Poster Abstracts of the Second Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2011, March 28-April 1, 2011, San Antonio, Texas

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  • 3D Effects on Spectrally Invariant Behavior Near Cloud Edges: Implications for Retrieving Aerosol and Cloud Properties in These Challenging Regions ABSTRACT
    Chiu, J., Marshak, A., Knyazikhin, Y., Wiscombe, W., Varnai, T., and Wang, H.
  • A Balloon-sonde Gas Sampling System for Full-column Trace Gas Profiling ABSTRACT
    Fischer, M.
  • A Comparison of Vertical Velocity PDFs in the Cloudy and Cloud-free Atmosphere ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Flaherty, J., Berg, L., and Comstock, J.
  • Adding Value to ARM Precipitation Radar Measurements ABSTRACT
    Collis, S., Bharadwaj, N., Widener, K., and Giangrande, S.
  • Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor ABSTRACT
    Jayne, J.
  • Aerosol Effects on Shallow Cumulus Clouds in a Global Model ABSTRACT
    Ghan, S. and Park, S.
  • Aerosol Indirect Effects in the PNNL-MMF Multi-scale Aerosol-climate Model ABSTRACT
    Wang, M., Ghan, S., Ovchinnikov, M., Liu, X., Easter, D., Kassianov, E., Qian, Y., and Morrison, H.
  • Aerosol-induced Changes of Convective Clouds Observed from Ground-based Observations and CloudSat/CALIPSO ABSTRACT
    Niu, F. and Li, Z.
  • Aerosol Mass Spectrometer Constraint on the Global Secondary Organic Aerosol Budget ABSTRACT
    Jimenez, J.
  • Aerosol Observing Systems (AOS): New Capabilities for ASR Researchers ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Springston, S.
  • Aerosol Optical and Microphysical Properties from Passive Remote Sensing During CARES: Temporal and Spatial Changes ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kassianov, E., Barnard, J., Pekour, M., Flynn, C., and Ferrare, R.
  • Aerosol Optical Depth Climatology Observed by Micropulse Lidar at ARM Southern Great Plains Site in Northern Oklahoma ABSTRACT
    Kafle, D. and Coulter, R.
  • Aerosols, Clouds, and Precipitation in the Marine Boundary Layer at the Azores AMF ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wyant, M., Fletcher, J., Wood, R., and Bretherton, C.
  • Aerosol Sources and Processing at the Ganges Valley Aerosol Experiment (GVAX) Pantnagar Supersite ABSTRACT
    Williams, L., Herndon, S., Jayne, J., Onasch, T., Worsnop, D., Jimenez, J., Volkamer, R., Thornton, J., Petters, M., Dubey, M., and Coulter, R.
  • A General Framework for Predicting CCN Activity of Organic Molecules from Functional Group Data ABSTRACT
    Petters, M., Ziemann, P., Kreidenweis, S., Carrico, C., Faulhaber, A., Matsunaga, A., Minambres, L., Prenni, A., Suda, S., and Sullivan, R.
  • A High-resolution Oxygen A-band Spectrometer (HABS) ABSTRACT
    Min, Q., Yin, B., Berndt, J., Harrison, L., and Kiedron, P.
  • Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar Aerosol Measurements During CalNex and CARES ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hostetler, C., Ferrare, R., Hair, J., Cook, A., Harper, D., Burton, S., Obland, M., Rogers, R., Butler, C., Scarino, A., Fast, J., Barnard, J., Kassianov, E., Holben, B., Springston, S., and Brock, C.
  • Aircraft Icing Potential and Ice- and Mixed-phase Cloud Particle Size Distributions ABSTRACT
    Ivanova, D.
  • AMF2: Design and Concept ABSTRACT
    Ritsche, M., Orr, B., Coulter, R., Martin, T., and Cook, D.
  • AMF2 STORMVEX Deployment at Steamboat Springs, Colorado ABSTRACT
    Sonntag, K., Ritsche, M., Orr, B., Coulter, R., Martin, T., and Stuart, C.
