Poster Abstracts of the Third Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2012, March 12-16, 2012, Arlington, Virginia

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  • 2D Radiative Processes Near Cloud Edges ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varnai, T.
  • 3D Cloud Field Variation Associated with MJO Cycle from the AMIE Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Deng, M., Long, C., McFarlane, S., and Mace, G.
  • 3D Tool Supporting the FASTER Multi-scale Visualization and Evaluation System ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Toto, T., Jensen, M., Vogelmann, A., Kollias, P., Liu, Y., and Lin, W.
  • Absorption of Sunlight by Cloud-borne Black Carbon Aerosol ABSTRACT
    Ghan, S. and Liu, X.
  • A Comparison of Cirrus Radiative and Mass Properties Between the SPARTICUS and MACPEX Flight Campaigns ABSTRACT
    Schwartz, M., Mace, G., and Lawson, P.
  • A Decadal Climatology of Atmospheric State at SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Evans, S., Marchand, R., and Ackerman, T.
  • A Doppler-radar-based Cloud-scale Dynamics Climatology of Cirrus ABSTRACT
    Kollias, P., Kalesse, H., and Gruber, M.
  • Advancing Models and Evaluation of Cumulus, Climate, and Aerosol Interactions ABSTRACT
    Gettelman, A. and Su, L.
  • Aerosol Composition at a Rural Site Southeast of London Measured by High-resolution Mass Spectrometry ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ng, N., Xu, L., Kollman, M., Jayne, J., Herndon, S., Brooks, W., Williams, L., Massoli, P., Fortner, E., Chhabra, P., Onasch, T., and Worsnop, D.
  • Aerosol Measurements in the Free Troposphere at the North Atlantic Pico Mountain Observatory in the Azores ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mazzoleni, C., Fialho, P., Gorkowski, K., Owen, R., Dziobak, M., Hueber, J., Mazzoleni, L., Kramer, L., Kumar, S., Olsen, S., and Helmig, D.
  • Aerosol Optical Depth at the ARM Mobile Facility Deployments ABSTRACT
    Koontz, A., Kassianov, E., and Flynn, C.
  • Aerosol Optical Depth Climatology Derived from Micropulse Lidar Data at Various ARM Sites Worldwide ABSTRACT
    Kafle, D. and Coulter, R.
  • Aerosol Optical Properties from the Himalayan Foothills Site During GVAX ABSTRACT
    Jefferson, A.
  • Aerosol Optical Properties of Smoke from the Las Conchas Wildfire, Los Alamos, New Mexico ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gorkowski, K., Dubey, M., Aiken, A., Flowers, B., Klein, B., Mazzoleni, C., Noopur, S., and Swarup, C.
  • Aerosol Retrievals from 4STAR Observations in Support of TCAP: Sensitivity Tests ABSTRACT
    Kassianov, E., Flynn, C., Redemann, J., Schmid, B., Livingston, J., Russell, P., and Sinyuk, A.
  • Aerosol Size Distribution and Calculated Light-scattering Efficiency in the Sacramento Plume During CARES ABSTRACT
    Kleinman, L., Kuang, C., Sedlacek, A., Senum, G., Springston, S., Wang, J., Fast, J., Hubbe, J., Shilling, J., Tomlinson, J., and Zaveri, R.
  • A Global Aerosol Model to Study the Impact of Anthropogenic Activities on Marine Cloud Condensation Nuclei ABSTRACT
    Fan, T. and Toon, B.
  • A Method for Estimating Planetary Boundary-layer Heights and Its Application over the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schmid, P. and Niyogi, D.
  • A Method for Extraction of Cloud Microphysical Properties Using a Continuous Wavelet Transform of Cloud Radar Spectra ABSTRACT
    Yu, G., Verlinde, J., Clothiaux, E., Botta, G., Aydin, K., Avramov, A., Ackerman, A., and Fridlind, A.
  • AMF2 AMIE-Gan Deployment at Addu City, Republic of Maldives ABSTRACT
    Ritsche, M., Orr, B., and Hickmon, N.
  • AMF2 Status Update: Engineering Efforts for the MAGIC Campaign ABSTRACT
    Orr, B. and Ritsche, M.
