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Cloud-Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions


Penner, J. E.
Why Do General Circulation Models Overestimate the Aerosol Cloud Lifetime Effect? ARM ASR


de Boer, G.
An Update on Unmanned Platforms at Oliktok Point ARM ASR
Fan, J.
Pollution from a Megacity in the Amazon: the Case of Manaus, Brazil ARM ASR
Grabowski, W.
Microphysical Piggybacking: Understanding the Coupling Between Cloud Dynamics and Microphysics ASR
Liu, Y., Zhang, M.
Cloud Droplet Spectral Shape Sheds New Light on Aerosol-Cloud-Interaction Regimes ASR
Yang, Q.
Clouds Re-gathered by Wind Shear ARM ASR
Zaveri, R.
Sub-Micrometre Particulate Matter Is Primarily in Liquid Form over Amazon Rain Forest ARM ASR
Zheng, X.
ARM Azores Observations Help Identify Deficiencies in Climate Model Simulations of Low Clouds ARM ASR


Dong, X.
MBL Cloud and CCN Properties Under Coupled and Decoupled Conditions ARM ASR
Fan, J.
Roles of Wind Shear at Different Vertical Levels in Cloud System Organization and Properties ARM ASR
Fast, J. D.
Arctic Haze: Effect of Anthropogenic and Biomass Burning Aerosols Transported from Europe to the Arctic ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
Making Sense of Convective Updrafts: Mass Flux and Microphysics ARM ASR
Gentine, P., Sobel, A.
Fog and Rain in the Amazon ARM ASR
Hudson, J. G.
Bimodal CCN Spectra ARM ASR
Li, Z., Cribb, M. C.
Strongly Absorbing Aerosols Affect Retrievals of Cloud Optical Depth ARM
Maahn, M., Loehnert, U.
Developing and Evaluating Ice Cloud Parameterizations by Combining Radar and in Situ Observations ARM ASR


Chiu, J.
Assessing Aerosol Impacts on Drizzle Intensity and Frequency from AMF Data ARM ASR
Collis, S. M.
The Emergence of Open Source Software for the Weather Radar Community ARM ASR
Cribb, M. C.
Aerosol-Mediated Changes in Deep Convective Cloud Radiative Forcing over the SGP ARM ASR
Dong, X.
MBL Cloud Properties Derived from the Azores-AMF Observations ARM ASR
Fielding, M. D.
Observing Warm Clouds in 3D Using ARM Scanning Cloud Radars and a Novel Ensemble Method ARM ASR
Giangrande, S.
Precipitation Estimation from the ARM Distributed Radar Network ARM ASR
Khain, A., Phillips, V.
A New Theory of Time-Dependent Freezing and Its Application to Investigation of Formation of Hail ARM ASR
Khain, A.
Effects of Sea Spray on the Thermodynamics of the Hurricane Boundary Layer ARM ASR
Kumjian, M.
Deciphering Raindrop Collisions with Dual-polarization Radar ARM ASR
Li, Z.
Improving Estimates of Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentration ARM ASR
Maseyk, K. S.
Growing More Effective Ways to Measure Climate Change ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Research Masters the Misunderstood Mixed-Phase Cloud ARM ASR
Shaw, R. A.
Location Matters: Origin of Ice Formation Influences Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Turner, D. D.
Retrieving Thermodynamic Profiles in the Boundary Layer in Clear and Cloudy Conditions ARM ASR
Wood, R.
Clouds, Aerosol, and Precipitation in the Marine Boundary Layer: an ARM Mobile Facility Deployment ARM ASR
Xu, L., Russell, L. M.
Arctic Winter Frost Flowers Have Negligible Influence on Cloud Longwave Warming ARM ASR
Zhang, K.
A Comprehensive Parameterization of Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation of Dust Surrogate ARM ASR


Bhattacharya, A.
2007 Floods Not a Complete Washout in U.S. Great Plains ARM ASR
Burning on the Prairies ARM
China’s Aerosol Malady ARM
Mingling in the Sky—A View from the Earth ARM
Modified Climate Model Better Replicates Global Rainfall ARM ASR
de Boer, G.
Understanding Aerosol Effects on Liquid Processes in Mixed-Phase Clouds ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M.
First-of-Its-Kind Intercomparison Study Highlights Needed Improvements in Atmospheric Models ARM ASR
Ghan, S. J.
The Brass Ring of Climate Modeling ASR
Hudson, J. G.
CCN and Vertical Velocity Influences ARM ASR
Kassianov, E.
Invisible Giants in the Sky ARM ASR
Li, Z., Sawyer, V. R.
A New Algorithm for Automated Detection of Planetary Boundary Layer Depth ARM
Liu, Y., Lu, C.
Exploring Parameterization for Turbulent Entrainment-Mixing Processes in Clouds ARM ASR
Strong Impacts of Vertical Velocity on Cloud Microphysics and Implications for Aerosol Indirect ARM ASR
Long, C. N.
A Decade and Counting ARM ASR
Marshak, A.
Spectral Invariant Properties of Single-Scattering Albedo for Water Droplets and Ice Crystals ASR
Mather, J. H.
Twenty Years Serving Climate Science ARM
Qian, Y.
Irrigation's Impact on Clouds and Climate ARM ASR
Roehrig, R.
A Tall Order: Climate Models Fall Short in Predicting African Sahel Rainfall ARM
Shrivastava, M.
Fair-Weather Clouds Hold Dirty Secret ARM ASR
Modeling Aerosols in Fair-Weather Clouds During CHAPS ARM ASR
Shupe, M.
Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds Persist with Little Help from the Local Surface ASR
Street, L.
Cloud Cover Homogenizes Arctic Vegetation ARM
Turner, D. D.
Looking at the Full Spectrum for Water Vapor ARM ASR


