Poster Abstracts of the 6th Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2015, March 16-20, 2015, Vienna, VA

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  • 11-12 March 2013 NSA Cloud Phase Partitioning Modeling Case Study ABSTRACT
    Solomon, A., de Boer, G., and Shupe, M.
  • A 3D Particle-resolved Model to Quantify the Importance of Aerosol Mixing State for CCN Properties ABSTRACT
    Curtis, J., Riemer, N., and West, M.
  • Accurate Solar Forecasting -- a Key Enabler in Meeting the Goals of the SunShot Initiative ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mishra, S.
  • Addressing Numerical Challenges Associated with WRF LES Modeling: Shallow Clouds over the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Fast, J., Xiao, H., Gustafson, W., Wang, H., Endo, S., Vogelmann, A., Liu, Y., Lin, W., Kosovic, B., and Skamarock, B.
  • Addressing Numerical Challenges Associated with WRF LES Modeling: Stratocumulus Cloud in the DYCOMS-II RF02 Case ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Endo, S., Vogelmann, A., Lin, W., Liu, Y., Fast, J., Xiao, H., Gustafson, W., Wang, H., Kosovic, B., and Skamarock, B.
  • Advances in Speciating Highly Oxygenated Organic Aerosol Using In-situ Thermal Desorption Semi-volatile Aerosol Gas Chromatography (SV-TAG) with On-line Derivatization ABSTRACT
    Kreisberg, N.
  • Aerosol Observing System Data Quality Monitoring at the ARM Data Quality Office: Current Capabilities and Future Prospects ABSTRACT, POSTER
    King, J., Kehoe, K., Monroe, J., Moore, S., Peppler, R., and Theisen, A.
  • Aerosol Physical and Chemical Properties Before and After the Manaus Plume in the GoAmazon2014 Experiment ABSTRACT
    Artaxo, P., Barbosa, H., Carbone, S., Rizzo, L., de Brito, J., Martin, S., and Andreae, M.
  • A MC3E Squall Line Simulated by Three Bin Microphysics Schemes: Comparisons Between Model Results and Observations ABSTRACT
    Xue, L., Lebo, Z., Fan, J., Bansemer, A., Geresdi, I., Morrison, H., Rasmussen, R., Grabowski, W., Heymsfield, A., and Chu, X.
  • A Method to Estimate Uncertainty in Radiometric Data Using the Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement (GUM) Method ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sengupta, M., Habte, A., and Reda, I.
  • AMF2 ACAPEX Deployment Aboard the NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown ABSTRACT
    Ritsche, M., Hickmon, N., Nitschke, K., Haruta, A., and Guthrie, A.
  • AMF3 ARM Climate Research Facility ABSTRACT
    Helsel, F.
  • AMIE/DYNAMO Observations of Clouds During the Transition from Suppressed to Active MJO Conditions ABSTRACT
    Rowe, A. and Houze, R.
  • Ammonia Uptake by Secondary Organic Material and Dependence on Relative Humidity ABSTRACT
    Martin, S.
  • Analyses of Aerosol Cloud Nucleating and Optical Properties During GoAmazon ABSTRACT
    Sena, E., McComiskey, A., Feingold, G., and Artaxo, P.
  • Analysis of Shortwave Spectrometry During MAGIC ABSTRACT
    Marshak, A., Yang, W., McBride, P., Flynn, C., Schmidt, S., Chiu, J., and Lewis, E.
  • Analysis of the Aerosol Indirect Effects on the Timing of Organization of Stratocumulus Clouds ABSTRACT
    Zhou, X., Kollias, P., and Heus, T.
  • Analysis of the UHSAS Particle-by-Particle Data in BBOP: an Indicator for New Aerosol Particle Formation ABSTRACT
    Senum, G. and Tomlinson, J.
  • Analysis of Uncertainties in Ice Crystal Size Distributions, Their Representation as Gamma Distributions, and Bulk Properties Derived from In-situ Measurements During ARM Field Campaigns ABSTRACT
    McFarquhar, G., Jackson, R., Wu, W., Dong, J., Hsieh, T., Freer, M., and Zhu, S.
