES S’COOL Project Update: The Evolution and Value of a Long-Running Education Project with a Foundation in NASA Earth Science Missions (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
CordeiraForecasting Atmospheric Rivers during CalWater 2015 (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
ChandrakarAerosol Life Cycle, Cloud Life CycleAerosol indirect effect from turbulence-induced broadening of cloud-droplet size distributions (Citation)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America     Yes
WangThe role of DYNAMO in situ observations in improving NASA CERES-like daily surface and atmospheric radiative flux estimates (Citation)Earth and Space Science ARM
WongA PDF-Based Parameterization of Subgrid-Scale Hydrometeor Transport in Deep Convection (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
FanEffects of cloud condensation nuclei and ice nucleating particles on precipitation processes and supercooled liquid in mixed-phase orographic clouds (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
NgNitrate radicals and biogenic volatile organic compounds: oxidation, mechanisms, and organic aerosol (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
BarbosaShort-term variability of gamma radiation at the ARM Eastern North Atlantic facility (Azores) (Citation)Journal of Environmental Radioactivity ARM
FreireTurbulent mixing and removal of ozone within an Amazon rainforest canopy (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
ZhangA comparison of cloud layers from ground and satellite active remote sensing at the Southern Great Plains ARM site (Citation)Advances in Atmospheric Sciences ARM
ZhuangSeasonal variation of shallow-to-deep convection transition and its link to the environmental conditions over the Central Amazon (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
SchmaleCollocated observations of cloud condensation nuclei, particle size distributions, and chemical composition (Citation)Scientific Data ARM
SinhaEvaluation of ground-based black carbon measurements by filter-based photometers at two Arctic sites (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
ZhuA New Contextual Parameterization of Evaporative Fraction to Reduce the Reliance of the Ts − VI Triangle Method on the Dry Edge (Citation)Remote Sensing ARM
ZamanEstimating particulate matter using satellite based aerosol optical depth and meteorological variables in Malaysia (Citation)Atmospheric Research ARM
StofferahnInvestigation of aerosol effects on the Arctic surface temperature during the diurnal cycle: Part 1 - Total aerosol effect (Citation)International Journal of Climatology ARM ASR
GartzkeComparison of satellite, model, and radiosonde derived Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE) in the southern Great Plains region (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
von LerberMicrophysical properties of snow and their link to Ze–S relation during BAECC 2014 (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
MendoncaUsing high-resolution laboratory and ground-based solar spectra to assess CH4 absorption coefficient calculations (Citation)Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer ARM
ZhangStatistical properties of atmospheric greenhouse gas measurements: Looking down from space and looking up from the ground (Citation)Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems ARM
NewsomValidating precision estimates in horizontal wind measurements from a Doppler lidar (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
ZhangEvaluation of NASA GISS post-CMIP5 single column model simulated clouds and precipitation using ARM Southern Great Plains observations (Citation)Advances in Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
MohrAmbient observations of dimers from terpene oxidation in the gas phase: Implications for new particle formation and growth (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM ASR
SchultzGlobal satellite data highlights the diurnal asymmetry of the surface temperature response to deforestation (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences ARM
ZhangThe occurrence of ice production in slightly supercooled Arctic stratiform clouds as observed by ground-based remote sensors at the ARM NSA site (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
PainemalAerosol and cloud microphysics covariability in the northeast Pacific boundary layer estimated with ship-based and satellite remote sensing observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
MoisseevQuantifying the effect of riming on snowfall using ground-based observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
MaahnThe observed influence of local anthropogenic pollution on northern Alaskan cloud properties (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions ARM
ChinaIce cloud formation potential by free tropospheric particles from long-range transport over the Northern Atlantic Ocean (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
FridlindDerivation of aerosol profiles for MC3E convection studies and use in simulations of the 20 May squall line case (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
CiesielskiRelationships between radiation, clouds, and convection during DYNAMO (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
BhattaraiA new optimized algorithm for automating endmember pixel selection in the SEBAL and METRIC models (Citation)Remote Sensing of Environment ARM
D'AlessandroDynamical conditions of ice supersaturation and ice nucleation in convective systems: A comparative analysis between in situ aircraft observations and WRF simulations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ASR
HedeliusIntercomparability of XCO2 and XCH4 from the United States TCCON sites (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
PalmSecondary organic aerosol formation from in situ OH, O3, and NO3 oxidation of ambient forest air in an oxidation flow reactor (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