  • AMIE: a Two-pronged Campaign to Study the MJO in Collaboration with DYNAMO and CINDY2011 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Long, C., McFarlane, S., Orr, B., Ritsche, M., Ortega, P., and Culgan, T.
  • Analysis of Convectively Generated Cold Pools and Fronts from Mesonet Data ABSTRACT
    Lesage, A. and Krueger, S.
  • Analysis of High-resolution Cloud Simulations Using Dynamical Downscaling and Data Assimilation ABSTRACT
    Lin, W., Song, H., Liu, Y., Endo, S., Ye, Z., and Li, Z.
  • Analysis of Long-term and Real-time Aerosol Optical Properties Near the New England Coast: Preparation for the Two-Column Aerosol Project (TCAP) Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Chand, D., Berkowitz, C., Berg, L., Chapman, E., and Kassianov, E.
  • Analysis of Trends in Observations of Aerosol Concentration and Radiation, Also Development of 20-year Emission Inventories and Trend Analysis of Emissions ABSTRACT
    Gan, C., Xing, J., Pleim, J., and Mathur, R.
  • Analysis of X-SAPR and C-SAPR Data from MC3E ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutledge, S., Rowe, A., and Dolan, B.
  • A New Approach for Entrainment Rate Estimation in Cumulus Clouds ABSTRACT
    Lu, C., Liu, Y., Yum, S., Niu, S., and Endo, S.
  • A New Three-moment-based Framework for Parameterizing CCN and Droplet Activation ABSTRACT
    Liu, Y., Daum, P., McGraw, R., and Miller, M.
  • An Introduction to the NCEP Rapid Refresh Model Data: the Next-generation Replacement for RUC (Rapid Update Cycle) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wagener, R., Gregory, L., and Ma, L.
  • An ISDAC Case for LES Intercomparison: Model Setup and Preliminary Results ABSTRACT
    Ovchinnikov, M.
  • Anomalous Heating Distributions and the MJO in CAM4 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lappen, C. and Schumacher, C.
  • A Novel Back-trajectory Analysis of the Origin of Black Carbon Transported to the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau During 1996−2010 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lu, Z. and Streets, D.
  • A Numerical Investigation of the Aerosol Effects on a Mesoscale Convective System ABSTRACT
    Boybeyi, Z. and Roy, P.
  • A One-year Study of the Diurnal Cycle of Clouds and Radiation in the West African Sahel Region ABSTRACT
    Marquardt, A., Miller, M., and Ghate, V.
  • Application of Singular-value Decomposition and Linear Programming to Analysis of Aerosol Mass Spectra Taken During the MILAGRO Campaign ABSTRACT
    McGraw, R., Lee, Y., Kleinman, L., Canagaratna, M., Jayne, J., and Worsnop, D.
  • A Real-time Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation Tool: Development, Characterization, and Application in Field Studies ABSTRACT
    Jimenez, J., Ortega, A., Yatavelli, L., Day, D., and Palm, B.
  • ARM Archive Remodeling: Streamlined User Interfaces and New Access Features ABSTRACT
    McCord, R., Prakash, G., and Gibson, K.
  • ARM Facilities on the North Slope of Alaska: Barrow, Oliktok, and Atqasuk: Update on Changes and Additions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ivey, M., Helsel, F., Zirzow, J., Sparks, V., Verlinde, J., Richardson, S., Stuefer, M., and Waigl, C.
  • ARM Radars: Status and Near-term Plans ABSTRACT
    Widener, K., Bharadwaj, N., Johnson, K., and Collis, S.
  • ARM's Disdrometer Suite: Capabilities and Deployment ABSTRACT
    Bartholomew, M.
  • A Space and Time Surface Radiation Climatology of the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hartsock, D., Duchon, C., and Lamb, P.
  • ASR Cloud Modeling Data Development at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McCoy, R., Xie, S., Zhang, Y., and Zhao, C.
  • A Stochastic Method to Evaluate Carbon Cycle and Atmospheric Transport Models Using Atmospheric Observations ABSTRACT
    Williams, I., Riley, W., Torn, M., Biraud, S., Fischer, M., and Berry, J.
