Poster Abstracts of the 5th Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2014, March 10-13, 2014, Potomac, Maryland

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  • 1. RACORO-FASTER: Case Study Generation for Continental Boundary Layer Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., Fridlind, A., Toto, T., Endo, S., Lin, W., Liu, Y., Wang, J., McFarquhar, G., Jackson, R., LI, Z., FENG, S., Ackerman, A., Zhang, M., Xie, S., and Zhang, Y.
  • 2. RACORO-FASTER: Large Eddy Simulations of Continental Boundary Layer Cumulus Clouds ABSTRACT
    Endo, S., Fridlind, A., Lin, W., Vogelmann, A., Toto, T., and Liu, Y.
  • 3. RACORO-FASTER: Single-Column Model Simulations and Bias Attribution ABSTRACT
    Lin, W., Vogelmann, A., Fridlind, A., Endo, S., Song, H., FENG, S., Toto, T., Liu, Y., and Li, Z.
  • A Comparison of Cloud Albedo and Cloud Fraction Retrievals from Long-term Surface Based Shortwave Radiation Measurements ABSTRACT
    Xie, Y. and Liu, Y.
  • Additional Insight Into Aerosol Indirect Effects in Thin, Liquid-Containing Arctic Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    de Boer, G., Shupe, M., Garrett, T., and Zhao, C.
  • A Demonstration of Vaisala’s High-Range Ceilometer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morris, V., Flynn, C., and Winston, H.
  • AERI Temperature and Water Vapor Profiling Using GFS First Guess ABSTRACT
    Hackel, D., Phillips, C., Feltz, W., Garcia, R., and Gero, J.
  • Aerosols over the Eastern North Pacific – Results from MAGIC ABSTRACT
    Lewis, E. and Senum, G.
  • After MAGIC- Post Deployment Data Processing Challenges and Status ABSTRACT
    Bartholomew, M., Lewis, E., Comstock, J., Reynolds, R., Jensen, M., Toto, T., and Riihimaki, L.
  • Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar and Research Scanning Polarimeter Observations and Applications from TCAP-I ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hostetler, C., Burton, S., Scarino, A., Ferrare, R., Hair, J., Rogers, R., Obland, M., Cook, A., Harper, D., Cairns, B., Mueller, D., Sawamura, P., Chemyakin, E., Fast, J., Berg, L., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., and Wilson, J.
  • A Large Eddy Simulation of Cloud Radar Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Miller, M., Raney, B., Ghate, V., and Decker, S.
  • AMF-3 ARM Climate Research Facility ABSTRACT
    Helsel, F., Lucero, D., Desilets, D., Cook, R., Zirzow, J., Yellowhorse, L., and Sparks, V.
  • Analysis of the Role of Cold Pools in the Birth of Convective Cells During AMIE/DYNAMO ABSTRACT
    Torri, G. and Kuang, Z.
  • Analyzing and Improving Simulated Convective and Stratiform Properties in High-resolution Mesoscale Simulations Using MC3E and TWP-ICE Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varble, A., Zipser, E., Bassill, N., and Bang, S.
  • An Early Overview of the Soot Aerosol Aging Study (SAAS) Laboratory Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zaveri, R., Shilling, J., Pekour, M., Kulkarni, G., Chand, D., Wilson, J., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Laskin, A., Liu, S., Aiken, A., Dubey, M., Subramanian, R., Sharma, N., China, S., Mazzoleni, C., Sedlacek, A., Onasch, T., Sellon, R., Gilles, M., and Moffet, R.
  • A New WRF-Chem Treatment for Studying Regional Scale Impacts of Cloud-Aerosol Interactions in Parameterized Cumuli ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berg, L., Shrivastava, M., Easter, D., Fast, J., Chapman, E., and Liu, Y.
  • Anomalous Aerosol Extinction or the "Blue Moon Effect" Observed at the ENA ARM Site ABSTRACT
    Senum, G. and Lewis, E.
  • Anthropogenic Triggers of Multiphase Chemistry of Glyoxal ABSTRACT
    Waxman, E., Laskin, A., and Volkamer, R.