  • AMIE: a Two-pronged Campaign to Study the MJO ABSTRACT
    Long, C. and McFarlane, S.
  • A Multi-scale Model Evaluation Data Set of Small Cumulus ABSTRACT
    McComiskey, A. and Feingold, G.
  • A Multi-year Record of Airborne Continuous CO2 in the U.S. Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Biraud, S., Riley, W., and Torn, M.
  • Analysis of Cirrus Cloud Particle Size Distributions from SPARTICUS ABSTRACT
    Schwartz, M. and Mace, G.
  • A New Mobile Laboratory for Greenhouse Gas Source and Sink Attribution and Carbon Cycle Science ABSTRACT
    Bambha, R., Dubey, M., Guilderson, T., Helsel, F., Herrmann, R., Ivey, M., Michelsen, H., Mora, C., Rahn, T., Roskovensky, J., Schrader, P., Yellowhorse, L., Zak, B., and Zirzow, J.
  • An Inventory of Gaseous and Primary Carbonaceous Aerosol Emissions from India for the Ganges Valley Aerosol Experiment (GVAX) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lu, Z., Streets, D., and Kotamarthi, V.
  • An Overview of the 2012 Two-Column Aerosol Project (TCAP) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berkowitz, C., Berg, L., Cziczo, D., Flynn, C., Kassianov, E., Fast, J., Rasch, P., Zaveri, R., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Ferrare, R., Hostetler, C., Cairns, B., Russell, P., and Ervens, B.
  • A Preliminary Analysis of STORMVEX Cloud Reflectivity Spatial Characteristics ABSTRACT
    Marchand, R.
  • Are Cloud Forecasts Improving? ABSTRACT
    O'Connor, E. and Hogan, R.
  • A Review of Chemistry-aerosol Treatments in CAM5 and Implementation of a Sectional Aerosol Package with Comprehensive SOA Formation ABSTRACT
    Chuang, C., Mirin, A., Bergmann, D., and Cameron-Smith, P.
  • ARM Archive Data Extraction Capabilities and Plans ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Moore, S., McCord, R., and Prakash, G.
  • ARM Climate Research Facility: Outreach Through Collaborative Blogging ABSTRACT
    Jundt, R., Roeder, L., and Dupont, D.
  • ARM Cloud/precipitation Radars: Status and Plans for 2011 ABSTRACT
    Widener, K., Bharadwaj, N., Johnson, K., Collis, S., and Koontz, A.
  • ARM Data Quality Office Inspection Tools and Techniques ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Theisen, A., Kehoe, K., Monroe, J., Moore, S., Noensie, T., and Peppler, R.
  • ARM Recovery Act Instruments ABSTRACT
    Voyles, J.
  • ARSCL Post-ARRA: Upcoming Cloud Radar Value-added Products ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Johnson, K., Kollias, P., Giangrande, S., Troyan, D., Jensen, M., and Clothiaux, E.
  • ASR Activities in the Centre for Australian Weather and Climate Research ABSTRACT
    May, P., Keywood, M., Protat, A., Kumar, V., and Penide, G.
  • Assessment of the CALIPSO-CloudSat-CERES-MODIS (CCCM) Data Product at TOA and Surface ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutan, D., Kato, S., Rose, F., Charlock, T., Chen, Y., Sun-Mack, S., and Miller, W.
  • A Study of Deep Convective Systems and Their Associated Anvil Cloud Properties over the SGP Through an Integrated Analysis of NEXRAD, GOES, and ARM MMCR Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Feng, Z., Dong, X., Xi, B., Minnis, P., and Deng, M.
  • A Warm Cloud Microphysical Data Set Based on ARM Ka- and W-band Cloud Radars ABSTRACT
    Huang, D., Dunn, M., Liu, Y., Jensen, M., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Best-guess Water Vapor Profiles for the RHUBC-II Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mlawer, E., Delamere, J., Payne, V., Turner, D., Cadeddu, M., and Paine, S.
  • Big Data Systems at the ARM Archive II: Data Processing Opportunities ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McCord, R., Prakash, G., Manneschmidt, J., Eby, P., Macduff, M., and Mather, J.
