Poster Abstracts of the First Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2010, March 15-19, 2010, Bethesda, Maryland

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  • 3-laser Photo-acoustic Deployment at ARM SGP Site in 2009 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Flowers, B., Dubey, M., Jefferson, A., Dowell, P., and Mazzoleni, C.
  • A 3D Comparison of WRF Forecasts with Observations During the RHUBC-II Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Marin, J., Pozo, D., Mlawer, E., Turner, D., and Cure, M.
  • A 4D Cloud Water Content Product Derived from Operational Satellite Data for ARM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Smith, W., Minnis, P., Khaiyer, M., Palikonda, R., Spangenberg, D., Yi, H., and Bedka, K.
  • A Case Study of Three-dimensional Cloud Resolving Model Simulations Using a Double-moment Cloud Microphysics Parameterization ABSTRACT
    Liu, Z., Ackerman, T., and Morrison, H.
  • A Climatology of Tropical Mid-level Clouds ABSTRACT
    Riihimaki, L., McFarlane, S., and Comstock, J.
  • A Comparison Framework to Evaluate TWP-ICE Cloud-resolving Simulations with Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varble, A., Zipser, E., Fridlind, A., Zhu, P., Chaboureau, J., Pinty, J., Fan, J., Dudhia, J., and Hill, A.
  • A Comparison of Cloud Microphysical Quantities with Forecasts from Cloud Prediction Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dunn, M., Hogan, R., OConnor, E., Jensen, M., and Huang, D.
  • A Comparison of GOES Cloud Optical Property Retrievals with Ground- and Satellite-based Reference Data from SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bedka, S., Minnis, P., Khaiyer, M., and Heck, P.
  • A Demonstration of the Solmirus All Sky Infrared Visible Analyzer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morris, V. and Klebe, D.
  • Advancing an Observational Estimate of the Cloud-albedo Effect Radiative Forcing ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McComiskey, A. and Feingold, G.
  • Aerosol-cloud Interaction from Aircraft Observations in VOCALS ABSTRACT
    Kleinman, L., Daum, P., Hubbe, J., Lee, Y., Sedlacek, A., Senum, G., Springston, S., and Wang, J.
  • Aerosol-cloud Interactions of Secondary Organic Aerosols Formed from the Oxidation of Linear, Branched, and Cyclic Alkanes and Alkenes ABSTRACT
    Petters, M., Faulhaber, A., Prenni, A., DeMott, P., Atkinson, R., Arey, J., Kreidenweis, S., Ziemann, P., Carrico, C., and Sullivan, R.
  • Aerosol Composition, Chemistry, and Source Characterization During the 2008 VOCALS Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, Y., Springston, S., Jayne, J., Wang, J., Senum, G., Hubbe, J., Alexander, L., Brioude, J., Spak, S., Mena-Carrasco, M., Kleinman, L., and Daum, P.
  • Aerosol Effects on Ice Clouds: Can the Traditional Concept of Aerosol Indirect Effects Be Applied to Aerosol-cloud Interactions in Cirrus Clouds? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, S. and Penner, J.
  • Aerosol Forcing at Niamey During RADAGAST from the CERES Perspective ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutan, D., Rose, F., Fillmore, D., and Charlock, T.
  • Aerosol Indirect Effects in Low LWP Clouds: Radiative-dynamical Feedbacks ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Petters, J., Harrington, J., and Clothiaux, E.
  • Aerosol Observing System Platform Integration and AAF Instrumentation ABSTRACT
    Springston, S. and Sedlacek, A.
  • Aerosol Particle Number Concentration Measurements During ISDAC Flights ABSTRACT
    Shantz, N., Gultepe, I., Liu, P., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., and Earle, M.
  • A Global Modeling Study on Carbonaceous Aerosol Microphysical Characteristics and Radiative Forcing ABSTRACT
    Bauer, S. and Menon, S.
  • A Global Perspective on Aerosol from Low Volatility Organic Compounds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Seinfeld, J.
  • Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar and Research Scanning Polarimeter Measurements During RACORO ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hostetler, C., Ferrare, R., Hair, J., Cook, A., Harper, D., Burton, S., Obland, M., Rogers, R., Scarino, A., Cairns, B., Alexandrov, M., Ottaviani, M., Knobelspiesse, K., and Jonsson, H.
  • Airborne HSRL Aerosol, Ice, and Cloud Observations During ARCTAS/ISDAC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ferrare, R., Hostetler, C., Hair, J., Cook, A., Harper, D., Burton, S., Obland, M., Rogers, R., Scarino, A., Turner, D., ONeill, N., and Colarco, P.
  • A Larger Pool of Secondary Organic Aerosol Precursors in Continental Air ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Doskey, P.
  • A Limited-area Model (LAM) Intercomparison Study of the TWP-ICE Case ABSTRACT
    Zhu, P., Fridlind, A., Dudhia, J., Field, P., Wapler, K., Varble, A., Zipser, E., Zhu, Z., Chen, M., and Petch, J.
  • Ambient and Laboratory Photoacoustic Measurements of Aerosol Light Absorption and Scattering from 355 Nm (new) to 1047 Nm ABSTRACT
    Gyawali, M., Arnott, W., Atherton, R., Arnold, I., Zaveri, R., and Song, C.
  • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Upgrades to the ARM Data Management Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Keck, N. and Macduff, M.
  • AMF2 Status: Plans and Progress ABSTRACT
    Coulter, R., Orr, B., Ritsche, M., Martin, T., Eagan, R., Cook, D., and Holdridge, D.
  • A Multi-year Analysis of Clear-sky Aerosol Optical Properties and Direct Radiative Forcing at Gosan, Korea (2001–2008) ABSTRACT
    Kim, S. and Yoon, S.
  • A Multi-year Record of Airborne Continuous CO2 in the U.S. Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Biraud, S.
  • Analyses and Modeling of Relationships Between Ice Nuclei Concentrations, Aerosol Concentrations, and Ice Crystal Number Concentrations in Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Prenni, A., DeMott, P., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • Analysis of Aerosol-cloud Interactions (ACI) in Accordance with Atmospheric Stability ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kim, B., Kim, Y., Chang, L., Miller, M., and Min, Q.
  • Analysis of Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentrations Measurements During the AMF Deployment in China ABSTRACT
    Liu, J.
  • Analysis of Cloud Layer Structure Using Radiosonde and Cloud Radar Data in China ABSTRACT
    Zhang, J., Chen, H., and Li, Z.
  • Analysis of Subgrid Cloud Variability in a Year-long CRM Simulation over the ARM SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wu, X. and Park, S.
  • An Evaluation of GOES Microphysical Property Retrievals at Anvil Regions of Deep Convection by Using MMCR and NEXRAD ABSTRACT
    Feng, Z., Dong, X., Xi, B., and Minnis, P.
  • A New Aerosol Flow System for Photochemical and Thermal Studies of Tropospheric Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Ezell, M., Johnson, S., Yu, Y., Perraud, V., Bruns, E., Alexander, L., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Dabdub, D., Li, Y., and Finlayson-Pitts, B.
  • A New Multi-scale Modeling Framework with an Advanced Higher-order Turbulence Closure ABSTRACT
    Cheng, A. and Xu, K.
  • An Extensive Variable-weather Comparison of Pyrheliometers ABSTRACT
    Wilcox, S., Dutton, E., Andreas, A., Gotseff, P., Myers, D., Nelson, D., Reda, I., Stoffel, T., and Michalsky, J.
  • An Improved Criterion for New Particle Formation in Diverse Environments ABSTRACT
    Kuang, C., Riipinen, I., Sihto, S., Kulmala, M., McCormick, A., and McMurry, P.
  • An Investigation of the Cloud and Convection Scheme Impacts on Tropical Clouds and Radiation ABSTRACT
    Lin, Y., Zhao, M., Ming, Y., Golaz, J., Donner, L., Ramaswamy, V., Xie, S., Klein, S., and Waliser, D.
  • Annual Variability of White and Black Sky Spectral Albedo at the Central Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hodges, G., Michalsky, J., and Dutton, E.