  • Atmospheric Aging of Internally Mixed Sea Salt and Organic Particles: Surprising Reactivity of NaCl with Weak Organic Acids ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Laskin, A., Moffet, R., Gilles, M., Fast, J., and Zaveri, R.
  • Atmospheric Implications for Mixed Stochastic-singular Models of Ice Nucleation ABSTRACT
    Shaw, R., Niedermeier, D., Hartmann, S., Stratmann, F., and Wex, H.
  • Automated Use of Data Quality Information Currently Stored in ARM Data Quality Reports ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Moore, S., Prakash, G., Kehoe, K., McCord, R., and Peppler, R.
  • Autosonde Installation at ARM Climate Research Facility North Slope of Alaska Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Holdridge, D., Kyrouac, J., Ivanoff, J., Brower, W., Grove, T., and Ivey, M.
  • Black Carbon: Ambient Intercomparisons of Physical and Optical Properties ABSTRACT
    Aiken, A., Flowers, B., Gorkowski, K., and Dubey, M.
  • Building a Multiscale Aerosol Data Assimilation System for the FASTER Project ABSTRACT
    Li, Z., Ye, Z., Liu, Y., Toto, T., and Vogelmann, A.
  • Ceilometer Observation of Clouds During Indian Summer Monsoon: Relation with Boundary Layer and Surface Meteorology ABSTRACT
    Singh, N., Naja, M., Phanikumar, D., Pant, V., Dumka, U., Sahai, S., Pant, P., Sagar, R., Satheesh, S., Moorthy, K., and Kotamarthi, V.
  • Characteristics of Low-cloud Variability over the Azores ABSTRACT
    Mechem, D., Yuter, S., and de Szoeke, S.
  • Characterizing Convective and Stratiform Precipitation Regimes Observed During MC3E Using C-SAPR Radar ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dunn, M., Giangrande, S., Jensen, M., and Collis, S.
  • Cimel Sunphotometers: Updates on Recent Deployments and Review of Uncertainty Estimates ABSTRACT
    Gregory, L., Wagener, R., and Ma, L.
  • Cirrus Cloud Observations over Different Meteorological and Aerosol Conditions ABSTRACT
    Kablick III, G. and Li, Z.
  • Citing ARM Data Using Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs): How and Why ABSTRACT
    Prakash, G., McCord, R., Gibson, K., Mather, J., Voyles, J., Martin, M., and Jundt, R.
  • Climate Forcing by Carbonaceous Aerosols: Measurements (ARM) Enhancing Models (CESM) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dubey, M. and Ghan, S.
  • Climatology of Aerosol and Cloud Properties at the ARM SGP, TWP, and NSA Sites ABSTRACT
    Min, Q., Yin, B., Li, S., and Duan, M.
  • Cloud-Aerosol-Radiation Ensemble Modeling System (CAR): One Application on Aerosol Climate Effects ABSTRACT
    Zhang, F., Liang, X., Su, S., and Kang, X.
  • Cloud, Precipitation, Vertical Motion, and Turbulence Properties from Radar, Lidar, and Radiometer Measurements in Cirrus, Snow, and Stratocumulus Clouds ABSTRACT
    Mace, G., Cooper, S., and Posselt, D.
  • Collocated UHF and Ka-band Radar Measurements for Rain Profile Retrievals at ARM SGP Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Tridon, F., Battaglia, A., Kollias, P., and Luke, E.
  • Combined Effect of Urbanization and Aerosol on the Light Precipitation in the Mid-Korean Peninsula ABSTRACT
    Kim, B., Eun, S., Lim, K., and Hong, S.
  • Comparison of Boundary-layer Detection Between Instruments at the Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT
    Sawyer, V. and Li, Z.
  • Comparison of Factors Modulating Marine Stratocumulus in the Northeast Atlantic and Southeast Pacific ABSTRACT
    Yuter, S., Miller, M., de Szoeke, S., and Mechem, D.
  • Comparison of in Situ Field Measurements of Water Vapour and Stable Carbon Isotopologues of Carbon Dioxide from Laser Spectroscopic Instruments ABSTRACT
    Michelsen, H., Bambha, R., Schrader, P., LaFranchi, B., Rahn, T., Guilderson, T., Karion, A., and Sweeney, C.