  • Big Data Systems at the ARM Archive I: Interactive Visualization Opportunities ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Prakash, G., McCord, R., Mather, J., Kollias, P., Jo, I., Eby, P., Gibson, K., Stephan, E., and Jensen, M.
  • Boundary Layer (BL) Thermal Eddies over a Pine Forest from CARES 2010 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Senum, G. and Springston, S.
  • Broadening of Drop-size Spectra by Ice Crystal Vapor Growth ABSTRACT
    Harrington, J., Sulia, K., and Lebo, Z.
  • Calibration of the Cloud Extinction Probe and Some Results of Measurements ABSTRACT
    Korolev, A., Shashkov, A., and Barker, H.
  • Characterization of the Mass-flux in Fair-weather Cumuli Using Long-term Cloud Radar Measurements at the SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Chandra, A., Kollias, P., Albrecht, B., Klein, S., and Zhang, Y.
  • Cimel Sun Photometers: Updates on New Deployments and Cloud-mode Zenith Radiance Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wagener, R., Gregory, L., and Ma, L.
  • Climate Modeling Best Estimate Data Set (CMBE): Update and Future Plans ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McCoy, R., Xie, S., Klein, S., Xi, B., Dong, X., Khaiyer, M., Minnis, P., Prakash, G., and McCord, R.
  • Cloud Activation Properties of Organic Aerosols Observed at Urban Sites During CALNEX-LA and CARES ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mei, F., Wang, J., Jimenez, J., and Zhang, Q.
  • Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) Activity and Composition of Secondary Organic Material ABSTRACT
    Martin, S., Kuwata, M., and Chen, Q.
  • Cloud, Drizzle, and Turbulence Observations in Marine Stratocumulus Clouds in the Azores ABSTRACT
    RĂ©millard, J., Kollias, P., and Luke, E.
  • Cloud-land Surface Interactions and Water Recycling in the Southern Great Plains: Observations and Regional Simulations ABSTRACT
    Qian, Y., Huang, M., Berg, L., Lamb, P., and Portis, D.
  • Cloud-resolving Simulations Using the WRF Model Driven by Large-scale Forcings ABSTRACT
    Endo, S., Liu, Y., Lin, W., and Liu, G.
  • Cold Pool Properties from Oklahoma Mesonet Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lesage, A. and Krueger, S.
  • Combining New and Legacy Instruments Yields Routine Measurements of Absolute Spectral Radiation Spanning the Thermal IR, Near-IR, Visible, and UV ABSTRACT
    Flynn, C., Barnard, J., Hopkins, D., Mendoza, A., Nelson, D., Norheim, R., Rochette, L., Lanouette, A., and Gaudreau, M.
  • Comparative Study of Different Cloud Fraction Estimates over the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Wu, W.
  • Comparison of CFMIP GCM Cloud Statistics to Long-term ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Foreback, B., Mace, G., and Houser, S.
  • Comparison of Cloud Vertical Structure from Passive Satellite Measurements and ARM Radar-lidar Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Minnis, P., Smith, W., Boeke, R., Yi, H., Chang, F., Bedka, K., Dong, X., and Xi, B.
  • Considerations for a Marine Deployment of AMF2 ABSTRACT
    Reynolds, R., Lewis, E., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Constraining Model Uncertainties in Nested Simulations of Winter Storms in the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    White, E., Leslie, L., and Lamb, P.
  • Continuous Single-column Model Evaluation at Permanent Meteorological Supersites ABSTRACT
    Neggers, R. and Siebesma, A.
  • Controls on Cloud Base Mass Flux and Cloudiness of Fair-weather Cumuli in a Marine Environment ABSTRACT
    Albrecht, B., Kollias, P., and Ghate, V.
  • Convectively Generated Gravity Waves During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT
    Reeder, M., Nguyen, M., Lane, T., Jakob, C., and Heymsfield, A.