ZhongUrbanization-induced urban heat island and aerosol effects on climate extremes in the Yangtze River Delta region of China (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
YamaguchiFramework for improvement by vertical enhancement: A simple approach to improve representation of low and high-level clouds in large-scale models (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems     Yes
KassianovLarge Contribution of Coarse Mode to Aerosol Microphysical and Optical Properties: Evidence from Ground-based Observations of a Trans-Pacific Dust Outbreak at a High-Elevation North American Site (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
WangComparison and analysis of several planetary boundary layer schemes in WRF model between clear and overcast days (Citation)Chinese Journal of Geophysics ARM
ZhangTen-year chemical signatures associated with long-range transport observed in the free troposphere over the central North Atlantic (Citation)Elem Sci Anth ASR
GouveiaOptical and geometrical properties of cirrus clouds in Amazonia derived from 1 year of ground-based lidar measurements (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
CecchiniSensitivities of Amazonian clouds to aerosols and updraft speed (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions ARM
Abou RafeeMobile and stationary sources of air pollutants in the Amazon rainforest: a numerical study with WRF-Chem model (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions ARM
BakerClosing the scale gap between land surface parameterizations and GCMs with a new scheme, SiB3-Bins (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems ARM
BarsantiFormation of Low-Volatility Organic Compounds in the Atmosphere: Recent Advancements and Insights (Citation)The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters ASR
MorrisonAn Analytic Description of the Structure and Evolution of Growing Deep Cumulus Updrafts (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
StachlewskaRaman lidar water vapor profiling over Warsaw, Poland (Citation)Atmospheric Research ARM
GrytheA new aerosol wet removal scheme for the Lagrangian particle model FLEXPART v10 (Citation)Geoscientific Model Development ARM
WuDirect comparisons of ice cloud macro- and microphysical properties simulated by the Community Atmosphere Model version 5 with HIPPO aircraft observations (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
AltubeCorrection of Dual-PRF Doppler Velocity Outliers in the Presence of Aliasing (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
RoeslerUsing large eddy simulations to reveal the size, strength, and phase of updraft and downdraft cores of an Arctic mixed-phase stratocumulus cloud (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
MROZHail-Detection Algorithm for the GPM Core Satellite Sensors (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
GrabowskiBroadening of Cloud Droplet Spectra through Eddy Hopping: Turbulent Adiabatic Parcel Simulations (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
LuRepresenting winter wheat in the Community Land Model (version 4.5) (Citation)Geoscientific Model Development     Yes
AcquistapaceOptimizing observations of drizzle onset with millimeter-wavelength radars (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
AndrewsComparison of AOD, AAOD and column single scattering albedo from AERONET retrievals and in situ profiling measurements (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
SorbjanAssessment of Gradient-Based Similarity Functions in the Stable Boundary Layer Derived from a Large-Eddy Simulation (Citation)Boundary-Layer Meteorology ARM
WangA fast integrated mobility spectrometer for rapid measurement of sub-micrometer aerosol size distribution, Part I: Design and model evaluation (Citation)Journal of Aerosol Science ASR
XieSensitivity study of cloud parameterizations with relative dispersion in CAM5.1: impacts on aerosol indirect effects (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
CoxDrivers and environmental responses to the changing annual snow cycle of northern Alaska (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
WuEffects of environment forcing on marine boundary layer cloud-drizzle processes (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
JohnsonDesign and implementation of a GSI-based convection-allowing ensemble-based data assimilation and forecast system for the PECAN Field Experiment. Part II: Overview and evaluation of real-time system (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM
Qiu8-Year ground-based observational analysis about the seasonal variation of the aerosol-cloud droplet effective radius relationship at SGP site (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ARM
Fernandez-MoranA new calibration of the effective scattering albedo and soil roughness parameters in the SMOS SM retrieval algorithm (Citation)International Journal of Applied Earth Observation and Geoinformation ARM
MahishAnalysis of a Multi-Year Record of Size-Resolved Hygroscopicity Measurements from a Rural Site in the U.S. (Citation)Aerosol and Air Quality Research ARM
GuAirborne observations reveal elevational gradient in tropical forest isoprene emissions (Citation)Nature Communications ARM ASR
de SáInfluence of urban pollution on the production of organic particulate matter from isoprene epoxydiols in central Amazonia (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
LeAn Algorithm to Identify Surface Snowfall From GPM DPR Observations (Citation)IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing ARM
MichalskySignificant Improvements in Pyranometer Nighttime Offsets Using High-Flow, DC Ventilation (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
TakahashiLand-ocean differences in the warm-rain formation process in satellite and ground-based observations and model simulations (Citation)Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ARM