  • An Analysis of Clouds and Radiation from the First Year of Measurements from GOAmazon ABSTRACT
    Marquardt-Collow, A., Miller, M., and Trabachino, L.
  • Anatomy of a Data System ABSTRACT
    Stuart, C., Kolasinski, B., and Swank, D.
  • An Evaluation of Candidate Scheme(s) of Future CAM5 in CAPT Simulations with Ground-based Observations in the Azores ABSTRACT
    Zheng, X., Klein, S., Ma, H., Bogenschutz, P., and Gettelman, A.
  • A New Marine Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (M-AERI) for Shipboard Atmospheric and Oceanic Observations ABSTRACT
    Gero, J., Knuteson, R., Hackel, D., Best, F., Garcia, R., Phillips, C., Revercomb, H., and Smith, W.
  • A New Methodology for Separating Cloud and Drizzle Signatures from Radar Observations ABSTRACT
    Chandrasekar, V. and Nguyen, C.
  • An Integrated View of Convection from MC3E ABSTRACT
    Dolan, B., Rutledge, S., and Xu, W.
  • A Novel Approach to Statistically Introduce 3D Structure Into Radiative Transfer ABSTRACT
    Huang, D. and Liu, Y.
  • An Overview of Atmospheric Mass Spectrometric Observation of the Chemical Composition of Aerosol and Condensing Gas Species ABSTRACT
    Worsnop, D.
  • An Update on Unmanned Aircraft Campaigns at Oliktok Point ABSTRACT
    de Boer, G., Lawrence, D., Argrow, B., Palo, S., Elston, J., Maslanik, J., Bland, G., Ivey, M., Desilets, D., and Schmid, B.
  • AOS Harmonized Path: a Unified Processing Model for ARM AOS Data with Dual Goals of Rapid QA and Robust Science-quality Output ABSTRACT
    Flynn, C., Ermold, B., Jefferson, A., King, J., Koontz, A., Kuang, C., McComiskey, A., Sedlacek, A., Senum, G., Springston, S., and Sisterson, D.
  • A Path Towards Operational Uncertainty of Cloud Phase Identification ABSTRACT
    Riihimaki, L., Comstock, J., Luke, E., Anderson, K., and Holmes, A.
  • Application of ARM Cloud Radar/Lidar Simulators to GCMs: Plan, Issues, and Preliminary Results ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Y., Xie, S., Lin, W., Klein, S., Marchand, R., and Collis, S.
  • A Preliminary Study on Land-Atmosphere Interactions over the SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Wu, W., Ortiz, L., Schoonen, M., and Daum, P.
  • Arctic Mixed-Phase Cloud Radiative Closure Study from ISDAC ABSTRACT
    Lubin, D., Vogelmann, A., van Diedenhoven, B., and Fridlind, A.
  • A Regime-dependent Study of Model Performance at an Arctic Cloud-observing Site ABSTRACT
    Muelmenstaedt, J., Lubin, D., Russell, L., and Vogelmann, A.
  • Are Long-term Measurements at the ARM Southern Great Plains Site Adequate for Detecting Aerosol Invigoration of Deep Convection? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varble, A. and Zipser, E.
  • A Review of Solid Precipitation Measurement Challenges and Techniques: Possible New Instrumentation for the North Slope of Alaska ABSTRACT
    Cherry, J.
  • ARM-ACME Projects in the SGP and NSA ABSTRACT
    Biraud, S.
  • ARM Mobile Facility One: GoAmazon Deployment ABSTRACT
    Tanaka, B., Powers, H., de Souza, R., Haruta, A., Nitschke, K., and Manzi, A.
  • ARM Southern Great Plains Update ABSTRACT
    Hickmon, N.
  • ASR CRM Intercomparison Study on Deep Convective Clouds and Aerosol Impacts ABSTRACT
    Fan, J., Han, B., Morrison, H., Varble, A., Collis, S., Dong, X., Kollias, P., Mansell, E., and Milbrandt, J.
  • Assessment of the Interactions Among Tropospheric Aerosol Loading, Radiative Balance and Clouds Through Examination of Their Multi-decadal Trends ABSTRACT
    Xing, J., Gan, C., Mathur, R., Pleim, J., Wong, D., and Wei, C.