  • A Numerical Study on Factors Controlling the Cumulus Cloudiness Variations at the ARM TWP Nauru Site ABSTRACT
    Zheng, X., Albrecht, B., and Ghate, V.
  • Arctic Cloud Interactions with the Boundary Layer and Surface ABSTRACT
    Shupe, M., Persson, O., Solomon, A., and de Boer, G.
  • Arctic Implementation and Status of the New AMF3 Raman Lidar System ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Goldsmith, J.
  • ARM Cloud Aerosol Precipitation Experiment (ACAPEX) ABSTRACT
    Leung, L., Spackman, R., Ralph, M., Prather, K., Rosenfeld, D., and Fairall, C.
  • ARM Data Quality Office Historical Data Quality Report (DQR) Review ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kehoe, K., Peppler, R., Moore, S., Monroe, J., and Theisen, A.
    Kutchenreiter, M., Sengupta, M., and Gotseff, P.
  • Aspect Ratios of Natural Crystals in Ice Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Um, J. and McFarquhar, G.
  • Assessment of Aerosol Absorption Measurements ABSTRACT
    McComiskey, A., Jefferson, A., Dubey, M., Aiken, A., Fast, J., Flynn, C., Kassianov, E., and Feingold, G.
  • Assessment of Aerosol and Clouds Characteristics and Their Effects on Surface Radiation Using in Situ Instruments, Satellites, and Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mathur, R., Pleim, J., Wong, D., Wei, C., Xing, J., and Gan, C.
  • Atmospheric Carbon and Land-Atmosphere Interactions Research ABSTRACT
    Torn, M.
  • Automated Retrieval of Cloud and Aerosol Properties from the ARM Raman Lidar ABSTRACT
    Thorsen, T., Fu, Q., Newsom, R., Turner, D., and Comstock, J.
  • BC Aerosol Optical Properties as a Function of Mixing State: Results from SAAS-PNNL ABSTRACT
    Subramanian, R.
  • Campaign : Biogenic Aerosols - Effects on Clouds and Climate: Snowfall Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Moisseev, D., von Lerber, A., Petersen, W., Leskinen, M., and Chandrasekar, V.
  • Can We Improve Our Microphysical Process Understanding of Arctic Clouds by Tracking Doppler Radar Spectra Features? ABSTRACT
    Kalesse, H., Kneifel, S., and Kollias, P.
  • CAPS-Based Single Scattering Albedo Monitor ABSTRACT
    Onasch, T., Kebabian, P., Massoli, P., and Freedman, A.
  • CAPT Analysis of Land-Atmosphere Interactions Manifested in ARM Observations at the U.S. Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Phillips, T. and Klein, S.
  • CAUSES: Clouds Above the United States and Errors at the Surface ABSTRACT
    Morcrette, C.
  • Characterizing Albedo and Precipitation Susceptibility of Marine Boundary Layer Clouds Using MAGIC Data ABSTRACT
    Ferguson, T. and Mace, G.
  • Characterizing the Structure of the Boundary Layer with AERI and Doppler Lidar ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Turner, D., Blumberg, W., Anderson, N., and Dzambo, A.
  • Characterizing Variability of Synoptic and Cloud Regimes over the ARM Azores Site and Northeast Atlantic ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fish, C., Mechem, D., Miller, M., Yuter, S., and de Szoeke, S.
  • Chemistry and Processing of Aerosols at Mt. Bachelor During BBOP: Influences from Regional Transport and Wildfire Plumes ABSTRACT
    Zhou, S., Collier, S., Hee, J., Wigder, N., Jaffe, D., Kleinman, L., Sedlacek, A., and Zhang, Q.
  • Cimel Sunphotometers: Highlights from Recent Deployments and Instrument Advancements for Cloud Mode Observations for Ship-Based Deployments ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gregory, L., Wagener, R., and Ma, L.
  • CLASSIC: a Proposed Strategy to Study CLouds and Smoke over the Southeast AtlantIC ABSTRACT
    Zuidema, P. and Wood, R.