BagleyThe influence of land cover on surface energy partitioning and evaporative fraction regimes in the US Southern Great Plains (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
LacourGreenland clouds observed in CALIPSO-GOCCP: comparison with ground-based Summit observations (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
MarengoMeteorological context of the onset and end of the rainy season in Central Amazonia during the Go-Amazon 2014/5 (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
GrabowskiModeling condensation in deep convection (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
RyzhkovEstimation of Depolarization Ratio Using Weather Radars with Simultaneous Transmission/Reception (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology     Yes
MedeirosPower Plant Fuel Switching and Air Quality in a Tropical Forested Environment (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
LiuCloud vertical distribution from combined surface and space radar–lidar observations at two Arctic atmospheric observatories (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
ChengFailure of Taylor's hypothesis in the atmospheric surface layer and its correction for eddy-covariance measurements (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM ASR
GreenRegionally strong feedbacks between the atmosphere and terrestrial biosphere (Citation)Nature Geoscience ARM
WunchComparisons of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) XCO2 measurements with TCCON (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
ChangInformation content of visible and midinfrared radiances for retrieving tropical ice cloud properties (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
TianSimulating aerosol chamber experiments with the particle-resolved aerosol model PartMC (Citation)Aerosol Science and Technology ASR
ZHUCloud macrophysical properties from KAZR at the SACOL (Citation)Chinese Science Bulletin ARM
NicolasJanuary 2016 extensive summer melt in West Antarctica favoured by strong El Nino (Citation)Nature Communications     Yes
BlanchardThin ice clouds in the Arctic: cloud optical depth and particle size retrieved from ground-based thermal infrared radiometry (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
ConroySpatiotemporal variability in the δ18O-salinity relationship of seawater across the tropical Pacific Ocean (Citation)Paleoceanography ARM
DumkaFirst results from light scattering enhancement factor over central Indian Himalayas during GVAX campaign (Citation)Science of The Total Environment ARM
HaapanalaDisk and circumsolar radiances in the presence of ice clouds (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
JensenPredicting Ice Shape Evolution in a Bulk Microphysics Model (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
KoningsSensitivity of grassland productivity to aridity controlled by stomatal and xylem regulation (Citation)Nature Geoscience ARM
LeauthaudA 60-year reconstructed high-resolution local meteorological data set in Central Sahel (1950-2009): evaluation, analysis and application to land surface modelling (Citation)International Journal of Climatology ARM
LiRemote sensing of PM2.5 during cloudy and nighttime periods using ceilometer backscatter (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
PutmanAnnual variation in event-scale precipitation δ2H at Barrow, AK, reflects vapor source region (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
TomsAnalysis of a Lower Tropospheric Gravity Wave Train Using Direct and Remote Sensing Measurement Systems (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
WainwrightThe movement of small insects in the convective boundary layer: linking patterns to processes (Citation)Scientific Reports ARM
LambeControlled nitric oxide production via O(1D) + N2O reactions for use in oxidation flow reactor studies (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ASR
TkacikA dual-chamber method for quantifying the effects of atmospheric perturbations on secondary organic aerosol formation from biomass burning emissions (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ASR
ZhuDevelopment and evaluation of the MTVDI for soil moisture monitoring (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
LiuAirborne measurements of western U.S. wildfire emissions: Comparison with prescribed burning and air quality implications (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
ShrivastavaRecent advances in understanding secondary organic aerosol: Implications for global climate forcing (Citation)Reviews of Geophysics ARM ASR
BarahonaDirect estimation of the global distribution of vertical velocity within cirrus clouds (Citation)Scientific Reports ARM
HankeyAMSNEXRAD-Automated detection of meteorite strewnfields in doppler weather radar (Citation)Planetary and Space Science ARM
ChingMetrics to quantify the importance of mixing state for CCN activity (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
RoundyUtility of Satellite Remote Sensing for Land–Atmosphere Coupling and Drought Metrics (Citation)Journal of Hydrometeorology ARM
SjobergIntraseasonal to interannual variability of Kelvin wave momentum fluxes as derived from high-resolution radiosonde data (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
PastorelloA New Data Set to Keep a Sharper Eye on Land-Air Exchanges (Citation)Eos ARM
CustardProduction and Release of Molecular Bromine and Chlorine from the Arctic Coastal Snowpack (Citation)ACS Earth and Space Chemistry ARM
CooperA variational technique to estimate snowfall rate from coincident radar, snowflake, and fall-speed observations (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
ZhuA time domain solution of the Modified Temperature Vegetation Dryness Index (MTVDI) for continuous soil moisture monitoring (Citation)Remote Sensing of Environment ARM