  • A Unified Parameterization of Turbulence and Clouds ABSTRACT
    Larson, V.
  • Automated Retrieval of Cloud and Aerosol Properties from the ARM Raman Lidar ABSTRACT
    Thorsen, T., Fu, Q., Newsom, R., Turner, D., and Comstock, J.
  • BAECC Snowfall Experiment ABSTRACT
    Moisseev, D., von Lerber, A., Chandrasekar, V., Petersen, W., Leskinen, M., and O'Connor, E.
  • Biogenic Aerosols - Effects on Clouds and Climate (BAECC) ABSTRACT
    Petaja, T., Moisseev, D., O'Connor, E., Manninen, A., and von Lerber, A.
  • Black Carbon Aging Using SOA Coatings and Coagulation to Probe Morphology-dependent Absorption Enhancements ABSTRACT
    Aiken, A., Dubey, M., Liu, S., Zaveri, R., Shilling, J., Mazzoleni, C., and Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
  • CAUSES (Clouds Above the United States and Errors at the Surface): Error Contribution from Precipitation and Surface Energy Budget ABSTRACT
    Ma, H., Klein, S., Xie, S., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y., Morcrette, C., Van Weverberg, K., Petch, J., and Lo, M.
  • Characteristics of Ice Particles in an Arctic Deep Mixed-phase Cloud Observed by the X-SAPR and KAZR at Barrow ABSTRACT
    Oue, M., Kumjian, M., Lu, Y., Jiang, Z., Verlinde, J., Clothiaux, E., and Aydin, K.
  • Characterization of the Aerosol Environment in Spring 2011 During the Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) ABSTRACT
    Kreidenweis, S., van den Heever, S., Jefferson, A., Kuang, C., Wang, J., and Collins, D.
  • Characterizing Atmospheric Processing of Biomass Burning Organic Aerosols from Forest Fires at the Mt. Bachelor Observatory During BBOP ABSTRACT
    Zhou, S., Collier, S., Jaffe, D., Wigder, N., Hee, J., and Zhang, Q.
  • Characterizing the ARSCL Product Record ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Johnson, K., Jensen, M., Baxter, S., Toto, T., Wang, M., Kollias, P., and Clothiaux, E.
  • Chemical Composition of Wildland and Agricultural Biomass Burning Particles Measured Downwind During BBOP Study ABSTRACT
    Onasch, T., Shilling, J., Fortner, E., Pekour, M., Kleinman, L., Sedlacek, A., and Worsnop, D.
  • Climatology of Boundary Layer Depth at the ARM SGP Central Facility ABSTRACT
    Ghate, V., Kollias, P., and Coulter, R.
  • Closure Analysis Using ARM Spectral Radiation Measurements ABSTRACT
    Mlawer, E., Turner, D., Dan, G., Flynn, C., Palchetti, L., Cady-Pereira, K., and Alvarado, M.
  • Cloud-Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions for Convective Clouds: Mechanisms for Invigoration? ABSTRACT
    Gettelman, A., Su, L., Song, X., Zhang, G., and Truesdale, J.
  • Cloud and Precipitation Properties Merged Dataset from Vertically Pointing ARM Radars During GOAmazon ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Toto, T., Giangrande, S., Jensen, M., Johnson, K., Bartholomew, M., and Troyan, D.
  • Cloud and Thermodynamic Observations During the First Year of the GOAmazon Campaign ABSTRACT
    Troyan, D., Jensen, M., Giangrande, S., Johnson, K., and Toto, T.
  • Cloud Climate Feedbacks: What Cloud-system Resolving Simulations Tell About Marine Non-precipitating Sc Response to Wind Speed ABSTRACT
    Kazil, J., Feingold, G., and Yamaguchi, T.
  • Cloud Feedbacks on Greenhouse Warming in a Multi-scale Modeling Framework with a Higher-order Turbulence Closure ABSTRACT
    Cheng, A. and Xu, K.
  • Cloud Processing of CCN ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hudson, J. and Noble, S.
  • Cloud Resolving Experiments with a Simplified Higher-Order Turbulence Closure ABSTRACT
    Bogenschutz, P. and Moeng, C.