  • Climatological Analyses of Surface Radiation, Cloud Cover, and Cloud Radiative Effects for the ARM Tropical Western Pacific Sites ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Long, C. and Flaherty, J.
  • Cloud Detection and Macro-physical Properties Determined from a New Algorithm Using Micropulse Lidar Observation ABSTRACT
    Zhao, C., Li, Z., and Wang, Z.
  • Cloud-resolving Numerical Studies of the Diurnal Cycle of Convection 
over the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Mrowiec, A., Del Genio, A., and Wolf, A.
  • Cloud Resolving Simulations with a Simplified Higher-Order Turbulence Closure ABSTRACT
    Bogenschutz, P. and Moeng, C.
  • Cloud Transition Between High-coverage Stratocumulus and Low-coverage Cumulus over the Eastern Pacific Ocean During MAGIC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhou, X., Kollias, P., and Lewis, E.
  • Collocation of MAGIC Observations with A-train Observations ABSTRACT
    Kato, S., Rutan, D., Ham, S., Chen, Y., Sun-Mack, S., Rose, F., Miller, W., Clothiaux, E., and Barker, H.
  • Comparing Field Observations from MC3E with Numerical Model Simulations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutledge, S., Dolan, B., Matsui, T., and GSFC, N.
  • Comparison of Aerosol Optical Properties Derived from Radiometer Data and Direct Measurement ABSTRACT
    Uchiyama, A., Yamazaki, A., Kudo, R., and Uesawa, D.
  • Comparison of Fractional Sky Cover Data Retrieved from Visible and Infrared All-Sky Imagers ABSTRACT
    Klebe, D., Blatherwick, R., and Morris, V.
  • Comparison of Ice Particle Characteristics Simulated by the CAM5 Model with In-situ Observations ABSTRACT
    Eidhammer, T., Morrison, H., Bansemer, A., Gettelman, A., and Heymsfield, A.
  • Comparison of Simulated Aerosols and Aerosol Effects in CAM5 Hindcasts and Climate Integrations ABSTRACT
    Chuang, C., Ma, H., and Klein, S.
  • Comparisons of Melting Layer Properties in a Squall Line Between Aircraft Observations and Bin Microphysics Simulations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Xue, L., Lebo, Z., Fan, J., Bansemer, A., Geresdi, I., Morrison, H., Rasmussen, R., Grabowski, W., and Heymsfield, A.
  • Convection During DYNAMO: Cloud-Resolving Simulations and Radar Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Janiga, M. and Zhang, C.
  • Convective Microphysics and the Interaction of Aerosols, Convection and Large-scale Circulation in the NCAR CAM5 ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G. and Song, X.
  • Convective Mixing, PBL Heights and Diurnal Variability of Aerosols During GVAX ABSTRACT
    Kotamarthi, V., Naja, M., and Feng, Y.
  • Coupling the Stochastic Particle-resolved Aerosol Model PartMC-MOSAIC with WRF ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Curtis, J., West, M., and Riemer, N.
  • Data Management Facility Statistics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Beus, S., Sivaraman, C., and Macduff, M.
  • Data Systems for the Next Generation ABSTRACT
    Swank, D. and Stuart, C.
  • Deciphering the Radar Reflectivity Profile in Liquid Stratiform Clouds ABSTRACT
    Luke, E., Remillard, J., Ackerman, A., Fridlind, A., and Kollias, P.
  • Demonstration of Combined High Spectral Resolution Lidar--Millimeter Radar Drizzle Measurements During MAGIC ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E.
  • Description and Status of ARM Shortwave Hyperspectral Measurements from the SASZe, and SASHe at the ARM SGP, AMF1, and AMF2 Deployments. ABSTRACT
    Flynn, C., Barnard, J., Ermold, B., Hopkins, D., Mendoza, A., and Shi, Y.
  • Developing an Automatic Metric and Diagnostic Package for CAPT Simulations ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Y., Ma, H., Xie, S., and Klein, S.
  • Developing and Bounding Ice Particle Mass- and Area-dimension Expressions for Use in Atmospheric Models and Remote Sensing ABSTRACT
    Mitchell, D. and Erfani, E.
