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LoufAn integrated approach to weather radar calibration and monitoring using ground clutter and satellite comparisons (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology     Yes
LeeAn evaluation of size-resolved cloud microphysics scheme numerics for use with radar observations Part I: Collision-coalescence (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
LiRelative humidity effect on the formation of highly oxidized molecules and new particles during monoterpene oxidation (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
TeraiMechanisms behind the extratropical stratiform low‐cloud optical depth response to temperature in ARM site observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
Morrison A general -moment normalization method for deriving rain drop size distribution scaling relationships  (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology     Yes
GiangrandeMidlatitude Oceanic Cloud and Precipitation Properties as Sampled By the ARM Eastern North Atlantic Observatory (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
GarrettAnalytical Solutions for Precipitation Size Distributions at Steady State (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
OueInvestigation of observational error sources in multi-Doppler-radar three-dimensional variational vertical air motion retrievals (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques     Yes
WangThe Characteristics of Tropical and Midlatitude Mesoscale Convective Systems as Revealed by Radar Wind Profilers (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
RomonoskyOptical Properties of Laboratory & Ambient Biomass Burning Aerosols: Elucidating Black, Brown, & Organic Carbon Components & Mixing Regimes (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
LamraouiThe interaction between boundary layer and convection schemes in a WRF simulation of post‐cold‐frontal clouds over the ARM East North Atlantic site (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
LowenthalMixed-phase orographic cloud microphysics during StormVEx and IFRACS (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
MatsuiPOLARRIS: A POLArimetric Radar Retrieval and Instrument Simulator (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
FridlindUse of polarimetric radar measurements to constrain simulated convective cell evolution: A pilot study with Lagrangian tracking (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions     Yes
TangDifferences in Eddy‐Correlation and Energy‐Balance Surface Turbulent Heat Flux Measurements and Their Impacts on the Large‐Scale Forcing Fields at the ARM SGP Site (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
GhateDrizzle and Turbulence Below Closed Cellular Marine Stratocumulus Clouds (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
SullivanImproved Spatiotemporal Representativeness and Bias Reduction of Satellite-Based Evapotranspiration Retrievals via Use of In Situ Meteorology and Constrained Canopy Surface Resistance (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences     Yes
ZhengSatellite‐Based Estimation of Cloud Top Radiative Cooling Rate for Marine Stratocumulus (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
ShiDust Radiative Effects on Climate by Glaciating Mixed‐Phase Clouds (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
MaahnCan liquid cloud microphysical processes be used for vertically pointing cloud radar calibration? (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques     Yes
RiemerAerosol Mixing State: Measurements, Modeling, and Impacts (Citation)Reviews of Geophysics     Yes
AnberUpdraft Constraints on Entrainment: Insights from Amazonian Deep Convection (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
AnberProbing the response of tropical deep convection to aerosol perturbations using idealized cloud-resolving simulations with parameterized large-scale dynamics (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
MarionThe Dynamical Coupling of Convective Updrafts, Downdrafts, and Cold Pools in Simulated Supercell Thunderstorms (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
YangCloud edge properties measured by the ARM shortwave spectrometer over ocean and land (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
SullivanRecovering evapotranspiration trends from biased CMIP5 simulations and sensitivity to changing climate over North America (Citation)Journal of Hydrometeorology     Yes
CoxThe Aleutian Low‐Beaufort Sea Anticyclone: A Climate Index Correlated With the Timing of Springtime Melt in the Pacific Arctic Cryosphere (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
LiMelting layer attenuation at Ka‐ and W‐bands as derived from multi‐frequency radar Doppler spectra observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
HanCloud-Resolving Model Intercomparison of an MC3E Squall Line Case: Part II. Stratiform Precipitation Properties (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres     Yes
ShrivastavaUrban pollution greatly enhances formation of natural aerosols over the Amazon rainforest (Citation)Nature Communications     Yes
McMichaelAssessing the mechanisms governing the daytime evolution of marine stratocumulus using large‐eddy simulation (Citation)Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ASR
OvchinnikovDependence of Vertical Alignment of Cloud and Precipitation Properties on Their Effective Fall Speeds (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