  • Combined Retrievals of Stratocumulus Cloud-top Turbulence, Radiative Flux, and Entrainment from ARM Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    de Szoeke, S., Verlinden, K., Mechem, D., and Yuter, S.
  • Comparison of GCE-CRM and SCM-CAM5 with ARM Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhou, C., Penner, J., Posselt, D., and Lee, S.
  • Comparison of Liquid Cloud Microphysical Retrievals During the Black Forest, Germany AMF Deployment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, M., Jensen, M., Turner, D., Ebell, K., Loehnert, U., and Riihimaki, L.
  • Comparison of Vaisala Radiosondes RS41 and RS92 at the Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT
    Lehtinen, R., Survo, H., Jensen, M., Holdridge, D., and Baxter, S.
  • Compbined Hiigh Spectral Resolution Lidar and Millimeter Wavelength Radar Retrieval of Precipitation Rates ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E.
  • Competing Effects of Aerosol in Dictating Deep Convection, Clouds, Cloud Radiative Forcing and Thunderstorms ABSTRACT
    Li, Z.
  • Condensate Variability - Mining the ARM Archive ABSTRACT
    Ahlgrimm, M. and Forbes, R.
  • Consequences of Cloud Superparameterization for Climate Simulations of Land-atmosphere Feedback and the Microphysical Sensitivity of US Mesoscale Convective Systems. ABSTRACT
    Pritchard, M. and Kooperman, G.
  • Constraining Solar Absorption of Organic Aerosols from Biomass Burning and Biofuel Emissions with Observations ABSTRACT
    Feng, Y., Liu, X., Lu, Z., Streets, D., and Kotamarthi, V.
  • Convection-Permitting-WRF Assisted Investigation of Precipitation Biases in the CAM5 over the Tropical Western Pacific ABSTRACT
    Lin, W., Chen, H., Zhang, M., Lu, J., Vogelmann, A., Liu, Y., Ma, H., and Xie, S.
  • Corrected Moments in Antenna Coordinates 2.0: Lessons Learned ABSTRACT
    Collis, S., Helmus, J., and Giangrande, S.
  • Dealiasing Radar Doppler Velocities Using Two Novel Unfolding Algorithms ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Helmus, J., Collis, S., North, K., and Kollias, P.
  • Dependence of Homo- and Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation on Latitude and Season and Climate Implications ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mitchell, D., Garnier, A., and Avery, M.
  • Development of a Chemical Ionization Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometer for Characterizing the Role of Organic Amines in New Particle Formation ABSTRACT
    Nowak, J., Massoli, P., Kimmel, J., Stark, H., Williams, L., Jayne, J., Jimenez, J., Ortega, J., Smith, J., and Worsnop, D.
  • Development of an Airborne Open Polar/Imaging Nephelometer for Ice Particles in Cirrus Clouds and Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Martins, J. and Espinosa, W.
  • Diagnosing Cloud Occurrence Biases in the AM3 at SGP Using Atmospheric Classification ABSTRACT
    Evans, S., Marchand, R., and Ackerman, T.
  • Discrimination Between Riming and Aggregation Using Quasi-vertical Profiles of Polarimetric Radar Variables During MC3E ABSTRACT
    Ryzhkov, A.
  • Diurnal Cycle of Convection over Amazon: Modulation by Land-surface Heterogeneity and Cold Pools ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Feng, Z., Hagos, S., Comstock, J., Burleyson, C., Berg, L., Schumacher, C., Giangrande, S., Troyan, D., and Toto, T.
  • Effect of Gradients in Biomass Burning Aerosol on Shallow Cumulus Convective Circulations ABSTRACT
    Lee, S., Feingold, G., McComiskey, A., Yamaguchi, T., Koren, I., and Martins, J.
  • Effect of Hydrophobic Gas-phase Organics on the Nucleation, Mass Loading, Volatility, Viscosity, and Oligomer Content of SOA Particles ABSTRACT
    Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Wilson, J., Imre, D., and Shrivastava, M.
  • Effects of Aggregate Morphology and Size on SP2 Measurements of Black Carbon ABSTRACT
    Michelsen, H. and Bambha, R.
  • Effects of Convective Microphysics Parameterization on Large-scale Cloud Hydrological Cycle and Radiative Budget in the NCAR CAM5 ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G.