  • Development of a Multi-scale Data Assimilation System for Model-observation Integration and Climate Model Evaluation ABSTRACT
    FENG, S., LI, Z., Liu, Y., Lin, W., Toto, T., Vogelmann, A., and Fridlind, A.
  • Development of a Nano Condensation Particle Counter Battery (nano-CPCb) to Infer the Composition of Freshly Formed Particles Down to 1 Nm in the Boreal Forest ABSTRACT
    Kuang, C., Kangasluoma, J., Wimmer, D., Rissanen, M., Lehtipalo, K., Worsnop, D., Wang, J., Kulmala, M., and Petaja, T.
  • Development of a New Parameterization for the Effect of Nitric Acid Coating on the Ice Nucleation Efficiency of Mineral Dust Particles ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kulkarni, G., Zhang, K., Berg, L., and Fast, J.
  • Development of Value-Added Products from the Scanning ARM Cloud Radar (SACR) Systems ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Johnson, K., Collis, S., Helmus, J., Jo, I., Lamer, K., Kollias, P., Prakash, G., and Tatarevic, A.
  • Double-moment Cloud Microphysics Scheme for the Deep Convection Parameterization in the GFDL AM3 ABSTRACT
    Belochitski, A. and Donner, L.
  • Dual-wavelength Doppler Spectra Radar Techniques for Rain and Dynamics Retrievals with the ARM Ka-W Radars ABSTRACT
    Tridon, F., Battaglia, A., and Kollias, P.
  • Eastward Propagating Upper-Tropospheric Divergence and Temperature Anomalies and the Timing of Large-Scale Organized Convective Development During AMIE ABSTRACT
    Powell, S. and Houze, R.
  • Effects of Aerosols on Hail Formation and Polarimetric Radar Signatures of Hail Storms ABSTRACT
    Khain, A., Phillips, V., Ilotovich, E., Benmoshe, N., Ryzhkov, A., and Kumjian, M.
  • Effects of NOx on the Volatility of Secondary Organic Aerosol from Isoprene Photooxidation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ng, N., Xu, L., Kollman, M., Song, C., and Shilling, J.
  • Entrainment Rates in Non-Precipitating Cumulus from Cloud Radar Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Toto, T., Kollias, P., Lu, C., and Wagner, T.
  • Estimating Raindrop Size Distributions and Vertical Air Motions Using S-band and KAZR Vertically Pointing Radars ABSTRACT
    Williams, C.
  • Estimation of Cloud Condensation Nuclei Concentration from Aerosol Optical Quantities: Influential Factors and Uncertainties ABSTRACT
    Liu, J. and Li, Z.
  • Evaluating Clouds in the AM3 Model Using Atmospheric Classification ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Evans, S., Marchand, R., and Ackerman, T.
  • Evaluating Radiometric Measurements Using a Fixed 45° Responsivity and Zenith Angle Dependent Responsivities ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Habte, A. and Dooraghi, M.
  • Evaluating the Utility of Spectral Shortwave Zenith Radiance Data for Cloud Property Retrieval ABSTRACT
    Lubin, D., Vogelmann, A., and Flynn, C.
  • Evaluation of Gridded Scanning ARM Cloud Radar BL-RHI Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lamer, K., Tatarevic, A., Jo, I., and Kollias, P.
  • Evaluation of Ice Cloud Parametrisations Using Higher Radar Moments ABSTRACT
    Maahn, M., Loehnert, U., and Kollias, P.
  • Evaluation of Microphysical Schemes with Radar Data and High-resolution Numerical Simulations of MC3E Mesoscale Deep Convective Systems ABSTRACT
    Lin, C., Pu, Z., and Dong, X.
  • Evaluation of Regime-sorted Cloud Properties in Six SCMs Against the ARM Observations at the SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Song, H., Lin, W., Lin, Y., Wolf, A., Donner, L., Del Genio, A., Endo, S., and Liu, Y.
  • Evaluation of Routine Atmospheric Scientific Measurements Using Unmanned Systems (ERASMUS) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    de Boer, G., Argrow, B., Lawrence, D., Palo, S., Bland, G., Elston, J., and Maslanik, J.