  • Comparison of Vertical Velocity Observations Between the ARM Doppler Lidar and the 915 MHz Radar During MC3E ABSTRACT
    Newsom, R., Coulter, R., Fischer, M., and Campos, E.
  • Comparison of Water Budget Between AMMA and TWP-ICE Clouds ABSTRACT
    Zeng, X., GSFC, N., Powell, S., Houze, R., Ciesielski, P., Guy, N., Pierce, H., and Matsui, T.
  • Constraining Ice Cloud Microphysics Parameterizations in Community Atmospheric Model Version 5 Using SPARTICUS Measurements ABSTRACT
    Liu, X., Zhang, K., Wang, M., Comstock, J., and Mitchell, D.
  • Convective Cloud Activity and Associated Lightning During the Five Large-scale Darwin Wet Season Regimes ABSTRACT
    Kumar, V.
  • Coupling the Stochastic Particle-resolved Aerosol Model PartMC-MOSAIC with WRF ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Curtis, J., Riemer, N., and West, M.
  • Deliquescence, Efflorescence, and Phase Miscibility of Mixed Particles of Aqueous Ammonium Sulfate and Isoprene-derived Secondary Organic Material ABSTRACT
    Martin, S., Smith, M., and Bertram, A.
  • Dependence of Aerosol Effect on Meteorological Variables ABSTRACT
    Ding, Y. and Fan, J.
  • Detection of Planetary Boundary-layer Height with ARM Ceilometers ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morris, V.
  • Determination of and Evidence for Non-core-shell Structure of Particles Containing Black Carbon Using the Single Particle Soot Photometer (SP2) ABSTRACT
    Sedlacek, A., Lewis, E., Kleinman, L., and Zhang, Q.
  • Determining Conditions for Stratocumulus Clouds at the Azores ABSTRACT
    de Szoeke, S., Yuter, S., and Mechem, D.
  • Development and Control of a Stable Platform for Shipborne Measurements ABSTRACT
    Coulter, R. and Martin, T.
  • Development of an ARM-wide Maintenance Reporting Capability ABSTRACT
    Perkins, B., Waigl, C., Stuefer, M., and Lazar, K.
  • Development of Ensemble Neural Network Convection Parameterizations for Climate Models Using ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Krasnopolsky, V.
  • Development of Multi-scale Large-scale Forcing Data Sets for MC3E Cloud Modeling Studies ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Xie, S., Zhang, Y., McCoy, R., and Zhang, M.
  • Diagnosis and Reduction of Biases in Cloud Amount Simulated by the NCEP/GFS Using Satellite and Ground-based Measurements ABSTRACT
    Yoo, H.
  • “Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is? Does Anyone Really Care?” ABSTRACT
    Perez, R. and Keck, N.
  • Dominant Ice Nucleation Modes in Synoptic and Anvil Cirrus Clouds and Their Effect on Ice Morphology and Fall Speeds ABSTRACT
    Mitchell, D., Mishra, S., Lawson, P., and Liu, X.
  • Do Polluted Clouds Have Sharper Cloud Edges? ABSTRACT
    Chiu, J., Mann, J., Hogan, R., Marshak, A., Feingold, G., McComiskey, A., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Doppler Lidar Observations over the Central Himalayan Region: Preliminary Results ABSTRACT
    Phanikumar, D., Shukla, K., Naja, M., Singh, N., Dumka, U., Pant, V., Pant, P., Sagar, R., Satheesh, S., Moorthy, K., and Kotamarthi, V.
  • Droplet Closure Analysis of Arctic Stratocumulus Clouds During ISDAC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Earle, M., Liu, P., Strapp, J., McFarquhar, G., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Imre, D., Ovchinnikov, M., Shantz, N., Ghan, S., and Leaitch, W.
  • Effect of Coastline-driven Organization on Rain Climatology of a GCM with Two-plume Organized Convection Scheme ABSTRACT
    Chen, B. and Mapes, B.
  • Effect of Land Surface Interactions on Low-level Jet Development and Cloud Convection Processes: a Mesoscale Modeling Study Using the ARM CLASIC 2007 and IHOP 2002 Field Observations ABSTRACT
    Charusambot, U., Niyogi, D., Miller, M., and Chen, F.