  • Enhanced Concentration and Charging of Ultrafine Particles ABSTRACT
    Hering, S.
  • Entrainment and Tropical Cumulus Congestus Cloud Growth ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Toto, T., and Towey, K.
  • Evaluation and Diagnosis of Physical Processes in GCMs with Improved Hindcast (CAPT) Approach ABSTRACT
    Klein, S., Ma, H., Chuang, C., Lo, M., Zhang, Y., Xie, S., and Ma, P.
  • Evaluation of Clouds in Climate Models Using ARM-data: a Time-step Approach ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Van Weverberg, K. and Morcrette, C.
  • Evaluation of Double-moment Representation of Warm-rain and Ice Hydrometeors in Bulk Microphysical Parameterization with Numerical Simulations and UND-Citation Aircraft Observations During MC3E ABSTRACT
    Pu, Z. and Lin, C.
  • Evaluation of Group Contribution Methods to Model the Viscosity of Organic Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Rothfuss, N., Petters, M., Kreidenweis, S., and Ziemann, P.
  • Evolution of Biomass Burning Aerosol Optical Properties in the Near Field ABSTRACT
    Sedlacek, A., Kleinman, L., Arnott, W., Chand, D., Freedman, A., Onasch, T., and Springston, S.
  • Expanded Capabilities of the Eastern North Atlantic Site ABSTRACT
    Azevedo, E. and Ortega, P.
  • Exploring Entrainment Processes and Parameterizations in Stratocumulus Clouds Using ARM SGP Observations ABSTRACT
    Albrecht, B., Fang, M., and Ghate, V.
  • Extended Range CAPS-Based Single Scattering Albedo Monitor ABSTRACT
    Onasch, T., Freedman, A., Massoli, P., and Kebabian, P.
  • From AMIE/DYNAMO Field Observations to Global Cloud-Permitting Models ABSTRACT
    Zhang, C.
  • Gas- and Particle-phase Chemical Composition Measurements Onboard the G-1 Research Aircraft During the GoAmazon Campaign. ABSTRACT
    Shilling, J., Pekour, M., Fortner, E., Hubbe, J., Longo, K., Martin, S., Mei, F., Springston, S., Tomlinson, J., and Wang, J.
  • Ground-based Retrieval of Entrainment Rates in Stratocumulus-topped Boundary Layers ABSTRACT
    Krueger, S. and Jenkins, M.
  • High Resolution Photography of Clouds from the Surface and Cloud Radiative Effects ABSTRACT
    Schwartz, S., Vladutescu, D., Li, C., and Aguirre, A.
  • Hygroscopicity and Cloud Condensation Nuclei (CCN) Activity of Fresh and Aged Biomass-burning Aerosol. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bond, T. and Shah, R.
  • Ice Formation by Laboratory Generated Amorphous SOA Coated Soot Particles ABSTRACT
    Charnawskas, J., Berkemeier, T., Lambe, A., Massoli, P., Onasch, T., Shiraiwa, M., Davidovits, P., Worsnop, D., and Knopf, D.
  • Ice Nucleating Particles in and Around West Coast U.S. Storm Systems ABSTRACT
    DeMott, P., Suski, K., McCluskey, C., Levin, E., Hill, T., Prather, K., Leung, L., Petters, M., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • Increased CCN Production from Isoprene Photooxidation in Progressively Drier Air ABSTRACT
    Zaveri, R., Shilling, J., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Liu, J., Wilson, J., Laskin, A., Wang, B., Fast, J., Easter, D., Wang, J., Kuang, C., Thornton, J., Cziczo, D., Setyan, A., Zhang, Q., Onasch, T., and Worsnop, D.
  • Influence of the Manaus Plume on Aerosol Size Distribution and CCN During GoAmazon – Preliminary Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schmid, B., Mei, F., Comstock, J., Wang, J., Tomlinson, J., Hubbe, J., Shilling, J., Pekour, M., Martin, S., and Longo, K.
  • Insights Into Precipitation Processes as Revealed by Profiling Radar, Disdrometer and Aircraft Observations During the MC3E Campaign. ABSTRACT
    Giangrande, S., Toto, T., Bansemer, A., Kumjian, M., Ryzhkov, A., and Mishra, S.