  • CRM Intercomparison Based on the TWP-ICE Field Campaign: Part I (simulations Versus Observations) and Part II (vertical Transport) ABSTRACT
    Fridlind, A., Ackerman, A., Chaboureau, J., Fan, J., Grabowski, W., Hill, A., Liu, G., Morrison, H., Park, S., Petch, J., Pinty, J., Schumacher, C., Varble, A., Wu, X., Xie, S., and Zhang, M.
  • CRM Simulations of Organized Convection During TWP-ICE and Their Implications for Cumulus Parameterization ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Del Genio, A., Wu, J., and Chen, Y.
  • Development and Evaluation of Convective Cloud Microphysics Parameterization in the NCAR CAM5 ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G. and Song, X.
  • Development and Evaluation of the 2-way Coupled WRF-CMAQ Model ABSTRACT
    Pleim, J. and Mathur, R.
  • Development of Ensemble Neural Network Convection Parameterizations for Climate Models Using ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Fox-Rabinovitz, M., Krasnopolsky, V., Rasch, P., Kogan, Y., and Belochitski, A.
  • Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? Does Anyone Really Care? ABSTRACT
    Keck, N. and Perez, R.
  • Doppler Radar Measurements and Implications for the Microphysical Study of Drizzle Formation ABSTRACT
    McGraw, R., Luke, E., and Kollias, P.
  • Do We Need Cloud Microphysics Parameterization to Simulate Convection? ABSTRACT
    Segele, Z., Leslie, L., and Lamb, P.
  • Drizzle Variability in Marine Stratocumulus in the Azores ABSTRACT
    Luke, E. and Kollias, P.
  • Dynamical and Microphysical Characteristics and Interactions in Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shupe, M., Persson, O., and Turner, D.
  • E-AERI Calibration Performance Certification ABSTRACT
    Knuteson, R., Taylor, J., Best, F., Ciganovich, N., Garcia, R., Hackel, D., Revercomb, H., and Turner, D.
  • Effect of Aerosols on Shallow Cumuli Sampled During RACORO ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yang, H., McFarquhar, G., and Jonsson, H.
  • Effect of Ice on Mixed-phase Cloud Dynamics ABSTRACT
    Ovchinnikov, M.
  • Effects of Ice Crystals Shattering on Probe Tips ABSTRACT
    Lawson, P. and Baker, B.
  • Elemental Analysis and Oxidation of Chamber Organic Aerosol ABSTRACT
    Chhabra, P., Ng, N., Canagaratna, M., Corrigan, A., Russell, L., Worsnop, D., Flagan, R., and Seinfeld, J.
  • Enhanced Detection of 1-nm Condensation Nuclei Using Diethylene Glycol and Butanol Condensation Particle Counters ABSTRACT
    Kuang, C., Chen, M., McMurry, P., and Wang, J.
  • Entrainment and Mixing and Their Effects on Cloud Droplet Size Distributions of the Stratocumulus Clouds Observed During VOCALS ABSTRACT
    Yum, S., Wang, J., Daum, P., Senum, G., and Springston, S.
  • Establishment of Cloud Regimes for Systematic Evaluation of Cloud Modeling ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lin, W., Liu, Y., Vogelmann, A., Song, H., and Lubin, D.
  • Evaluating ECMWF Global Model Cloud and Precipitation Fields with Observed Radar Reflectivity: How Do We Ensure a Fair Comparison? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Forbes, R. and Ahlgrimm, M.
  • Evaluating the Accuracy of the Far-infrared Spectral Observations, Water Vapor Measurements, and the Radiative Transfer Model in Extremely Dry, Clear-sky Periods During RHUBC-II ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Turner, D., Merrelli, A., Cadeddu, M., Mlawer, E., Delamere, J., Tobin, D., Knuteson, R., Palchetti, L., Bianchini, G., Mlynczak, M., Cageao, R., and Johnson, D.
  • Evaluating the Role of Mid-level Clouds in WRF Simulations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation ABSTRACT
    Deng, L., McFarlane, S., Hagos, S., and Leung, L.
  • Evaluation of CAM4 in Weather-forecast Mode with ARM Site Data ABSTRACT
    Boyle, J. and Klein, S.