FraundQuantitative capabilities of STXM to measure spatially resolved organic volume fractions of mixed organic/inorganic particles (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ASR
HodshireThe potential role of methanesulfonic acid (MSA) in aerosol formation and growth and the associated radiative forcings (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
ConiglioImpacts of Targeted AERI and Doppler Lidar Wind Retrievals on Short-Term Forecasts of the Initiation and Early Evolution of Thunderstorms (Citation)Monthly Weather Review
JouanThe importance of the ice-phase microphysics parameterization for simulating the effects of changes to CCN concentrations in deep convection (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
AhnDo We Need to Parameterize Mesoscale Convective Organization to Mitigate the MJO‐Mean State Trade‐Off? (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
ChristiansenAerosol Optical Thickness: Organic Composition, Associated Particle Water, and Aloft Extinction (Citation)ACS Earth and Space Chemistry ASR
WeiInfluences of nitrogen oxides and isoprene on ozone-temperature relationships in the Amazon rain forest (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ARM
GhateEstimates of entrainment in closed cellular marine stratocumulus clouds from the MAGIC field campaign (Citation)Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society ARM ASR
SchromA probabilistic radar forward model for branched planar ice crystals (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
YueAutomated Mapping of Convective Clouds (AMCC) Thermodynamical, Microphysical, and CCN Properties from SNPP/VIIRS Satellite Data (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
BhandariOptical properties and radiative forcing of fractal-like tar ball aggregates from biomass burning (Citation)Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer ASR
KurowskiIs Shallow Convection Sensitive to Environmental Heterogeneities? (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
Nielsen-EnglystIn situ observed relationships between snow and ice surface skin temperatures and 2m air temperatures in the Arctic (Citation)The Cryosphere ARM
SutherlinContrasting Physiological and Environmental Controls of Evapotranspiration over Kernza Perennial Crop, Annual Crops, and C4 and Mixed C3/C4 Grasslands (Citation)Sustainability ARM ASR
BrethertonCloud, Aerosol and Boundary Layer Structure across the Northeast Pacific Stratocumulus-Cumulus Transition as observed during CSET (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM ASR
MorcretteDevelopment and evaluation of in-flight icing index forecast for aviation (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM
PyeAnthropogenic enhancements to production of highly oxygenated molecules from autoxidation (Citation)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences ASR
LamerCharacterization of Shallow Oceanic Precipitation using Profiling and Scanning Radar Observations at the Eastern North Atlantic ARM Observatory (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions ARM ASR
AcquistapaceA New Criterion to Improve Operational Drizzle Detection with Ground-Based Remote Sensing (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ASR
D’AlessandroCloud Phase and Relative Humidity Distributions over the Southern Ocean in Austral Summer Based on In Situ Observations and CAM5 Simulations (Citation)Journal of Climate ASR
MalletSimulation of the transport, vertical distribution, optical properties and radiative impact of smoke aerosols with the ALADIN regional climate model during the ORACLES-2016 and LASIC experiments (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
TadićTowards Hyper-Dimensional Variography Using the Product-Sum Covariance Model (Citation)Atmosphere ARM ASR
WangAn Observational Study on Cloud Spectral Width in North China (Citation)Atmosphere ASR
de BoerAtmospheric observations made at Oliktok Point, Alaska as part of the Profiling at Oliktok Point to Enhance YOPP Experiments (POPEYE) campaign (Citation)Earth System Science Data Discussions ARM ASR
ChenEvaluating the bias of South China Sea summer monsoon precipitation associated with fast physical processes using climate model hindcast approach (Citation)Journal of Climate ASR
CuiUnderstanding Ice Cloud‐Precipitation Properties of Three Modes of Mesoscale Convective Systems During PECAN (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
WangA Regime-Based Evaluation of Southern and Northern Great Plains Warm-Season Precipitation Events in WRF (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM ASR
WexAnnual variability of ice-nucleating particle concentrations at different Arctic locations (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
NobleEffects of Continental Clouds on Surface Aitken and Accumulation Modes (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
MlawerAnalysis of water vapor absorption in the far‐infrared and submillimeter regions using surface radiometric measurements from extremely dry locations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
CarlinEstimation of Melting-Layer Cooling Rate from Dual-Polarization Radar: Spectral Bin Model Simulations (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
HoganEntrapment: An important mechanism to explain the shortwave 3D radiative effect of clouds (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
PattonUsing Radar-Derived Parameters to Develop Probabilistic Guidance for Lightning Cessation within Isolated Convection near Cape Canaveral, Florida (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM
AhernProduction of Secondary Organic Aerosol During Aging of Biomass Burning Smoke From Fresh Fuels and Its Relationship to VOC Precursors (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ASR
SeyednasrollahData extraction from digital repeat photography using xROI: An interactive framework to facilitate the process (Citation)ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing ARM
PlancheOn the realism of the rain microphysics representation of a squall line in the WRF model. Part II: Sensitivity studies on the rain Drop Size Distributions (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM ASR
TridonOn the realism of the rain microphysics representation of a squall line in the WRF model. Part I: Evaluation with multi-frequency cloud radar Doppler spectra observations (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
PanwarDo Surface and Air Temperatures Contain Similar Imprints of Evaporative Conditions? (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
CiminiRTTOV-gb v1.0 – updates on sensors, absorption models, uncertainty, and availability (Citation)Geoscientific Model Development ARM
GrabowskiModeling of Cloud Microphysics: Can We Do Better? (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASR
HarttenPost-Deployment Calibration of a Tropical UHF Profiling Radar via Surface- and Satellite-Based Methods (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
ZhengTheoretical understanding of the linear relationship between convective updrafts and cloud-base height for shallow cumulus clouds. Part I: Maritime conditions (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
YuThe Intraseasonal and Interannual Variability of Arctic Temperature and Specific Humidity Inversions (Citation)Atmosphere ARM
RioOngoing Breakthroughs in Convective Parameterization (Citation)Current Climate Change Reports ASR
FuA modelling study of the continuous ice formation in an autumnal Arctic mixed-phase cloud case (Citation)Atmospheric Research ARM ASR
LanLong‐Term Measurements Show Little Evidence for Large Increases in Total U.S. Methane Emissions Over the Past Decade (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
HiranumaA comprehensive characterization of ice nucleation by three different types of cellulose particles immersed in water (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
SchmittThe fall speed variability of similarly sized ice particle aggregates (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
JeworrekEvaluation of Cumulus and Microphysics Parameterizations in WRF across the Convective Grey Zone (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM
JiangShapes and Fall Orientations of Ice Particle Aggregates (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
SchirleEstimation of Snowfall Properties at a Mountainous Site in Norway Using Combined Radar and In Situ Microphysical Observations (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
GettelmanThe Single Column Atmosphere Model Version 6 (SCAM6): Not a Scam but a Tool for Model Evaluation and Development (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems ARM
JiaCombining disdrometer, microscopic photography, and cloud radar to study distributions of hydrometeor types, size and fall velocity (Citation)Atmospheric Research ASR
SmalleyA novel framework for evaluating and improving parameterized subtropical marine boundary layer cloudiness (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
SmithThe Great Plains Low-Level Jet during PECAN: Observed and Simulated Characteristics (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
LinInteractions Between a Nocturnal MCS and the Stable Boundary Layer, as Observed by an Airborne Compact Raman Lidar During PECAN (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
RehbeinMesoscale convective systems over the Amazon basin: The GoAmazon2014/5 program (Citation)International Journal of Climatology ARM
de SáContributions of biomass-burning, urban, and biogenic emissions to the concentrations and light-absorbing properties of particulate matter in central Amazonia during the dry season (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
JiaExploring aerosol–cloud interaction using VOCALS-REx aircraft measurements (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
KramerFormation of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Oxidation Products in α-Pinene Secondary Organic Aerosol Particles Formed through Ozonolysis (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ASR
MatrosovObservational and modeling study of ice hydrometeor radar dual-wavelength ratios (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
ShpundEffects of Sea Spray on the Dynamics and Microphysics of an Idealized Tropical Cyclone (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
XueCharacteristics of Satellite Sampling Errors in Total Precipitable Water from SSMIS, HIRS, and COSMIC Observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
YangInvestigating land surface effect on the moisture transport over South America with a moisture tagging model (Citation)Journal of Climate ASR
HuEnhanced North American carbon uptake associated with El Niño (Citation)Science Advances ARM
TangRegionally refined test bed in E3SM atmosphere model version 1 (EAMv1) and applications for high-resolution modeling (Citation)Geoscientific Model Development ARM ASR