McGibbonSkill of ship-following large-eddy simulations in reproducing MAGIC observations across the northeast Pacific stratocumulus to cumulus transition region (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems ARM ASR
TestikWind Effects on the Shape of Raindrop Size Distribution (Citation)Journal of Hydrometeorology ARM
ZhangThe ARM Cloud Radar Simulator for Global Climate Models: A New Tool for Bridging Field Data and Climate Models (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society     Yes
KassianovAreal-Averaged Spectral Surface Albedo in an Atlantic Coastal Area: Estimation from Ground-Based Transmission (Citation)Atmosphere     Yes
HuangA Hybrid Method to Estimate Specific Differential Phase and Rainfall With Linear Programming and Physics Constraints (Citation)IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing ASR
CaoDifferential phase calibration of linearly polarized weather radars with simultaneous transmission/reception for estimation of circular depolarization ratio (Citation)IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing ASR
NorthVertical air motion retrievals in deep convective clouds using the ARM scanning radar network in Oklahoma during MC3E (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques     Yes
CharnawskasCondensed-phase biogenic–anthropogenic interactions with implications for cold cloud formation (Citation)Faraday Discuss. ARM ASR
NeimanAn Analysis of Coordinated Observations from NOAA's Ronald Brown Ship and G-IV Aircraft in a Landfalling Atmospheric River over the North Pacific during CalWater-2015 (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
FeingoldAnalysis of albedo versus cloud fraction relationships in liquid water clouds using heuristic models and large eddy simulation (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ASR
BergYear-Long Vertical Velocity Statistics Derived From Doppler Lidar Data for the Continental Convective Boundary Layer (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
RiihimakiA case study of microphysical structures and hydrometeor phase in convection using radar Doppler spectra at Darwin, Australia (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
ScottWest Antarctic Ice Sheet Cloud Cover and Surface Radiation Budget from NASA A-Train Satellites (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
MatrosovEmpirical Relations between Size Parameters of Ice Hydrometeor Populations and Radar Reflectivity (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
SoderholmDiurnal preconditioning of subtropical coastal convective storm environments (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
ArulrajShallow Precipitation Detection and Classification Using Multifrequency Radar Observations and Model Simulations (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
LiNonlinear response of hail precipitation rate to environmental moisture content: A real case modeling study of an episodic midlatitude severe convective event (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ASR
OyafusoHigh accuracy absorption coefficients for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2 (OCO-2) mission: Validation of updated carbon dioxide cross-sections using atmospheric spectra (Citation)Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer ARM
MarinescuThe Microphysical Roles of Lower versus Middle Tropospheric Aerosol Particles on Mature-Stage MCS Precipitation (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
PainemalEntrainment rate diurnal cycle in marine stratiform clouds estimated from geostationary satellite retrievals and a meteorological forecast model (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
QuanAnthropogenic pollution elevates the peak height of new particle formation from planetary boundary layer to lower free troposphere (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
SchwartzA statistical comparison of cirrus particle size distributions measured using the 2-D stereo probe during the TC<sup>4</sup>, SPARTICUS, and MACPEX flight campaigns with historical cirrus datasets (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
ZelenyukThe effect of gas-phase polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons on the formation and properties of biogenic secondary organic aerosol particles (Citation)Faraday Discuss. ASR
ZhaoThe diurnal cycle of clouds and precipitation at the ARM SGP site: Cloud radar observations and simulations from the multiscale modeling framework (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
ZhouInfluences of drizzle on stratocumulus cloudiness and organization (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ASR
BurleyA Fast Two-Stream-Like Multiple Scattering Method for Atmospheric Characterization and Radiative Transfer (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
CohenMeteorological conditions in a thinner Arctic sea ice regime from winter to summer during the Norwegian Young Sea Ice expedition (N-ICE2015) (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
KorolevIce Formation and Evolution in Clouds and Precipitation: Measurement and Modeling Challenges. Chapter 5: Mixed-phase clouds: progress and challenges (Citation)Meteorological Monographs ARM ASR
SunParametrization of solar spectral irradiance between 300 and 1100 nm for photovoltaic devices (Citation)Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ARM
ZhengA cloudy planetary boundary layer oscillation arising from the coupling of turbulence with precipitation in climate simulations (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems     Yes
HuEvaluation of the new capture vaporizer for aerosol mass spectrometers (AMS) through field studies of inorganic species (Citation)Aerosol Science and Technology ASR
RastakMicrophysical explanation of the RH-dependent water affinity of biogenic organic aerosol and its importance for climate (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