  • An Overview of the Upcoming 2010 Carbonaceous Aerosol and Radiative Effects Study (CARES) Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Zaveri, R., Shaw, W., and Cziczo, D.
  • A Numerical Case Study During ISDAC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lindeman, J., Boybeyi, Z., Roy, P., and Stofferahn, E.
  • A Numerical Study of Aerosol-cloud Interaction During a Deep Convective Episode ABSTRACT
    Roy, P., Boybeyi, Z., Lindeman, J., and Stofferahn, E.
  • Anvil Clouds of Mesoscale Convective Systems and Their Effects on the Radiative Heating Structure ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yuan, J. and Houze, R.
  • A Process Study of Mixed-phase Arctic Stratus and Associated Aerosol Effects ABSTRACT
    Ovchinnikov, M., Fan, J., and Korolev, A.
  • Arctic Cloud Modeling and Aerosol Measurements: Seasonal Regime Changes in Aerosol Particles and Their Role on Cloud Microphysics ABSTRACT
    Shaw, . and Russell, L.
  • A Remote Sensing Approach to Retrieve Fair Weather Cumulus Entrainment Rates ABSTRACT
    Wagner, T., Turner, D., and Berg, L.
  • ARM Climate Research Facility: Outreach Tools and Strategies ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jundt, R. and Roeder, L.
  • Assessment of ECMWF Model Bias in the AMMA Region with Observations from the ARM Mobile Facility at Niamey ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M., Agusti-Panareda, A., and Beljaars, A.
  • Assessment of Radiation Options in the Advanced Research WRF Weather Forecast Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Iacono, M.
  • Assessment of the SCM/CRM Forcing Data Derived from North American Regional Reanalysis ABSTRACT
    Xie, S., Zhang, Y., Klein, S., Kennedy, A., Dong, X., and Zhang, M.
  • Assimilating Surface and Rawinsonde Data in WRF Microphysics Simulations of Warm-season Convection for SGP Central Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Segele, Z., Leslie, L., and Lamb, P.
  • A Study of Cloud and Drizzle Properties in the Azores Using Doppler Radar Spectra ABSTRACT
    Luke, E., Rémillard, J., and Kollias, P.
  • ATML: a New Atmospheric and Terrestrial Mobile Laboratory for GHG Measurement ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mora, C., Ivey, M., Guilderson, T., Bambha, R., Dubey, M., Michelsen, H., Rahn, T., and Zak, B.
  • Atmospheric Characterization Using Ground-based and Satellite Infrared Spectral Radiance Measurements ABSTRACT
    Smith, W., Howard, M., Yongxiao, J., and Yesalusky, M.
  • Atmospheric Classification at Darwin ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Evans, S., Ackerman, T., and Marchand, R.
  • Automatic Detection of Boundary Layer by Micropulse Lidar (MPL) ABSTRACT
    Sawyer, V. and Li, Z.
  • A Web-based Aerosol Calculator for Research and Education ABSTRACT
    Martin, S.
  • Bimodal Cloud Droplet Distributions in Marine Stratus Clouds Observed in VOCALS 2008 ABSTRACT
    Senum, G.
  • Browsing a Wealth of Millimeter-wavelength Doppler Spectra Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Johnson, K., Luke, E., Kollias, P., Remillard, J., Widener, K., and Jensen, M.
  • Can Particle Mass Spectrometry Be Used to Measure Particulate Organic Nitrates? ABSTRACT
    Bruns, E., Perraud, V., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Ezell, M., Johnson, S., Yu, Y., Imre, D., Finlayson-Pitts, B., and Alexander, L.
  • CCN Predictions Using Simplified Assumptions of Organic Aerosol Composition and Mixing State: a Synthesis from Six Different Locations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ervens, B.
  • Characterization of Melting Level Clouds over the Tropical Western Pacific Warm Pool ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Billings, J., Johnson, K., Troyan, D., Long, C., and Comstock, J.
  • Chemically Explicit Model of Secondary Organic Aerosol (SOA) Formation in Mexico ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Madronich, S.