  • Electromagnetic Modeling of Pristine Ice Crystals with Multiple Mass-dimensional Relationships ABSTRACT
    Botta, G., Aydin, K., and Verlinde, J.
  • Energy Flows in Earth's Climate System ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schwartz, S., Stevens, B., and Wu, W.
  • Enhanced SOA Formation from Mixtures of Biogenic and Anthropogenic Emissions During the CARES Campaign ABSTRACT
    Shilling, J.
  • Episodes of Enhanced Condensation Nuclei Concentrations During the GVAX Campaign at ARIES, Nainital ABSTRACT
    Pant, V., Naja, M., Dumka, U., Singh, N., Phanikumar, D., Sahai, S., Pant, P., Sagar, R., Satheesh, S., Moorthy, K., and Kotamarthi, V.
  • Estimation of a Non-flux Component of Atmospheric Moisture Flux Divergence and Its Relation to SGP CLASIC Clouds and Rainfall ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Portis, D., Lamb, P., and Zangvil, A.
  • Evaluating the Diurnal Cycle of Convection and Clouds over Land Simulated by NCAR CAM4 and CAM5 in a Weather Forecasting Framework Using ARM SGP Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, Y., Klein, S., and Boyle, J.
  • Evaluation of Aerosol-cloud Interactions in GISS ModelE Using ARM Observations ABSTRACT
    de Boer, G., Menon, S., Bauer, S., Toto, T., Vogelmann, A., and Cribb, M.
  • Evaluation of Cloud Microphysical Parameterizations in Cloud-resolving Model Simulations Using the ARM Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, Z., Muhlbauer, A., and Ackerman, T.
  • Evaluation of First Data from the Operational 3-channel Microwave Radiometers (MWR3C) ABSTRACT
    Cadeddu, M.
  • Evaluation of Parameterizations of the Vertical Fluxes Induced by Boundary-layer Clouds Using ARM Observations and High-resolution Simulations ABSTRACT
    Zhu, P. and Ghate, V.
  • Evaluation of Potential Biases in CloudSat Hydrometeor Frequency of Occurrence Using ARM and Lindenberg Cloud Radar Observations ABSTRACT
    Protat, A. and Young, S.
  • Evolution of Aerosol Composition and Optical Properties During the 2010 CARES Campaign ABSTRACT
    Zaveri, R., Arnott, W., Atkinson, D., Barnard, J., Beranek, J., Cahill, J., Cappa, C., Chand, D., Cziczo, D., Dubey, M., Erickson, M., Fast, J., Floerchinger, C., Flowers, B., Gorkowski, K., Gyawali, M., Hubbe, J., Jobson, B., Kassianov, E., Kleinman, L., Knighton, W., Laulainen, N., Mazzoleni, C., Pekour, M., Prather, K., Radney, J., Shaw, W., Shilling, J., Springston, S., Subramanian, R., Sedlacek, A., Setyan, A., Song, C., Suski, K., Wallace, W., Yu, X., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., and Zhang, Q.
  • First-generation Operational Modes for ARM Radars ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bharadwaj, N., Kollias, P., Widener, K., and Collis, S.
  • Flux-induced Growth of Atmospheric Nano-particles by Organic Vapors ABSTRACT
    Wang, J., McGraw, R., and Kuang, C.
  • Formation and Growth of Atmospheric Aerosol Particles from Methanesulfonic Acid, Amines, and Water ABSTRACT
    Dawson, M., Varner, M., Perraud, V., Ezell, M., Gerber, R., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., and Finlayson-Pitts, B.
  • Global Climatology Simulated from an Upgraded Multiscale Modeling Framework Model ABSTRACT
    Xu, K. and Cheng, A.
  • High-resolution Modeling of Aerosol Composition and Optical Properties Associated with Anthropogenic and Biogenic Precursor Emissions During CARES ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fast, J., Shrivastava, M., Liu, Y., Zaveri, R., Emmons, L., Shilling, J., Song, C., Zhang, Q., Sedlacek, A., Subramanian, R., Jobson, B., Barnard, J., Ferrare, R., and Hostetler, C.