  • Interaction of Particle Phase, Water Uptake and Viscosity Changes Based on Microspectroscopic Observations ABSTRACT
    Gilles, M., Laskin, A., Wang, B., and Nizkorodov, S.
  • Investigating Turbulence in Artic Mixed-Phase Stratocumulus Clouds with Large Eddy Simulations ABSTRACT
    Roesler, E.
  • Investigation of Forced and Active Cumulus at the SGP. Inferences for the ARM SGP Supersite Configuration. ABSTRACT
    Lamer, K. and Kollias, P.
  • Investigation of Ice Cloud Microphysical Properties of DCSs Using Aircraft in Situ Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, J. and Dong, X.
  • Investigation of the Relationship Between Turbulence and Drizzle Onset and Development in Continental and Marine Stratiform Low-level Clouds ABSTRACT
    Luke, E., Borque, P., Chiu, J., and Kollias, P.
  • Laboratory Studies of Cloud Particle Formation, Mixing State, Physicochemical and Optical Properties of Carbonaceous Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Davidovits, P., Wolff, L., Lambe, A., Cummings, M., Brogan, J., Parmar, Y., Forestieri, S., Cappa, C., Pajunoja, A., Virtanen, A., Hakala, J., Petaja, T., Massoli, P., Nowak, J., Freedman, A., Jayne, J., Worsnop, D., and Onasch, T.
  • Large Eddy Simulation of Continental Shallow Cumulus: Challenges and Insights ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Y., Klein, S., Fan, J., and Chandra, A.
  • Large-Scale Vertical Motions and MJO Convective Onset ABSTRACT
    Powell, S. and Houze, R.
  • Light Absorption Properties and Radiative Forcing Impacts of Primary Organic Aerosol Emissions ABSTRACT
    Lu, Z. and Streets, D.
  • Linear Relation Between Convective Cloud Base Height and Updrafts and Application to Satellite Retrievals ABSTRACT
    Zheng, Y. and Rosenfeld, D.
  • Machine-Readable Data Quality Reports ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Moore, S., Prakash, G., Kehoe, K., and Shrestha, B.
  • MAGIC at Every Level: Vertically Resolved Cloud and Drizzle Properties Using ENCORE. ABSTRACT
    Fielding, M., Chiu, J., Hogan, R., Feingold, G., Eloranta, E., O'Connor, E., and Cadeddu, M.
  • MAGIC Radiative Flux Compared to NASA Clouds and the Earth’s Radiant Energy Systems (CERES) SYN1Deg Radiative Transfer Calculations ABSTRACT
    Rutan, D., Rose, F., and Kato, S.
  • MC3E Studies of Deep Convection Updraft and Outflow Microphysics: NU-WRF with Bin and Bulk Microphysics Versus Observations ABSTRACT
    Fridlind, A., Ackerman, A., Li, X., GSFC, N., van Lier-Walqui, M., Wu, D., Dong, X., McFarquhar, G., Ryzhkov, A., Wang, J., and Wu, W.
  • Measurements of the Aerosol Size Distribution to Investigate Aerosol Nucleation and Initial Growth During the GoAmazon 2014/5 Campaign ABSTRACT
    Kuang, C., Artaxo, P., Backman, J., Kim, S., Kulmala, M., Martin, S., Petaja, T., Seco, R., Smith, J., Souza, R., and Wang, J.
  • Measuring Broadband IR Irradiance in the Direct Solar Beam ABSTRACT
    Reda, I. and Dooraghi, M.
  • Mechanisms Enhancing Absorbing Aerosol Forcing from ASR’s FLAME-4 and ClearFlo Detling Campaigns ABSTRACT
    Dubey, M., Aiken, A., Liu, S., Gorkowski, K., Cappa, C., Williams, L., Donahue, N., Yokelson, R., Onasch, T., Ng, N., and Worsnop, D.
  • Mechanisms for Convection Triggering by Cold Pools ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Torri, G. and Kuang, Z.
  • Meteorology, Turbulence and Air Chemistry in the Amazonian Rainforest ABSTRACT
    Chamecki, M., Fuentes, J., Gerken, T., Souza Freire, L., Katul, G., Stoy, P., Fitzjarrald, D., Nascimento dos Santos, R., Manzi, A., and Von Randow, C.