  • Evaluation of Infrared Sky Imagers at the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morris, V. and Klebe, D.
  • Evaluation of in Situ and Satellite-derived Cirrus Microphysical Properties During SPARTICUS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yost, C., Minnis, P., Ayers, J., Palikonda, R., Spangenberg, D., Chang, F., Sun-Mack, S., Heck, P., and Lawson, P.
  • Evaporation Kinetics and Phase of Laboratory and Ambient Secondary Organic Aerosol and the Effect of Adsorbed Spectator Gases ABSTRACT
    Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Vaden, T., Imre, D., Beranek, J., Shrivastava, M., and Fast, J.
  • Evolution of Black Carbon Mixing-state in the Sacramento Urban-biogenic Admixed Environment ABSTRACT
    Sedlacek, A., Kleinman, L., Shilling, J., Subramanian, R., Springston, S., and Zaveri, R.
  • Examination of Entrainment-mixing Mechanisms Using a Combined Approach ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lu, C., Liu, Y., and Niu, S.
  • Exploring the Use of Ensemble Kalman Filtering for the Assimilation of Local Observations in a Continuous Single-column Model Evaluation at the ARM Sites ABSTRACT
    Baas, P. and Neggers, R.
  • Field Experiment for Cloud-aerosol Interaction Study in the Arctic Svalbard ABSTRACT
    Shiobara, M.
  • Forecast Simulations in a Multi-scale Modeling Framework: Maximizing the Use of High-value Observations ABSTRACT
    Kooperman, G., Pritchard, M., and Somerville, R.
  • Formation and Climatology of Mid-level Clouds at Darwin, Australia ABSTRACT
    Riihimaki, L., McFarlane, S., and Comstock, J.
  • Ganges Valley Aerosol Experiment: Proposed Experiment Details, Expected Data, and Forecast Modeling Products ABSTRACT
    Kotamarthi, V., Feng, Y., Satheesh, S., and Babu, S.
  • Gas- and Particle-phase Chemical Composition Measurements Onboard the G-1 Research Aircraft During the CARES Campaign ABSTRACT
    Shilling, J., Alexander, L., Jayne, J., and Fortner, E.
  • Growth Rates of Freshly Nucleated Particles ABSTRACT
    McMurry, P., Chen, M., Kuang, C., Barsanti, K., and Smith, J.
  • High-resolution Simulations of Mesoscale Convective Systems During AMMA ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Powell, S., Houze, R., Zeng, X., GSFC, N., McFarlane, S., and Ciesielski, P.
  • High Spectral Resolution Lidars for AMF2 and the North Slope ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E.
  • How Much Does the Shallow Cumulus Regime Contribute to the ECMWF Model's Shortwave Radiation Bias at ARM SGP? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M. and Forbes, R.
  • Hygroscopicity Frequency Distributions of Secondary Organic Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Suda, S., Petters, M., Matsunaga, A., Sullivan, R., Ziemann, P., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • Hyperspectral Radiometer Measurements During RACORO ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., Bucholtz, A., Long, C., Chiu, J., Jonsson, H., Lubin, D., Min, Q., and Marshak, A.
  • Ice Terminal Fall Speed and In-cloud Vertical Air Velocity from Vertically Pointing Doppler Radar Measurements ABSTRACT
    Protat, A. and Williams, C.
  • Impact of ARM Radiosonde Humidity Correction on Calculation of Convective Indices ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Troyan, D., Jensen, M., and Toto, T.
  • Impact of Mesoscale Organizations and Precipitation on Boundary-layer Clouds ABSTRACT
    Zhu, P., Albrecht, B., and Zhu, Z.
  • Impacts of Aerosols on Cloud System-resolving Model Simulations of Tropical Deep Convection During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT
    Morrison, H., Grabowski, W., and Massie, S.
  • Improved Search, Discovery, and Accessibility of Field Campaign Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cialella, A., Lazar, K., Glanville, A., Wagener, R., Cederwall, R., and Bell, J.
  • Improved TOA Shortwave and Longwave Broadband Fluxes Derived for the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Khaiyer, M., Minnis, P., Doelling, D., Palikonda, R., Nordeen, M., Yi, H., and Rutan, D.