  • Cloud-aerosol-precipitation Interactions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ghan, S. and Wood, R.
  • Cloud Chamber and Single-particle Mass Spectrometry Studies of Aerosol-cloud Interactions ABSTRACT
    Cziczo, D., Pekour, M., Kulkarni, G., and Pratt, K.
  • Cloud Condensation Nuclei in Cumulus Humilis—selected Case Study During the CHAPS Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yu, X., Berg, L., Berkowitz, C., Alexander, L., Lee, Y., Laskin, A., Ogren, J., and Andrews, E.
  • Cloud Droplet Activation of Secondary Organic Material Produced by the Oxidation of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Martin, S.
  • Cloud Edges: the Spectral-invariant Relationship Between Ratios of Zenith Radiances Near Them ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Marshak, A., Knyazikhin, Y., Chiu, J., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Cloud Life Cycle Observed During the 2009 Cloud Tomography Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Huang, D., Gasiewski, A., Cadeddu, M., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Cloud Macrophysical and Optical Properties Derived from Micropulse and Raman Lidar over SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Dupont, J., Haeffelin, M., Morille, Y., Long, C., Flynn, C., Comstock, J., McFarlane, S., and Sivaraman, C.
  • Cloud Model Simulations of TWP-ICE Deep Convection Using a New Bulk Ice Microphysics Scheme ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morrison, H., Grabowski, W., McFarlane, S., and Comstock, J.
  • "Cloud-mode" Optical Depth Observations—example of Adaption of ARM to AERONET ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chiu, J., Marshak, A., Wiscombe, W., Knyazikhin, Y., Huang, C., Slutsker, I., Giles, D., and Holben, B.
  • Cloud-scale Vertical Velocity Composites of Fair Weather Cumuli at the SGP ARM Climate Research Facility ABSTRACT
    Chandra, A., Kollias, P., and Albrecht, B.
  • Cloud Vertical Distribution in Extratropical Cyclones ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Naud, C. and Del Genio, A.
  • Collaborations for Improved Atmospheric Humidity and Temperature Profiles ABSTRACT
    Sisterson, D., Diamond, H., Vömel, H., McCord, R., Voyles, J., and Ritsche, M.
  • Comparative Analysis of Temperature Inversion and Influences of Aerosols Using ARM Data in Shouxian and SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Li, J., Li, Z., and Chen, H.
  • Comparing Models and Observations of Boundary-layer Clouds at Graciosa Island ABSTRACT
    Wood, R.
  • Comparison of Microwave Radiometer Profiler (MWRP) and Radiosonde in Taihu and Shouxian Sites ABSTRACT
    Lee, H. and Li, Z.
  • Comparison of the CALIPSO Satellite and Ground-based Observation of Cirrus Clouds at the ARM Tropical Western Pacific (TWP) Sites ABSTRACT
    Thorsen, T., Comstock, J., and Fu, Q.
  • Comparisons of Raman Lidar Water Vapor Measurements and Aircraft Data ABSTRACT
    Wagner, E., Turner, D., and Berg, L.
  • Convective Buoyancy and Entrainment Rate Estimated from A-Train Data: an Observational Basis for Evaluating GCM Cumulus Parameterization ABSTRACT
    Luo, Z.
  • Critical Evaluation of the ISCCP Simulator Using Ground-based Remote Sensing Data ABSTRACT
    Houser, S., Mace, G., Benson, S., Klein, S., and Min, Q.
  • Custom Data Support for the FAst-physics System TEstbed & Research (FASTER) Project ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Toto, T., Jensen, M., Vogelmann, A., Wagener, R., Liu, Y., and Lin, W.
  • Detecting Fault Conditions in Distributed Sensor Networks Using Dynamic Bayesian Networks ABSTRACT
    Chin, G., Choudhury, S., Kangas, L., McFarlane, S., and Widener, K.
  • Detection of the Occurrence and Impacts of the Nauru Island Effect ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Long, C. and McFarlane, S.