JoA simplified parameterization of isoprene-epoxydiol-derived secondary organic aerosol (IEPOX-SOA) for global chemistry and climate models: a case study with GEOS-Chem v11-02-rc (Citation)Geoscientific Model Development ASR
KongSpatio-Temporal Consistency Evaluation of XCO2 Retrievals from GOSAT and OCO-2 Based on TCCON and Model Data for Joint Utilization in Carbon Cycle Research (Citation)Atmosphere ARM
TianEstimation of liquid water path below the melting layer in stratiform precipitation systems using radar measurements during MC3E (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
BurrowsAn objective classification and analysis of upper-level coupling to the Great Plains low-level jet over the 20th century (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
FengSpatiotemporal Characteristics and Large-scale Environments of Mesoscale Convective Systems East of the Rocky Mountains (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
HuImpact of Ground-based Remote Sensing Boundary Layer Observations on Short-term Probabilistic Forecasts of a Tornadic Supercell Event (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM
Vargas ZeppetelloThe Origin of Soil Moisture Evaporation “Regimes” (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
HagosA Zonal Migration of Monsoon Moisture Flux Convergence and the Strength of Madden‐Julian Oscillation Events (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
ThomasScaling of an atmospheric model to simulate turbulence and cloud microphysics in the Pi Chamber (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems ASR
RivaChemical transformations in monoterpene-derived organic aerosol enhanced by inorganic composition (Citation)npj Climate and Atmospheric Science ASR
DeRieuxEffects of Phase State and Phase Separation on Dimethylamine Uptake of Ammonium Sulfate and Ammonium Sulfate–Sucrose Mixed Particles (Citation)ACS Earth and Space Chemistry ARM ASR
GrabowskiSeparating Dynamic and Thermodynamic Impacts of Climate Change on Daytime Convective Development over Land (Citation)Journal of Climate ASR
LiuAerosol properties and their influences on low warm clouds during the Two-Column Aerosol Project (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
McNamaraSpringtime Nitrogen Oxide-Influenced Chlorine Chemistry in the Coastal Arctic (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ARM
ChechinEffect of Wind Speed and Leads on Clear-Sky Cooling over Arctic Sea Ice during Polar Night (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
YeomImpact of secondary droplet activation on the contrasting cloud microphysical relationships during the wet and dry seasons in the Amazon (Citation)Atmospheric Research ARM
BhandariExtensive Soot Compaction by Cloud Processing from Laboratory and Field Observations (Citation)Scientific Reports ARM ASR
LimLong-term retrievals of cloud type and fair-weather shallow cumulus events at the ARM SGP site (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM ASR
MattioliATMOSPHERIC GAS ABSORPTION KNOWLEDGE IN THE SUB-MILLIMETER: Modeling, field measurements, and uncertainty quantification (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
SilberCloud Influence on ERA5 and AMPS Surface Downwelling Longwave Radiation Biases in West Antarctica (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
MallinsonAn Investigation of Hydrometeor Latent Cooling upon Convective Cold Pool Formation, Sustainment, and Properties (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM ASR
YangParametric and structural sensitivities of turbine‐height wind speeds in the boundary‐layer parameterizations in the Weather Research and Forecasting model (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM
ZhaoIce nucleation by aerosols from anthropogenic pollution (Citation)Nature Geoscience ASR
FinlonA novel approach for characterizing the variability in mass-dimension relationships: results from MC3E (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
WagnerA new generation of ground-based mobile platforms for active and passive profiling of the boundary layer (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
ParalovoObservations of particulate matter, NO2, SO2, O3, H2S and selected VOCs at a semi-urban environment in the Amazon region (Citation)Science of The Total Environment ARM
GhateThe Second ARM Training and Science Application Event: Training the Next Generation of Atmospheric Scientists (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASR
FlournoyOrigins of Vorticity in a Simulated Tornadic Mesovortex Observed During PECAN on 6 July 2015 (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
ScottMeteorological Drivers and Large-Scale Climate Forcing of West Antarctic Surface Melt (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
FitchAn improved double Gaussian closure for the subgrid vertical velocity probability distribution function (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
DunnavanA General Method for Estimating Bulk 2D Projections of Ice Particle Shape: Theory and Applications (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
LiuVertical profiles of aerosol composition over Beijing, China: Analysis of in-situ aircraft measurements (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
WallaceUsing operational radar to identify deep hail accumulations from thunderstorms (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM
ZengAnalysis of the Global Microwave Polarization Data of Clouds (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