  • Evolution of Biomass Burning Aerosols in the Near Field ABSTRACT
    Sedlacek, A., Kleinman, L., Arnott, W., Adachi, K., Buseck, P., Lewis, E., Onasch, T., Pikridas, M., Shilling, J., Springston, S., Wang, J., and Yokelson, R.
  • Explore Relationships Between Vertical Velocity, Entrainment Rate, Mixing Mechanisms, and Cloud Microphysics for Parameterization and Remote Sensing ABSTRACT
    Liu, Y. and Lu, C.
  • FAst-Physics System TEstbed and Research Project (FASTER) Convective-stratiform Precipitation and Vertical Velocity Product ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Toto, T., Giangrande, S., Jensen, M., Kollias, P., Bartholomew, M., Liu, Y., Dong, X., Tian, J., Min, Q., and Li, R.
  • Field and Laboratory Explorations of Marine Ice Nuclei ABSTRACT
    DeMott, P., Hill, T., Prather, K., McCluskey, C., Sullivan, R., Lewis, E., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • Field Evaluation of Real-time Cloud OD Sensor TWST During the DOE-ARM-TCAP Campaign, 2013 ABSTRACT
    Scott, H., Niple, E., Conant, J., Iannarilli, F., and Jones, S.
  • Free Tropospheric North Atlantic Aerosols Observed at the Pico Mountain Observatory ABSTRACT
    Mazzoleni, C., Swarup, C., Marian, A., Sharma, N., Schum, S., Gebreeyesus, S., Dzepina, K., Kumar, S., Wright, K., Dziobak, M., Fialho, P., Hueber, J., Helmig, D., Kramer, L., Owen, R., Mazzoleni, L., and Zhang, B.
  • Frost Flower Aerosol Effects on Arctic Wintertime Longwave Cloud Radiative Forcing ABSTRACT
    Xu, L., Russell, L., Somerville, R., and Quinn, P.
  • GoAmazon Terrestrial Ecosystem Science Research ABSTRACT
    Chambers, J., Jardine, K., Holm, J., Torn, M., Higuchi, N., and Manzi, A.
  • Highlights of ALWG VAP Efforts in FY2013 and FY2014 ABSTRACT
    Flynn, C., Barnard, J., Ermold, B., Kassianov, E., Koontz, A., Shi, Y., and Sivaraman, C.
  • High-resolution Model Simulations of MC3E Deep Convective-precipitation Systems: Comparison with Radar and Aircraft In-situ Measurements ABSTRACT
    GSFC, N., Wu, D., Li, X., Fridlind, A., Lang, S., Ackerman, A., Dong, X., Wang, J., McFarquhar, G., and Wu, W.
  • How ARM Observations Are Improving Cloud, Precipitation and Radiation Prediction in the ECMWF Global NWP Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M. and Forbes, R.
  • Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties of DCS Calculated by UND Aircraft Probes and Retrieved by ARM Radar Observations During MC3E ABSTRACT
    Dong, X., Wang, J., and Xi, B.
  • Impact of Detection Anomalies on Cloud Depolarization Ratios from the Raman Lidar ABSTRACT
    Newsom, R.
  • Impact of Elevated Aerosol Layers on Aerosol Optical Depth During TCAP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berg, L., Fast, J., Barnard, J., Burton, S., Chand, D., Comstock, J., Ferrare, R., Hair, J., Hostetler, C., Hubbe, J., Kluzek, C., Mei, F., Michalsky, J., Rogers, R., Sedlacek, A., Schmid, B., Shilling, J., Springston, S., Tomlinson, J., Wilson, J., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., and Berkowitz, C.
  • Impact of Subgrid-scale Radiation Variability on the Marine Stratocumulus to Trade Cumulus Transition ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gustafson, W., Xiao, H., and Wang, H.
  • Impact of Turbulence in Free Troposphere on Cloud System Simulation of MC3E ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cheng, A. and Xu, K.
  • Improved Low-cloud Simulation from the Community Atmosphere Model with a Third-order Turbulence Closure ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cheng, A.