  • Developing a Testbed at the ARM Climate Research Facility for Coupled Climate-Carbon Cycle Model Evaluation ABSTRACT
    Torn, M., Riley, W., Biraud, S., Fischer, M., Billesbach, D., and Berry, J.
  • Development of a Data Set to Explore Properties of Tropical Convection and Anvil Cirrus ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarlane, S. and Comstock, J.
  • Development of a High-resolution Oxygen A-band Spectrometer (HABS) ABSTRACT
    Min, Q., Berndt, J., Kiedron, P., and Yin, B.
  • Development of Ensemble Neural Network Convection Parameterizations for Climate Models Using ARM Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fox-Rabinovitz, M., Krasnopolsky, V., Rasch, P., Kogan, Y., and Belochitski, A.
  • Diabatic Heating and Mesoscale Vertical Motion in Cumulus Anvils ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chen, Y. and Del Genio, A.
  • Diagnosing Causes of Cloud Parameterization Deficiencies Using ARM Measurements over the SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Wu, W.
  • Dissecting Diabatic Heating Profiles from TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schumacher, C., Xie, S., and McFarlane, S.
  • Dual-frequency Profiler Vertical Air Motions Retrieved During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Williams, C., Collis, S., May, P., and Protat, A.
  • Dynamic and Thermodynamic Balances in Madden-Julian Oscillation ABSTRACT
    Hagos, S.
  • Effects of Ice Nucleation and Crystal Habits on the Dynamics of Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Komurcu, M. and Harrington, J.
  • Empirical Predictions of CCN from Aerosol Optical Properties ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jefferson, A.
  • Encapsulation Effects on Carbonaceous Aerosol Light Absorption ABSTRACT
    Sedlacek, A., Onasch, T., Davidovits, P., Cross, E., and Mazzoleni, C.
  • Establishment of an NWP Testbed Using ARM Data ABSTRACT
    OConnor, E., Hogan, R., and Liu, Y.
  • Estimating Rain Evaporation in Convective Systems from Cold Pool Surface Pressure Perturbations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Krueger, S. and Lesage, A.
  • Evaluating the Effective Stability and Springtime Clouds Simulated in the CAM at the SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, M., Wu, J., Xie, S., and Lin, W.
  • Evaluation and Improvement of NCEP Global Forecast System (GFS) Using Satellite Retrievals ABSTRACT
    Yoo, H.
  • Evaluation of a New Parameterization of Shallow Cumuli ABSTRACT
    Berg, L., Gustafson, W., and Kassianov, E.
  • Evaluation of Cloud Fraction Parameterizations Using Long-term ARM Observations ABSTRACT
    Zhu, Z. and Zhu, P.
  • Evaluation of Uncertainties Affecting the Retrievals of Cloud Liquid Water Using Microwave Frequencies at 90 and 150 GHz ABSTRACT
    Cadeddu, M. and Turner, D.
  • Evaluation of Vertical Structure of Cloud Fraction Simulated by IPCC AR4 Models over TWP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Qian, Y.
  • Evidence of the First Indirect Effect in Clouds Downwind of a Mid-size North American City ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berkowitz, C., Berg, L., Barnard, J., Senum, G., and Springston, S.
  • Exact Expressions and Accurate Approximations for the Dependences of Radius and Index of Refraction of Solutions of Inorganic Solutes on Relative Humidity ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lewis, E. and Schwartz, S.
  • FABSOAR—An Instrument for Measurement of Solar Shortwave Forcing ABSTRACT
    Watchorn, S. and Noto, J.
  • Factors Controlling Boundary Layer Cloud Fraction and Mass Flux at the ARM Nauru Site ABSTRACT
    Albrecht, B., Ghate, V., and Kollias, P.
  • FASTER: a New DOE Effort to Bridge ESM and ASR Sciences ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, Y.
  • Fast Physics Testbed for the FASTER Project ABSTRACT
    Lin, W., Liu, Y., Hogan, R., Neggers, R., Jensen, M., Fridlind, A., Lin, Y., and Wolf, A.
  • First 3D Water-vapor Measurements with Differential Absorption Lidar ABSTRACT
    Behrendt, A., Wulfmeyer, V., and Pal, S.