KayatzCool Farm Tool Water: A global on-line tool to assess water use in crop production (Citation)Journal of Cleaner Production ARM
ParsonsThe Potential Role of Atmospheric Bores and Gravity Waves in the Initiation and Maintenance of Nocturnal Convection over the Southern Great Plains (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
TianWhy Does Deep Convection Have Different Sensitivities to Temperature Perturbations in the Lower versus Upper Troposphere? (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
KimChemical processing of water-soluble species and formation of secondary organic aerosol in fogs (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ASR
TjernströmArctic Summer Airmass Transformation, Surface Inversions, and the Surface Energy Budget (Citation)Journal of Climate ASR
ShuklaInvestigations of vertical wind variations at a mountain top in the Himalaya using Doppler Lidar observations and model simulations (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics ARM
MendoncaUsing a speed-dependent Voigt line shape to retrieve O2 from Total Carbon Column Observing Network solar spectra to improve measurements of XCO2 (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
NeggersPowerlaw scaling in the internal variability of cumulus cloud size distributions due to subsampling and spatial organization (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
HicksIntercomparison of Mixing Layer Heights from the National Weather Service Ceilometer Test Sites and Collocated Radiosondes (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
SchiroDeep Convective Organization, Moisture Vertical Structure and Convective Transition using Deep-Inflow Mixing (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
LambeHOx and NOx production in oxidation flow reactors via photolysis of isopropyl nitrite, isopropyl nitrite-d7, and 1,3-propyl dinitrite at λ = 254, 350, and 369 nm (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ASR
ZhouFree tropospheric aerosols at the Mt. Bachelor Observatory: more oxidized and higher sulfate content compared to boundary layer aerosols (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
AlmeidaCharacterization of aerosol chemical composition from urban pollution in Brazil and its possible impacts on the aerosol hygroscopicity and size distribution (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ARM
PengOrganic peroxy radical chemistry in oxidation flow reactors and environmental chambers and their atmospheric relevance (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
WangCloud droplet activation of secondary organic aerosol is mainly controlled by molecular weight, not water solubility (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
TorriOn Cold Pool Collisions in Tropical Boundary Layers (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
AlbrechtCloud System Evolution in the Trades (CSET): Following the Evolution of Boundary Layer Cloud Systems with the NSF–NCAR GV (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ASR
LuImpact of soil moisture data resolution on soil moisture and surface heat flux estimates through data assimilation - A case study in the Southern Great Plains (Citation)Journal of Hydrometeorology ARM
BalmesDifferences in Ice Cloud Optical Depth From CALIPSO and Ground-Based Raman Lidar at the ARM SGP and TWP Sites (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
RosenfeldAerosol-driven droplet concentrations dominate coverage and water of oceanic low-level clouds (Citation)Science ASR
LammertA Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data (SAMD) Archive for distributed cloud and precipitation process-oriented observations in Central Europe (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
SilberAntarctic Cloud Macrophysical, Thermodynamic Phase, and Atmospheric Inversion Coupling Properties at McMurdo Station—Part II: Radiative Impact During Different Synoptic Regimes (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres ARM ASR
KlingebielRemote sensing of sea salt aerosol below trade wind clouds (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
LovelessA Composite Perspective on Bore Passages during the PECAN Campaign (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
TaoExpanding the Goddard CSH Algorithm for GPM: New Extratropical Retrievals (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
TianThe Vertical Momentum Budget of Shallow Cumulus Convection: Insights From a Lagrangian Perspective (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems ASR
MoralesAssessing the Influence of Microphysical and Environmental Parameter Perturbations on Orographic Precipitation (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
WinigerSource apportionment of circum-Arctic atmospheric black carbon from isotopes and modeling (Citation)Science Advances ARM
AbbattOverview paper: New insights into aerosol and climate in the Arctic (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
UllmannViscosities, diffusion coefficients, and mixing times of intrinsic fluorescent organic molecules in brown limonene secondary organic aerosol and tests of the Stokes–Einstein equation (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
SchwartzMerged Cloud and Precipitation Dataset from the HIAPER-GV for the Cloud System Evolution in the Trades (CSET) Campaign (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM ASR
CroftArctic marine secondary organic aerosol contributes significantly to summertime particle size distributions in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR