Meetings of Interest

Dates Meeting Important Deadlines
21 June 2021 - 24 June 2021 ARM/ASR 2021 Virtual Joint Meeting

ARM-ASR Joint Meeting

The Joint Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) User Facility/Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Principal Investigators Meeting will be held virtually June 21 to 24, 2021. This meeting will bring together ASR researchers, ARM users, and ARM infrastructure members to review progress and discuss scientific priorities for ASR research and the ARM user facility.

There will be no registration fee for the virtual meeting, and all ASR researchers, ARM staff, and ARM users are welcome to attend. We welcome your participation as it enables us to maintain ASR and ARM as world leaders in atmospheric research.

The 2021 virtual joint meeting will include plenary sessions, breakout sessions, and poster sessions for ASR scientists and ARM users to present their research results. In addition, the meeting will provide opportunities for informal networking and for researchers to interact with ARM staff and learn more about ARM capabilities.

The formal meeting sessions will run Monday, June 21, through Thursday, June 24, from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern time, with informal networking sessions planned from 4:15 to 5 p.m. Eastern.

More information about the meeting, including how to register, a draft agenda, and instructions on submitting poster abstracts and breakout session requests, can be found on the meeting website.


Please note that due to the logistics of the virtual meeting, accepted posters MUST be submitted two weeks before the start of the meeting.

Deadlines to note:

    • Submit poster abstracts by Friday, April 23.
    • Submit breakout session requests by Friday, April 30.
    • Submit poster presentations by Sunday, June 6.
    • Register for the meeting by Friday, June 18.

All poster abstracts will be reviewed for relevance by the ARM/ASR program managers before being accepted. Poster abstracts should clearly identify results/progress from ASR-funded projects, describe ARM infrastructure activities, or focus on the use of ARM data. Abstracts will also be accepted from Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) investigators funded under the DOE Atmospheric Measurement Technology topic.

There is a limit of one poster from each funded project. However, collaborative projects that include multiple institutions may submit one poster per institutional PI. Note that the poster abstract submission form requires that you indicate the lead PI for the project; the lead PI does not need to be the first/presenting author on the poster. DOE national laboratory project PIs must contact the ASR program managers before the abstract submission deadline to discuss how many posters their projects may submit.

Specifications for posters and the abstract submission form can be found on the meeting website. Poster abstracts must be submitted no later than Friday, April 23.

While we regret that we will not be able to see you in person for the 2021 meeting, we look forward to a productive and informative virtual meeting. Please contact ASR program managers if you have any questions.

21 June 2021 - 24 June 2021 Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence for Environmental Science (TAI4ES) Summer School

Held virtually July 26 to 30, the TAI4ES Summer School will focus on developing trustworthy AI for the earth & environmental sciences.

July 22—Registration due.

21 June 2021 - 25 June 2021 Joint Effort for Data Assimilation Integration (JEDI) Academy

The Joint Center for Satellite Data Assimilation (JCSDA) will hold its sixth biannual JEDI Academy from June 21 to 25, 2021. This virtual training workshop will introduce new users to the design and structure of JEDI, a data assimilation system for earth system prediction. JEDI is designed to easily accommodate new atmospheric and oceanic models and observation systems. The Zoom workshop will feature lectures and interactive activities that will teach participants how to access, use, and contribute to JEDI software.

For more information about the JEDI Academy and to register, visit the JCSDA website. Registration is limited to 50 applicants.

June 1 – Registration

26 July 2021 - 30 July 2021 The 10th International Cloud Modeling Workshop

Due to COVID-19, the International Cloud Modeling Workshop in Pune, India is rescheduled for July 2021.

Note: The dates and venue information listed here are placeholders and will be later confirmed. In the meantime, visit the workshop website for news and updates.

About this event: International Cloud Modelling Workshops are traditionally held every four years, in the temporal and spatial vicinity of the ICCP. The emphasis is on cloud microphysics (weather modification background). Specific cases are selected and run before the workshop and results are discussed at the workshop. A report from the workshop is typically presented at the ICCP.

Planned workshop cases include:

  • PI Chamber Simulation Case: Modeling Aerosol-Cloud-turbulence Interactions in the Cloud Chamber
  • Aerosol effect in deep convective clouds under different monsoon environments over the Indian peninsula: a CAIPEEX-Case study
  • Isolated cumulus congestus based on SCMS campaign: comparison between Eulerian bin and Lagrangian particle-based microphysics
  • Convection in Strong Vertical Wind Shear: The 2 Aug COPE Case
29 July 2021 - 1 August 2021 Sixteenth Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists

Applications for ACCESS XVI, the Sixteenth Atmospheric Chemistry Colloquium for Emerging Senior Scientists, are now being accepted. Applications must be completed online at before March 31, 2021. An announcement with more information on ACCESS is attached.

The purpose of ACCESS is to bring together young researchers in atmospheric chemistry and representatives of the principal federal government agencies that fund atmospheric chemistry research to engage in scientific discussion and interaction. The meetings will forge future professional relationships, and the entire atmospheric science community will benefit by becoming more aware of innovations in atmospheric chemistry through presentations by ACCESS participants and through these interactions.

Plans for the format and location of ACCESS XVI are uncertain due to COVID, but the application and selection process will proceed independently of meeting plans.

Contact Ernie Lewis with questions at

Applications must be completed online at before March 31, 2021.

Note: Plans for the format and location of ACCESS XVI are uncertain due to COVID, but the application and selection process will proceed independently of meeting plans.

1 August 2021 - 6 August 2021 Asia Oceania Geosciences Society (AOGS) Annual Meeting

AOGS plans to be virtual for its 18th annual meeting, which will be held from August 1 to 6.

May 18 – early discount registration due

May 18 – Author / presenter registration due

31 August 2021 - 3 September 2021 Third International Summer Snowfall Workshop

This workshop will be held online August 31 to September 3, with topics of interest including ice microphysical processes and snowflake microstructure, scattering properties of snowflakes and their connection to microphysical characteristics, and remote sensing of snowfall.

May 14 – Deadline for abstracts

12 September 2021 - 18 September 2021 16th IGAC Scientific Conference

The International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) project’s open science conference will take place virtually the week of September 12. To register without submitting an abstract, click here.

May 1 – Abstracts due

15 September 2021 - 17 September 2021 Meteorology and Climate – Modeling for Air Quality Conference

Scheduled from September 15 to 17 in-person and online, this conference brings together research scientists, experts, and professionals from around the world to discuss topics related to meteorology for air quality applications.

May 1 – Early registration

18 October 2021 - 22 October 2021 AAAR 39th Annual Conference

The annual meeting of the American Association for Aerosol Research (AAAR) will be held from October 18 to 22 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, but will switch to virtual if required.

April 30 – Abstracts due.

13 December 2021 - 17 December 2021 2021 AGU Fall Meeting

This year, the American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting is scheduled from December 13 to 17, both online and in New Orleans.

June 9 – Abstract submissions open

August 4 – Abstract submissions due

August 23 – housing registration opens

Late October – early registration due

23 January 2022 - 27 January 2022 2022 AMS Annual Meeting

AMS will take place in Houston from January 23 to 27, 2022.

Early May – Town Hall Meeting Proposal Portal open

June 15 – Proposals due