  • FIRST Observations of Far-infrared Spectra from the RHUBC-II Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mlynczak, M., Cageao, R., Johnson, D., Alford, J., Kratz, D., Lee, J., and Farnsworth, G.
  • Fog Increases and the Effects of Aerosols in China ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Niu, F. and Li, Z.
  • Forecasting for Field Campaigns at the Southern Great Plains ARM Site ABSTRACT
    Hartsock, D. and Lamb, P.
  • From EAST-AIRE to the ARM Mobile Facility Deployment in China: an Overview of Data Status ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cribb, M. and Li, Z.
  • Genetic Algorithm-determined Real Refractive Indicies of Various Secondary Organic Aerosols ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hwajin, K., Barkey, B., and Paulson, S.
  • Global Climate Model Performance in West Africa: Realizing the Goals of RADAGAST ABSTRACT
    Miller, M., Ghate, V., and Zahn, R.
  • High-level Clouds Represented in a Global Cloud-system-resolving Model ABSTRACT
    Inoue, T.
  • High-resolution Retrieval of Cloud Liquid Water Profiles Using the Collocated ARM Ka- and W-band Radars ABSTRACT
    Huang, D., Johnson, K., Liu, Y., and Wiscombe, W.
  • High Resolution Simulations of the December 2007 Ice Storm in the Southern Great Plains Region: Comparison of Microphysics Schemes with ARM Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    White, E., Leslie, L., and Lamb, P.
  • Hygroscopic Properties and CCN Characteristics of the Aerosols Measured at an Island at the Northwestern End of South Korea ABSTRACT
    Yum, S. and Chang, L.
  • Ice Cloud Microphysics and Heating Rate Statistics at the Tropical Darwin Site ABSTRACT
    Comstock, J., Protat, A., McFarlane, S., Delanoe, J., and Deng, M.
  • Ice Clouds Size Distributions (SDs), Ice Water Content (IWC), and Their Dependence on Temperature - What Thousands of SDs Tell Us ABSTRACT
    Ivanova, D.
  • Ice Nucleation in Mixed-phase Clouds: Parameterization Evaluation with the ISDAC Data and Climate Implication ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, X., Xie, S., Ghan, S., Boyle, J., Klein, S., DeMott, P., and Prenni, A.
  • Impact of Vertical Stratification of Inherent Optical Properties on Radiative Transfer in a Plane-parallel Turbid Medium ABSTRACT
    Duan, M., Min, Q., and Stamnes, K.
  • Impacts of Autoconversion Scheme on Simulated Cloud Properties and Aerosol Indirect Effects Using NCAR CAM3 ABSTRACT
    Chuang, C., Boyle, J., and Xie, S.
  • Improved Simulated Diurnal Hydrologic Cycle in a GCM with Super-parameterized Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Pritchard, M. and Somerville, R.
  • Improvements in Characterizing ARM Cloud and Radiation Fields Using Satellite Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Minnis, P., Smith, W., Ayers, J., Chang, F., Hong, G., Khaiyer, M., Palikonda, R., Spangenberg, D., Yi, H., and Yost, C.
  • Improving Numerics of Bulk Microphysics Schemes in WRF Model: Warm Rain Processes ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sednev, I. and Menon, S.
  • Improving the Parameterization of Cloud and Precipitation in the ECMWF Global Numerical Weather Prediction Model ABSTRACT
    Forbes, R.
  • Inclusion of Ammonium Sulfate Aerosols in McRAS-AC: an SCM Evaluation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bhattacharjee, P., Oreopoulos, L., Sud, Y., Wang, J., and Yang, R.
  • Indirect Impact of Atmospheric Aerosols in Idealized Simulations of Convective-radiative Quasi-equilibrium: Double-moment Microphysics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Grabowski, W. and Morrison, H.
  • Influence of Arctic Cloud Thermodynamic Phase on Surface Shortwave Flux ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lubin, D. and Vogelmann, A.
  • Infrastructure and Domain Changes at the SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Orr, B., Rusk, D., and Sisterson, D.