  • Improving Boundary-layer Turbulence and Cloud Processes in CAM with a Higher-order Turbulence Closure Scheme and ARM Measurements ABSTRACT
    Xu, K. and Cheng, A.
  • Improving Numerics of Bulk Microphysics Schemes in WRF Model: Time Integration Scheme Impact on Warm Rain Processes and Precipitation ABSTRACT
    Sednev, I. and Menon, S.
  • Indirect Effects in Arctic Liquid-phase Clouds During ISDAC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Earle, M., Liu, P., Strapp, J., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Imre, D., Ovchinnikov, M., Shantz, N., Leaitch, W., and Ghan, S.
  • Infrared Remote Sensing of Ambient Small Particles Observed During ARM SPARTICUS ABSTRACT
    Cooper, S., Garrett, T., and Mace, G.
  • Infrastructure and Instrumentation Enhancements at the SGP ABSTRACT
    Orr, B., Rusk, D., Schatz, J., and Hercyk, S.
  • In Situ Checks of Sonic Anemometer Temperature Calibration ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cook, D. and Negale, M.
  • Integrated Software Development Environment: Enabling Scientific Research Through Advanced Tools ABSTRACT
    Stephan, E.
  • Intercomparison of Cloud Model Simulations of Arctic Mixed-phase Boundary Layer Clouds Observed During SHEBA ABSTRACT
    Morrison, H., Zuidema, P., Ackerman, A., Avramov, A., de Boer, G., Fan, J., Fridlind, A., Hashino, T., Harrington, J., Luo, Y., Ovchinnikov, M., and Shipway, B.
  • Intercomparison of Long-term Single-column Model Simulations of Clouds at the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Song, H., Lin, W., Lin, Y., Donner, L., Neggers, R., and Liu, Y.
  • International Filter Radiometer Comparison Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hodges, G. and Michalsky, J.
  • Investigating Simulated Convective and Stratiform Structures of Monsoonal Convection Using TWP-ICE Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varble, A., Zipser, E., Fridlind, A., Ackerman, A., Chaboureau, J., Collis, S., Fan, J., Hill, A., McFarlane, S., Pinty, J., and Shipway, B.
  • Investigation of Diurnal Cycle Simulation at SGP in the GFDL Single-column Model and AM3 ABSTRACT
    Taylor, P. and Lin, Y.
  • Laboratory Studies of Black Carbon Particles: Characterization and Atmospheric Processing ABSTRACT
    Ahern, A., Lambe, A., Wright, J., Croasdale, D., Davidovits, P., Onasch, T., Fortner, E., Massoli, P., Williams, L., Worsnop, D., and Jayne, J.
  • Laboratory Studies of SOA CCN Activity as a Function of Oxygen-to-carbon Ratio for a Range of Organic Precursors ABSTRACT
    Lambe, A., Croasdale, D., Wright, J., Davidovits, P., Onasch, T., Massoli, P., Williams, L., Worsnop, D., Jayne, J., and Kolb, C.
  • Laboratory Studies of the Optical Properties of Warming Aerosols with the SP2 and Photoacoustic Spectrometer: Soot and Hematite ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Aiken, A., Flowers, B., and Dubey, M.
  • Land-atmosphere Coupling Manifested in Warm-season Observations at the SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Phillips, T.
  • Life Cycle of Deep Convection and Rainfall Simulated in Cloud-resolving Model ABSTRACT
    Inoue, T.
  • Life Cycle of Tropical Convection and Anvil from Satellite and Radar Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarlane, S., Comstock, J., and Hagos, S.
  • Maintenance of Springtime Arctic Mixed-phase Stratocumulus in Nested LES Simulations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Solomon, A., Shupe, M., Persson, O., and Morrison, H.
  • Marine Primary and Secondary Organic Aerosols and Their Effect on Indirect Radiative Forcing ABSTRACT
    Meskhidze, N. and Gantt, B.