  • MFRSR Mentor Activities ABSTRACT
    Hodges, G.
  • Microphysics of Amazonian Aerosol Under Pristine Condition and the Impact from the Manaus Urban Plume Observed During the GoAmazon Campaign ABSTRACT
    Wang, J., Alexander, L., Almeida, G., Andreae, M., Artaxo, P., Barbosa, H., Brito, J., Campuzano-Jost, P., Comstock, J., Day, D., Simoes De Sa, S., Hubbe, J., Jefferson, A., Jimenez, J., Kuang, C., Longo, K., Machado, L., Manzi, A., Martin, S., Mei, F., Palm, B., Pekour, M., Pohlker, C., Sedlacek, A., Senum, G., Shilling, J., Smith, J., Souza, R., Springston, S., Thalman, R., and Tomlinson, J.
  • Millimeter Cloud Radar Observations of Mixed-phase Clouds – the Doppler Spectra Story of a Riming Case Study Observed in Finland ABSTRACT
    Kalesse, H., Szyrmer, W., Kneifel, S., and Kollias, P.
  • Mixing State, Morphology, and Optical Properties of Cook Stove Soot Coated with Alpha-Pinene SOA ABSTRACT
    Subramanian, R., Ahern, A., Saliba, G., Noopur, S., Mazzoleni, C., Sullivan, R., Robinson, A., Lipsky, E., China, S., and Rawad, S.
  • Modeling Aerosol Mixing State in Chamber Coagulation Experiments Using the Stochastic Particle-resolved Model PartMC ABSTRACT
    Tian, J., Riemer, N., Brem, B., West, M., Onasch, T., Lambe, A., and Sedlacek, A.
  • Molecular Characterization of Atmospheric Organic Particles Collected in the Amazonia ABSTRACT
    Laskin, A.
  • Morphology of Atmospheric Aerosol and Some Implications ABSTRACT
    Mazzoleni, C., Swarup, C., Scarnato, B., Mazzoleni, L., Girotto, G., Noopur, S., Fialho, P., Wright, K., Niedermeier, N., Bhandari, J., Marian, A., Kulkarni, G., Subramanian, R., Zaveri, R., Shilling, J., Dubey, M., Aiken, A., Liu, S., and Knopf, D.
  • MOSAIC-Mix: a Mixing State Resolving Sectional Model Designed to Improve the Treatments of CCN and Optical Properties ABSTRACT
    Ching, J., Zaveri, R., Easter, D., Riemer, N., and Fast, J.
  • Near-surface Density Currents Observed in the Stratocumulus-topped Marine Boundary Layer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wilbanks, M., Yuter, S., de Szoeke, S., Miller, M., Hall, A., and Burleyson, C.
  • New-particle Formation and Growth at the DOE Southern Great Plains Field Site in Oklahoma ABSTRACT
    Pierce, J., Hodshire, A., Smith, J., McMurry, P., and Zhao, J.
  • Next Generation ARM Needs Next Generation Website ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jundt, R., Goss, H., Younkin, K., Beus, S., Cialella, A., Wagener, R., Prakash, G., McCord, R., Comstock, J., and Perkins, B.
  • Observational Evaluation of Land-Atmosphere Coupling in CAM5 Hindcasts at the ARM Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Phillips, T. and Klein, S.
  • Observations of Black/brown Carbon Concentrations in the Amazon Using the Aethalometer and SP2 ABSTRACT
    Castillo, P. and Sedlacek, A.
  • Observed and Simulated Spatial and Temporal Variability of Aerosol Properties During TCAP: Impact on Radiative Forcing ABSTRACT
    Berg, L., Zhang, K., Fast, J., Burton, S., Chand, D., Comstock, J., Ferrare, R., Hostetler, C., Hair, J., Sedlacek, A., Shilling, J., Wilson, J., Tomlinson, J., and Zelenyuk-Imre, A.
  • Occurrence of Aerosol Regimes and Sustained Low Cloudiness over the Eastern North Atlantic as a Function of Synoptic Regime ABSTRACT
    Mechem, D., Miller, M., Yuter, S., and de Szoeke, S.
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