  • High-resolution Profiles of Atmospheric State: the Merged Sounding, Interpolated Sounding, and Humidity-corrected Sounding Value-added Products ABSTRACT
    Troyan, D. and Jensen, M.
  • High-resolution Skin Temperature Derived from Geostationary Satellite Top-of-atmosphere Clear-sky Infrared Temperature Retrievals ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Scarino, B., Minnis, P., Palikonda, R., and Khaiyer, M.
  • Hole-punch Clouds over Helsinki, Finland ABSTRACT
    O'Connor, E.
  • How Do Aerosols Impact Atmospheric Circulation and Radiative Forcing Through Deep Convection? ABSTRACT
    Fan, J., Rosenfeld, D., Leung, L., Li, Z., and Ding, Y.
  • How Would Cloud Types Affect the Differences in Multilayer Cloud Amounts Retrieved from Satellite and ARM ARSCL Data? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chang, F., Minnis, P., Khaiyer, M., and Ayers, J.
    Eloranta, E.
  • Ice Clouds Microphysical Retrieval Using Millimeter-wavelength Doppler Radar Observations ABSTRACT
    Kalesse, H., Szyrmer, W., Tatarevic, A., and Kollias, P.
  • Ice Nucleus Counter for Laboratory and Field Measurements ABSTRACT
    Kok, G.
  • Impact of Aerosols on Cloud and Precipitation: a Critical Review of Observational Evidence ABSTRACT
    Li, Z.
  • Impact of RHUBC-I Water Vapor Continuum Absorption Updates on Climate Simulations with CESM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Merrelli, A., Turner, D., Vimont, D., and Mlawer, E.
  • Impact of Vertical and Temporal Error Covariances on the Vertical Velocity and Advective Tendencies in the ARM Constrained Variational Analysis ABSTRACT
    Zhang, M., Huang, J., and Xie, S.
  • Implementation of a Sectional Aerosol Package with Comprehensive SOA Formation Into CAM5 ABSTRACT
    Chuang, C., Mirin, A., Bergmann, D., and Cameron-Smith, P.
  • Improved Prediction of the Impact of Shallow Cumuli Using WRF ABSTRACT
    Berg, L., Gustafson, W., and Kassianov, E.
  • Improved TOA Broadband Shortwave and Longwave Fluxes over Various ARM Domains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Khaiyer, M., Minnis, P., Doelling, D., Palikonda, R., Nordeen, M., Yi, H., Boeke, R., and Spangenberg, D.
  • Improving and Understanding Convection and Cloud Simulation in the NCAR GCM Using ARM Observations ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G. and Song, X.
  • Improving Boundary-layer Turbulence and Cloud Processes in CAM with a Simplified Higher-order Turbulence Closure Scheme ABSTRACT
    Cheng, A. and Xu, K.
  • Improving Cloud Microphysics Simulations for the SGP from Four-dimensional Variational Data Assimilation (4DVAR) ABSTRACT
    Segele, Z., Leslie, L., and Lamb, P.
  • Improving Numerics of the WRF Model Bulk Microphysics Schemes: Time Integration Scheme Impacts on Precipitation ABSTRACT
    Sednev, I., Brown, N., Menon, S., and Murthi, A.
  • Improving Quality Control Tools and Procedures for ARM Value-added Products ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Monroe, J., Lazar, K., Beus, S., and Peppler, R.
  • Improving the ECMWF Model’s Representation of Supercooled Layers in Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M. and Forbes, R.
  • Instrument and Scientific Capabilities in the ARM Aerial Facility ABSTRACT
    Comstock, J., Tomlinson, J., Hubbe, J., Kluzek, C., Chand, D., Pekour, M., and Schmid, B.
  • Integrated Software Development Environment: Data Consolidation Tool and Development Framework ABSTRACT
    Gaustad, K.
  • Inter-comparison of Aerosol Hygroscopic Properties as Measured by Several Instruments in the Summer 2011 Aerosol Lifecycle IOP ABSTRACT
    Senum, G. and Kuang, C.
  • Intercomparison of Surface Precipitation in Seven SCMs Against the ABRFC Observation over the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Song, H., Lin, W., Lin, Y., Donner, L., Neggers, R., Wolf, A., Del Genio, A., and Liu, Y.