StarkImpact of Thermal Decomposition on Thermal Desorption Instruments: Advantage of Thermogram Analysis for Quantifying Volatility Distributions of Organic Species (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASR
HuEvaluation of the new capture vapourizer for aerosol mass spectrometers (AMS) through laboratory studies of inorganic species (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ASR
FierceMultivariate quadrature for representing cloud condensation nuclei activity of aerosol populations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
HaghiBores Observed during IHOP_2002: The Relationship of Bores to the Nocturnal Environment (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
BarrettYear-round optical properties and source characterization of Arctic organic carbon aerosols on the North Slope Alaska (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
LeboChallenges for Cloud Modeling in the Context of Aerosol–Cloud–Precipitation Interactions (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
NeherImpact of atmospheric aerosols on photovoltaic energy production Scenario for the Sahel zone (Citation)Energy Procedia ARM
TobinMulti-decadal analysis of root-zone soil moisture applying the exponential filter across CONUS (Citation)Hydrology and Earth System Sciences ARM
O'MearaAn efficient approach for treating composition-dependent diffusion within organic particles (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
ZancaCharacterizing source fingerprints and ageing processes in laboratory-generated secondary organic aerosols using proton-nuclear magnetic resonance (1H-NMR) analysis and HPLC HULIS determination (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
RémillardUse of cloud radar Doppler spectra to evaluate stratocumulus drizzle size distributions in large-eddy simulations with size-resolved microphysics (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
WangPhysical constraint method to determine optimal overlap factor of Raman lidar (Citation)Journal of Optics ARM
ZhangLarge-eddy simulation of shallow cumulus over land: A composite case based on ARM long-term observations at its Southern Great Plains site (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
JeffersonSeven years of aerosol scattering hygroscopic growth measurements from SGP: Factors influencing water uptake (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
GunschContributions of transported Prudhoe Bay oil field emissions to the aerosol population in Utqiaġvik, Alaska (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
RaczkaDoes vapor pressure deficit drive the seasonality of δ13C of the net land-atmosphere CO exchange across the United States? (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences ARM
RautCross-polar transport and scavenging of Siberian aerosols containing black carbon during the 2012 ACCESS summer campaign (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
RobertsNew Saharan wind observations reveal substantial biases in analysed dust-generating winds (Citation)Atmospheric Science Letters ARM
SouverijnsEstimating radar reflectivity - Snowfall rate relationships and their uncertainties over Antarctica by combining disdrometer and radar observations (Citation)Atmospheric Research ASR
ThorsenThe impact of lidar detection sensitivity on assessing aerosol direct radiative effects (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
GerkenAir-Parcel Residence Times Within Forest Canopies (Citation)Boundary-Layer Meteorology ASR
MurphySemivolatile POA and parameterized total combustion SOA in CMAQv5.2: impacts on source strength and partitioning (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
RompsExact expression for the lifting condensation level (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
FraundElemental Mixing State of Aerosol Particles Collected in Central Amazonia during GoAmazon2014/15 (Citation)Atmosphere ARM ASR
SongImproving trigger functions for convective parameterization schemes using GOAmazon observations (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
ThomasQuantifying black carbon deposition over the Greenland ice sheet from forest fires in Canada (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
AdachiVolume changes upon heating of aerosol particles from biomass burning using transmission electron microscopy (Citation)Aerosol Science and Technology ARM
DeMottComparative measurements of ambient atmospheric concentrations of ice nucleating particles using multiple immersion freezing methods and a continuous flow diffusion chamber (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
TadićElliptic Cylinder Airborne Sampling and Geostatistical Mass Balance Approach for Quantifying Local Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASR
CarlinAssimilation of ZDR Columns for Improving the Spin-Up and Forecast of Convective Storms in Storm-Scale Models: Proof-of-Concept Experiments (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ASR
BhandariEffect of Thermodenuding on the Structure of Nascent Flame Soot Aggregates (Citation)Atmosphere ASR
LinCauses of model dry and warm bias over central U.S. and impact on climate projections (Citation)Nature Communications     Yes
GergelyUsing snowflake surface-area-to-volume ratio to model and interpret snowfall triple-frequency radar signatures (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
HooverUse of an End-to-End-Simulator to analyze CYGNSS (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
GyawaliEvolution of Multispectral Aerosol Absorption Properties in a Biogenically-Influenced Urban Environment during the CARES Campaign (Citation)Atmosphere ARM ASR
ReddingtonTHE GLOBAL AEROSOL SYNTHESIS AND SCIENCE PROJECT (GASSP): Measurements and modelling to reduce uncertainty (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
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