  • Improving Supercooled Liquid Water Absorption Models in the Microwave Using Multi-Wavelength Ground-based Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Turner, D., Kneifel, S., Cadeddu, M., Redl, S., Loehnert, U., and Orlandi, E.
  • Improving the Treatment of Secondary Organic Aerosols: Bridging the Gap Between Measurements, High Resolution Regional Models and the Global Climate Models. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shrivastava, M., Liu, X., Easter, D., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Ma, P., Zhang, K., Singh, B., Fast, J., Jimenez, J., Zhang, Q., and Ghan, S.
  • Insight Into Particle Growth Rates and Controls from Two Years of SGP SMPS and HTDMA Data ABSTRACT
    Mahish, M. and Collins, D.
  • Insights from Preliminary Modeling and Observational Evaluation of a Precipitating Continental Cumulus Event Observed During the MC3E Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Giangrande, S., Mechem, D., Fish, C., Borque, P., Toto, T., and Kollias, P.
  • Interactions Between Cumulus Convection and Its Environment Revealed by MC3E Sounding Array ABSTRACT
    Xie, S., Zhang, Y., McCoy, R., Jensen, M., Giangrande, S., and Zhang, M.
  • Interactions Between Surface Cold Pools and Mesoscale Convective Systems: Sensitivity to Land Surface Processes and Initial Conditions ABSTRACT
    Pu, Z. and Lin, C.
  • Intercomparison of Large-eddy Simulations of Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds: Importance of Ice Size Distribution Assumptions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ovchinnikov, M., Ackerman, A., Avramov, A., Fan, J., Fridlind, A., Ghan, S., Harrington, J., Korolev, A., McFarquhar, G., Morrison, H., Shipway, B., Shupe, M., Solomon, A., and Sulia, K.
  • Introducing Subgrid-scale Cloud Structure Into Radiative Transfer ABSTRACT
    Huang, D. and Liu, Y.
  • Investigating the Formation of Oxidants and Secondary Organic Aerosols from Biogenic Hydrocarbons in the Amazonia Region of Northern Brazil ABSTRACT
    Chamecki, M., Fuentes, J., Gerken, T., Katul, G., Fitzjarrald, D., Stoy, P., Manzi, A., Nascimento dos Santos, R., and Von Randow, C.
  • Keeping Track of Data Iterations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Macduff, M. and Beus, S.
  • Laboratory Simulated Atmospheric Aging Processes of Combustion-generated Soot Particles ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lambe, A., Ahern, A., Onasch, T., Wright, J., Croasdale, D., Worsnop, D., and Davidovits, P.
  • Lagrangian Investigation of the Precipitation Efficiency of Convective Clouds ABSTRACT
    Romps, D.
  • Lagrangian Studies of Ice Nucleation and Growth in Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds ABSTRACT
    Yang, F., Ovchinnikov, M., and Shaw, R.
  • Latent Heating Profiles Retrieved from Measurements of ARM Observation Suite During MC3E ABSTRACT
    Min, Q., Li, R., Giangrande, S., Toto, T., and Wu, X.
  • Long Term 2DVD Observations of Rainfall Characteristics in the Equatorial Indian and West Pacific Oceans ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Thompson, E., Rutledge, S., Dolan, B., and Thurai, M.
  • Long-Term Statistics of Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds Properties Retrieved from Doppler Spectra Measured at the North Slope of Alaska Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chen, Y., Yu, G., and Verlinde, J.
  • Low-level Heating and the MJO ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schumacher, C., Lappen, C., and Ahmed, F.
  • Marine Low Clouds and Inversion Strength ABSTRACT, POSTER
    de Szoeke, S., Yuter, S., and Mechem, D.
  • Mass Flux Characteristics of Tropical Cumulus Clouds: a Wind Profiler Perspective. ABSTRACT
    Kumar, V., Protat, A., Jakob, C., Williams, C., May, P., and Collis, S.
  • Mass Flux in Continental Shallow Cumulus Clouds: Large-eddy Simulation Versus Long-term Radar Observation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, Y., Chandra, A., and Klein, S.