  • Insights on Water-ice Partition in Stratiform Mixed-phase Clouds Based on Long-term ARM Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, Z. and Zhao, M.
  • Integrated Database of Cloud Microphysical Properties Derived from in Situ Observations Obtained During M-PACE, TWP-ICE, ISDAC, and RACORO ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarquhar, G., Bae, K., Freer, M., Jonsson, H., Korolev, A., Jackson, R., Poellot, M., Strapp, J., Yang, H., and Zhang, G.
  • Investigating Climate Trends in 14 Years of AERI Data at the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gero, J. and Turner, D.
  • Investigation of Southern Great Plains Atmospheric Moisture Budget for CLASIC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lamb, P. and Portis, D.
  • Investigation of the 2006 Drought and 2007 Flood Extremes at the SGP Through an Integrative Analysis of Observations ABSTRACT
    Dong, X.
  • ISDAC Cloud Droplet Number Closure Study: Aerosol Size Distributions and Case Selection ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, P., Earle, M., Ghan, S., Strapp, J., Leaitch, W., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Collins, D., Ovchinnikov, M., Shantz, N., Brock, C., and Macdonald, A.
  • Laboratory Measurements of Hygroscopic Growth Factors, Ethanol Growth Factors, and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activity for Oxidized Soot and Secondary Organic Aerosols ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lambe, A., Ahern, A., Massoli, P., Onasch, T., Worsnop, D., and Davidovits, P.
  • Large-scale Parameter Sweeps Procedures for Developing Condensed Aerosol Schemes for Climate Models ABSTRACT
    Kotamarthi, V.
  • Lawrence Livermore, Los Alamos, and Sandia Collaboration on Climate Modeling and Carbon Measurement ABSTRACT
    Ebinger, M., Rotman, D., and Mitchiner, J.
  • Likelihood Function Construction and Bayesian Data Fusion for Analyzing Cloud Fraction Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shen, S., Ledahl, J., and Somerville, R.
  • Low-cost, Fast-response Aerosol Optical Extinction Monitor ABSTRACT
    Freedman, A., Massoli, P., Kebabian, P., and Onasch, T.
  • Measurement of Ice Crystal Precipitation at Cloud Base ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E.
  • Measurements of Optical Properties of Organic Aerosols Using Photoacoustic Instrumentation ABSTRACT
    Song, C., Gyawali, M., Zaveri, R., Shilling, J., and Arnott, W.
  • Merged Sounding VAP Version 2.0 ABSTRACT
    Troyan, D., Jensen, M., Turner, D., and Miloshevich, L.
  • Metadata Standards—a Key for Data Discovery and Data Interoperability: Tapping the ARM Archive Metadata Database ABSTRACT
    Prakash, G., Lenhardt, W., McCord, R., and Shamblin, S.
  • Meteorological Instrumentation Performance and Data Quality Using Temperature, Relative Humidity, and Wind Speed Sensors in Barrow, Alaska ABSTRACT
    Kyrouac, J.
  • MFRSR-retrieved Intensive Aerosol Properties Under Partly Cloudy Days: Uncertainties and Corrections ABSTRACT
    Kassianov, E., Barnard, J., Flynn, C., Long, C., and Berg, L.
  • Microphysical Parameterizations Based on ISDAC Aircraft Observations and Aerosol-cloud Effects on Radiative Fluxes ABSTRACT
    Gultepe, I., Shantz, N., Liu, P., Strapp, J., and Girard, E.
  • Microphysical Relationships of Clouds Observed During March 2000 Cloud IOP at SGP Site and Important Implications ABSTRACT
    Lu, C. and Liu, Y.
  • MMCR Fouth-generation Upgrade ABSTRACT
    Pazmany, A.
  • Modeling Mesoscale Convective Systems in a Highly Simplified Environment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zeng, X., GSFC, N., and Houze, R.
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  • Using Sun and Aureole Measurements to Check MODIS COD and Reff Retrievals for Cirrus ABSTRACT, POSTER
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  • Validating Surface Solar Flux Estimates from Satellite-based Models for Renewable Energy Applications ABSTRACT
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