  • Measurements of Urban and Regional Particulate Using CAPS PMex-based Aerosol Light Extinction Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Freedman, A., Massoli, P., Onasch, T., and Kebabian, P.
  • Microphysical and Optical Properties of Shallow Convective Clouds in Large-eddy Simulation with a Double-moment Warm-rain Microphysics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Slawinska, J., Grabowski, W., Pawlowska, H., and Morrison, H.
  • Microscopic Analysis of Aerosols Collected During the CARES Campaign ABSTRACT
    Moffet, R., Laskin, A., and Gilles, M.
  • Millimeter Wave Scattering from Ice Crystal Aggregates: Comparisons with Radar Measurements at X- and Ka-Band Using Cloud Model Simulations ABSTRACT
    Botta, G., Aydin, K., Verlinde, J., Avramov, A., Ackerman, A., Fridlind, A., McFarquhar, G., and Wolde, M.
  • Mixed-phase Cloud Radiative Forcing During M-PACE: Estimates from Surface-based Remote Sensors ABSTRACT
    de Boer, G., Collins, W., Menon, S., and Long, C.
  • MJO Prediction in GCMs: Is an Accurate Heating Distribution Critical? ABSTRACT
    Lappen, C. and Schumacher, C.
  • Modeling Water Content and Solute Activities of Atmospheric Aerosols at Extremely Low Relative Humidities: Extension of the Brunauer-Emmett-Teller (BET) Adsorption Isotherm Equations ABSTRACT
    Dutcher, C., Ge, X., Clegg, S., and Wexler, A.
  • Molecular Characterization of Organic Compounds in Atmospheric Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Laskin, A., Laskin, J., and Nizkorodov, S.
  • Molecular-level Organic Aerosol Composition and Volatility Using Chemical Ionization High Resolution Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry ABSTRACT
    Thornton, J., Yatavelli, L., Wargo, J., Kimmel, J., Jimenez, J., Ortega, A., and Worsnop, D.
  • New CALIPSO Level-3 Aerosol and Cloud Products for Quantifying Aerosol and Cloud Spatial Distribution and Optical Properties ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Tackett, J., Trepte, C., Winker, D., and Getzewich, B.
  • New Data Support Activities for the FAst-physics System TEstbed and Research (FASTER) Project ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Toto, T., Jensen, M., Vogelmann, A., Wagener, R., Liu, Y., Lin, W., and Giangrande, S.
  • New Particle Formation Observed In-cloud During STORMVEX ABSTRACT
    Hallar, G., Chirokova, G., Lowenthal, D., and McCubbin, I.
  • Non-sea-salt Chloride in Submicron Particles at Multiple Locations in the Northern Hemisphere ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Q., Jimenez, J., Sun, Y., Setyan, A., Day, D., Aiken, A., and Docherty, K.
  • Northern Oklahoma CO2 Attribution with Tracers Study (NOCATS) 2010: First Deployment of a New Mobile Laboratory for Atmospheric Carbon-cycle Science ABSTRACT
    Michelsen, H., Bambha, R., Schrader, P., Helsel, F., LaFranchi, B., Flowers, B., Rahn, T., Dubey, M., Guilderson, T., Ivey, M., and Zak, B.
  • Numerical Model Simulations of the AMMA and TWP-ICE Mesoscale Convective Systems ABSTRACT
    GSFC, N., Powell, S., Ciesielski, P., Zeng, X., Houze, R., Yuan, J., and Johnson, R.
  • Objective Determination of 3D Cloud Locations Using Scanning Millimeter-wavelength Radars ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kollias, P., Jo, I., Tatarevic, A., Bowley, K., Johnson, K., Giangrande, S., and Clothiaux, E.
  • Observational Constraints on Concentration and Production of Sea-spray Aerosol ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lewis, E. and Schwartz, S.
  • Offline Evaluation of Six Surface-layer Parameterization Schemes Against Observations at the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Liu, G., Liu, Y., Toto, T., Jensen, M., and Endo, S.
  • On the Influence of Ice Habit on the Lifetime of Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds ABSTRACT
    Sulia, K. and Harrington, J.
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