Fan, J.
Pollution + Storm Clouds = Warmer Atmosphere ARM ASR
Fischer, M. L.
Measured Radiative Cooling from Reflective Roofs in India ARM
Fridlind, A. M., Ackerman, A.
Buffering of Ice Crystal Number Concentration to Ice Nucleus Abundance Above Arctic Stratus ARM
Tropical Rain Clouds Still a Challenge to Cloud-Resolving Models ARM ASR
Fridlind, A. M., Mrowiec, A. A.
Cloud-Resolving Model (CRM) Simulations: Robust Results for Use in Climate Model Development ARM ASR
Gero, J., Turner, D. D.
Trends in Downwelling Longwave Radiation over SGP ARM ASR
Huang, M.
ARM SGP Observations Help Validate Soil Temperature Simulations ARM ASR
Li, Z.
To Rain or Not to Rain...Aerosols May Be the Answer ASR
Liu, X.
Predicting Arctic Sea Ice Loss ARM ASR
Long, C. N., May, P. T.
Diurnal Cycle of Monsoon Clouds, Precipitation, and Surface Radiation ARM ASR
Marshak, A.
Spectrally Invariant Approximation Within Atmospheric Radiative Transfer ARM ASR
McComiskey, A. C.
What Exactly Do Metrics for Aerosol-Cloud Interactions Represent? ARM ASR
McFarquhar, G.
How Aerosols Affect Cloud Properties in Arctic Mixed-Phase Stratocumulus ARM ASR
Morrison, H. C.
Simulating the Impact of Aerosols on Tropical Deep Convection ARM
Petters, J. L.
Radiative-Dynamical Feedbacks in Thin Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Rosenfeld, D., Wang, H.
The Critical Role of Cloud Drop Effective Radius >14 Micron Radius in Rain Initiation ASR
Wang, Z., Zhang, D.
Quantifying the Impact of Dust on Ice Generation in Supercooled Stratiform Clouds ARM ASR
Zhao, C., Klein, S.
CAM5 Shows Reasonable Aerosol First Indirect Effects on Non-Precipitating Low Liquid Clouds ARM ASR


Ackerman, A., Fridlind, A. M.
Understanding Ice Formation in Arctic Mixed-Phase Boundary-Layer Clouds During ISDAC ARM
Berg, L.
Observations of the First Aerosol Indirect Effect in Shallow Cumuli ARM
de Boer, G.
Ground-Based Measurements in Support of Liquid-Dependent Ice Nucleation in Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Earle, M., Liu, P.
Factors Influencing the Microphysics and Radiative Properties of Liquid-Dominated Arctic Clouds ARM ASR
Ghan, S. J.
The Birth of a Cloud Droplet ARM ASR
Grabowski, W., Morrison, H. C.
Indirect Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols on an Ensemble of Deep Convective Clouds ARM
Kassianov, E.
Cumuli Impact on Solar Radiation at Surface: Spectral Changes ARM ASR
Li, Z.
The Long-Term Impacts of Aerosols on the Vertical Development of Clouds and Precipitation ARM ASR
Mitchell, D. L., Mishra, S.
Parameterizing the Ice Fall Speed in Climate Models: Results from TC4 and ISDAC ARM ASR
Possible Impact of Homogeneous Freezing Nucleation on in Situ Measurements ARM ASR
Ovchinnikov, M.
Ice Heating Up Cold Clouds ARM ASR
Um, J., McFarquhar, G.
Dependence of the Single-Scattering Properties of Small Ice Crystals on Idealized Shape Models ARM ASR
Zeng, X., GSFC, N.
Estimating the Ice Crystal Enhancement Factor in the Tropics ARM ASR


Iacono, M. J., Collins, W. D.
Adoption of RRTMG in the NCAR CAM5 and CESM1 Global Climate Models ARM
Martin, S. T.
CCN Activity and Mixing Rules of Isoprene Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) and Sulfate ARM
Turner, D. D., Mlawer, E. J.
Field Experiments to Improve the Treatment of Radiation in the Mid-to-Upper Troposphere ARM


Cadeddu, M. P., Turner, D. D., Liljegren, J. C.
New Algorithm to Retrieve Water Vapor and Liquid Water Path from ARM Climate Research Facility Radiometers ARM


McFarquhar, G.
Observations of Microphysical Properties of Single-Layer Stratocumulus During the Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment ARM