  • Intercomparisons of CAM Physics with WRF Physics Options ABSTRACT
    Dudhia, J.
  • Introducing an Absolute Cavity Pyrgeometer for Improving the Atmospheric Longwave Irradiance Measurement ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Reda, I. and Stoffel, T.
  • Investigating Clouds and Precipitation at the Jülich Observatory for Cloud Evolution ABSTRACT
    Crewell, S., Ebell, K., Loehnert, U., and Bohn, B.
  • Investigation of Aerosol Optical Properties and Their Sources Using GVAX Surface Data, Satellite Observations, and WRF-Chem Model ABSTRACT
    Feng, Y. and Kotamarthi, V.
  • Investigation of Multi-decadal Trends in Aerosol Direct Radiative Effect Using a Continental-scale Coupled Meteorology-chemistry Model ABSTRACT
    Pleim, J., Mathur, R., Wong, D., Binkowski, F., Xing, J., Gan, C., and Wei, C.
  • KAZR-ARSCL: the New ARSCL VAP for the Ka-band ARM Zenith-pointing Radar ABSTRACT
    Johnson, K., Troyan, D., Kollias, P., Kalesse, H., Luke, E., Giangrande, S., and Jensen, M.
  • Laboratory Studies of Carbonaceous Aerosols: Characterization and Atmospheric Processing ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Onasch, T., Lambe, A., Croasdale, D., Wright, J., Martin, A., Massoli, P., Williams, L., Worsnop, D., Kolb, C., and Davidovits, P.
  • Laboratory to Cloud Modeling: Investigating Sensitivity of Ice Nucleation Parameterizations ABSTRACT
    Kulkarni, G., Fan, J., Comstock, J., Liu, X., and Ovchinnikov, M.
  • Large-scale Atmospheric State and Cloud/precipitation Characteristics During MC3E ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Kollias, P., Giangrande, S., Collis, S., Petersen, W., Xie, S., and Kalesse, H.
  • Large-scale Environment and Transitions to Deep Convection in Cloud-resolving Simulations ABSTRACT
    Hagos, S. and Leung, L.
  • Large-scale Thermodynamic and Dynamic Controls on Aerosol-induced Invigoration of Tropical Deep Convection ABSTRACT
    Morrison, H. and Grabowski, W.
  • Long-term Radiance Trends at the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT
    Gero, J. and Turner, D.
  • Low-level Divergence Measurements During MC3E ABSTRACT
    Borque, P., Kollias, P., North, K., Giangrande, S., and Collis, S.
  • MAGIC: ARM's First Shipboard Deployment ABSTRACT
    Lewis, E., Wiscombe, W., Reynolds, R., Albrecht, B., Bland, G., Flagg, C., Klein, S., Kollias, P., Schwartz, S., Siebesma, A., Teixeira, J., Wood, R., and Zhang, M.
  • MC3E: Post-mission Simulations ABSTRACT
    Wu, D., Matsui, T., GSFC, N., Peters-Lidard, C., Hou, A., and Rienecker, M.
  • Merging Doppler Velocity Spectra in Time and Height to Overcome Mismatch in Radar Pulse Volumes from Collocated Radars ABSTRACT
    Williams, C.
  • MFRSR and MFR Program and Hardware Changes ABSTRACT
    Hodges, G., Disterhoft, P., and Michalsky, J.
  • Microphysical and Radiative Properties of the ISDAC 26 April Mixed-phase Case ABSTRACT
    Lawson, P., Mitchell, D., and Jensen, E.
  • Microphysical Properties of Boundary-layer Mixed-phase Clouds Observed in Ny-Alesund, Svalbard: Observed Cloud Microphysics and Calculated Optical Properties ABSTRACT
    Uchiyama, A., Yamazaki, A., Shiobara, M., and Kobayashi, H.
  • Mixed-phase Cloud Properties Retrieval Using MODIS Reflectances and ARM NSA Ground-based Data ABSTRACT
    Adhikari, L. and Wang, Z.
  • Mobile Aerosol Observing System (MAOS): a New Instrument Suite for the Aerosol Lifecycle (ALC) IOP ABSTRACT
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