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Instrumentation were strategically located to measure changes in the aerosols as they were transported downwind from Mexico City during the MILAGRO Project ASP participated inThe ASR program utilizes the long-term data sets from the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility along with targeted field campaign data, laboratory studies, and process models to address key uncertainties in processes associated with clouds, aerosols, and their interactions. Development and incorporation of integrated data sets into observational products and model improvements is a priority within ASR.

As part of their research activities, ASR Principal Investigators (PIs) often develop new data sets by applying innovative retrieval algorithms to measurements from the ARM Climate Research Facility. For example, researchers may combine multiple ARM measurements to produce multi-variable integrated data sets or combine ARM measurements with satellite or other complementary measurements. ASR researchers also conduct laboratory experiments and perform model simulations that might be useful to the wider research community.

In order to make these data available to the broader ASR and scientific communities, and encourage collaboration among ASR researchers, the DOE program managers encourage ASR PIs to submit their data sets to the ARM Data Archive as PI Data Products.


ASR PI Products

Product NameInvestigatorSitesStartEndDate
Combined Retrieval, Microphysical Retrievals & Heating RatesFeng, ZheGAN2011.10.102012.02.082015.04.13
Cloud Property Retrieval Products for Graciosa Island, AzoresDong, XiquanGRW2009.06.052010.12.312014.05.05
Cloud-Scale Vertical Velocity and Turbulent Dissipation Rate RetrievalsShupe, MatthewNSA[ N/A ][ N/A ]2013.05.22
KAZR Multiple-Peak and High-Order Moments from Oliktok PointWilliams, ChristopherOLI2016.01.012017.12.312018.11.09
Raman lidar/AERI PBL Height ProductFerrare, RichardSGP2009.01.012011.12.312012.12.14
Planetary Boundary Layer from AERI and MPLSawyer, VirginiaSGP1996.06.142012.01.012014.02.13
Kinematic and Hydrometer Data Products from Scanning Radars during MC3EMatthews, AlyssaSGP2011.04.252011.05.232016.02.29
SGP and TWP (Manus) Ice Cloud Vertical VelocitiesKalesse, HeikeSGP, TWP1997.01.012010.12.312013.06.27
C-band polarimetric (CPOL) grid level 1b dataCollis, ScottTWP1998.12.062017.05.022018.06.25


ASR PI Software and Tools

Product Name Investigator Language Version Release Date
BNL Radar Doppler Spectra Visualization and Analysis Java Toolkit Installation Luke, Ed Java 1.0.7 2014.06.18