  • MCMC-Based Assessment of the Error Characteristics of a Surface-Based Combined Radar-Passive Microwave Cloud Property Retrieval ABSTRACT
    Posselt, D. and Mace, G.
  • Microphysical Effects Determine Macrophysical Response for Aerosol Impacts on Deep Convective Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fan, J., Leung, L., Rosenfeld, D., Chen, Q., Li, Z., Zhang, J., and Yan, H.
  • Microwave Radiometer Observations During MC3E ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, M., Jensen, M., and Turner, D.
  • Model Evaluation of Aerosol Wet Scavenging in Deep Convective Clouds Based on Observations Collected During the DC3 Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yang, Q., Wang, H., Fast, J., Easter, R., Barth, M., Fan, J., Ghan, S., Jimenez, J., Campuzano-Jost, P., Markovic, M., and Bela, M.
  • Modeling Aerosol Layers Observed During the Two Column Aerosol Project (TCAP) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fast, J., Berg, L., Liu, Y., Shilling, J., Ferrare, R., Hostetler, C., Sedlacek, A., and Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
  • Modeling and Observations of Drizzle Production in Stratiform Clouds ABSTRACT
    Kollias, P., Szyrmer, W., and Luke, E.
  • Modeling Effects of Aerosol Phase State and Particle-phase Chemical Reactions on Secondary Organic Aerosol Partitioning Dynamics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zaveri, R., Easter, D., Shilling, J., Pekour, M., Song, C., and Seinfeld, J.
  • Model Predictions of CCN Activity from Functional Group Data ABSTRACT
    Petters, M., Ziemann, P., Kreidenweis, S., Suda, S., Yeh, G., Matsunaga, A., and Strollo, C.
  • Multiple-scale Simulations of the Impact of PBL and Shallow Convection Schemes on the Initiation of Convection over the Tropical Ocean ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Qian, Y., Yan, H., Berg, L., Hagos, S., Feng, Z., and Huang, M.
  • Multiscale Variability of the Tropical Tropopause Layer During the 2011-12 AMIE Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Dagg, E., Birner, T., and Johnson, R.
  • New, Experimentally Based, Secondary Organic Aerosol Paradigm Removes Discrepancies Between Models and Data ABSTRACT
    Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Imre, D., Shrivastava, M., Abramson, E., Kleinman, L., Fast, J., and Springston, S.
  • New Observational Parameterizations to Constrain Climate Forcing by Black, Brown and Organic Carbon ABSTRACT
    Dubey, M., Liu, S., Aiken, A., Cappa, C., Yokelson, R., Mazzoleni, C., Donahue, N., Williams, L., Onasch, T., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • New Particle Formation from Methanesulfonic Acid, Ammonia and Amines: Developing a Mechanistic Basis for Global Models ABSTRACT
    Finlayson-Pitts, B., Chen, H., Dawson, M., Arquero, K., Ezell, M., Perraud, V., Varner, M., Gerber, R., Martinez, A., and Dabdub, D.
  • Observations and Analysis of Low-CCN Events on Graciosa Island, Azores ABSTRACT
    Stemmler, J., Wood, R., and Bretherton, C.
  • Observations Surface Forcing from WMGHGs at the ARM Southern Great Plains and North Slope of Alaska Sites ABSTRACT
    Feldman, D., Gero, J., Turner, D., Collins, W., and Torn, M.
  • Observed and Projected Ocean Wind Speed Trends and Marine Boundary Layer Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kazil, J. and Feingold, G.
  • OMI Observations of Interannual Increase in SO2 Emissions from Indian Coal-Fired Power Plants During 2005−2012 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Streets, D. and Lu, Z.
  • On MAGIC Portable Radiation Package Measurements ABSTRACT
    Reynolds, R. and Lewis, E.
  • On the Dynamics and Radiation of Cumulus Topped Marine Boundary Layers ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ghate, V., Miller, M., and Albrecht, B.
  • On the Role of Cold Pool in Organization of Convection over Tropical Indian Ocean During DYNAMO ABSTRACT, POSTER
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