Poster Abstracts of the 7th Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2016, May 2-5, 2016, Vienna, VA

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  • A 3D Particle-resolved Model to Quantify the Importance of Aerosol Mixing State for CCN Activity ABSTRACT
    Curtis, J., Riemer, N., and West, M.
  • Aerosol Effects on the Diurnal, Weekly and Decadal Variations of Strong Thunderstorm Activities ABSTRACT
    Li, Z.
  • Aerosol Properties and Composition Before and After the Manaus Plume Measured at the Ground Sites of the GoAmazon 2014/15 Experiment ABSTRACT
    Artaxo, P., Barbosa, H., Brito, J., Carbone, S., Fiorese, C., Rizzo, L., Cirino, G., Machado, L., Martin, S., Wang, J., and Souza, R.
  • Aerosol Radiative Properties over the Eastern North Pacific Based on Measurements from the MAGIC Field Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lewis, E., Senum, G., and Reynolds, R.
  • Airborne Observations of Greenhouse Gases in the North Slope of Alaska During Summer 2015. ABSTRACT
    Biraud, S., Torn, M., Sedlacek, A., Springston, S., and Sweeney, C.
  • Airborne Soil Organic Particles ABSTRACT
    Laskin, A., Wang, B., China, S., Kovarik, L., Arey, B., Gilles, M., Tristan, H., Kelly, S., Yancey-Piens, D., and Keiluweit, M.
  • Aircraft Measurements of Aerosol Properties During GoAmazon2014/5 – G1 and HALO Inter-comparison ABSTRACT
    Mei, F., Schmid, B., Cecchini, M., Wang, J., Tomlinson, J., Comstock, J., Hubbe, J., Pekour, M., Machado, L., Wendisch, M., Martin, S., Shilling, J., and Zoeger, M.
  • An ARM Data-oriented Diagnostics Package to Evaluate the Climate Model Simulation of Clouds, Precipitation, and Radiation ABSTRACT
    Zhang, C., Xie, S., Klein, S., Ma, H., and Zhang, Y.
  • A New Framework for Cumulus Parametrisation Informed by ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Jakob, C., Kumar, V., and Protat, A.
  • A Novel Cirrus Cloud Retrieval Method for GCM High Cloud Validations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mitchell, D., Garnier, A., Avery, M., and Erfani, E.
  • Application of a New Unifying Stochastic Ice Nucleation Model to Examine Isothermal and Cooling Rate Dependent Immersion Freezing ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Alpert, P. and Knopf, D.
  • A Radar Network Approach to Characterize Shallow Convection at the SGP Megasite to Support the LASSO Activity ABSTRACT
    Kollias, P., Oue, M., North, K., Tatarevic, A., Gustafson, W., Vogelmann, A., Xiao, H., and Endo, S.
  • Arctic Ocean and Prudhoe Bay Influences on Atmospheric Particle Chemical Mixing States on the North Slope of Alaska ABSTRACT
    Pratt, K.
  • Areal-Averaged Spectral Surface Albedo at ARM ENA Coastal Site: Estimation from Ground-based Transmission ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kassianov, E., Barnard, J., Flynn, C., Riihimaki, L., and Marinovici, C.
  • ARM Data Quality Office ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Theisen, A., Monroe, J., Moore, S., King, J., Kehoe, K., and Peppler, R.
  • ARM Ground-based Raman Lidar Observations: an Evaluation of CALIPSO-inferred Aerosol Direct Radiative Effects ABSTRACT
    Thorsen, T. and Fu, Q.
  • ARM North Slope of Alaska Research Facilities ABSTRACT
    Hardesty, J., Ivey, M., Lucero, D., Helsel, F., Bendure, A., Dexheimer, D., Houchens, T., Archuleta, D., and Sparks, V.
  • ARM Southern Great Plains Update ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hickmon, N., Cook, D., and Ritsche, M.
  • ARM Tropospheric and Stratospheric Water Vapor Profiling with the Cryogenic Frost Point Hygrometer in Support of GRUAN ABSTRACT
    Stuefer, M., Sisterson, D., Holdridge, D., Kyrouac, J., Martin, C., Martin, J., Breedlove, D., Gibson, M., Smith, M., Schatz, J., and Hickmon, N.
  • ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment ABSTRACT
    Powers, H.
  • A Summary of ARM Metadata Activities: Creating Metadata Standards and Analyzing Metadata Workflow ABSTRACT
    Troyan, D., Lazar, K., Cialella, A., Wagener, R., Ma, L., and Cederwall, R.
  • Bimodal CCN Spectra and Cloud Processing ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hudson, J. and Noble, S.
  • Biomass Burning Emissions and Atmospheric Aging of Aerosols – Results from the BBOP Campaign ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Q., Zhou, S., Collier, S., Jaffe, D., Hee, J., Wigder, N., Onasch, T., Kleinman, L., and Sedlacek, A.
  • Black Carbon Absorption Enhancements (Eabs) from SOA Coatings ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Aiken, A., Dubey, M., Zaveri, R., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., and Shilling, J.
  • Boundary Layer Profiling Modules: Instruments and Data Products to Support the ARM Megasite at Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Comstock, J., Riihimaki, L., Gustafson, W., Monroe, J., Turner, D., Cadeddu, M., Newsom, R., and Mather, J.
  • Calibrating ARM’s Cloud Radars: Process and Timeline ABSTRACT
    Johnson, K., Bharadwaj, N., Theisen, A., and Isom, B.
  • CAUSES (Clouds Above the United States and Errors at the Surface): Error Contribution from Precipitation and Surface Energy Budget ABSTRACT
    Ma, H., Klein, S., Xie, S., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Y., Morcrette, C., Van Weverberg, K., and Petch, J.
  • Characterization of the Mixing State of Aerosols in the Amazon Basin ABSTRACT
    Moffet, R., China, S., Wang, B., Tristan, H., Alpert, P., Knopf, D., Gilles, M., and Laskin, A.
  • Characterizing the Turbulent Structure of the Convective Boundary Layer over the SGP Using ARM/ASR Observations and LES Model Output ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Heus, T., Turner, D., and White, R.
  • Characterizing the Vertical Distribution of Aerosols Using Multiwavelength Lidar Data: Initial Results from the CHARMS Study at SGP ABSTRACT
    Ferrare, R., Thorsen, T., Clayton, M., Mueller, D., Chemyakin, E., Goldsmith, J., Holz, R., Kuehn, R., Eloranta, E., Newsom, R., Burton, S., Sawamura, P., and Flynn, C.
  • CHARMS--Calibration of the 1064 Nm HSRL Channel ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E.
  • Chemical Characterization of Sesquiterpene Emissions and Oxidation in the Amazon Using SV-TAG ABSTRACT
    Yee, L., Isaacman-VanWertz , G., Wernis, R., Kreisberg, N., Liu, Y., McKinney, K., Simoes De Sa, S., Martin, S., Alexander, L., Palm, B., Hu, W., Campuzano-Jost, P., Day, D., Jimenez, J., Viegas, J., Brito, J., Artaxo, P., Manzi, A., Machado, L., Longo, K., Souza, R., Hering, S., and Goldstein, A.
  • Chemical Composition and Optical Properties of Wildland and Agricultural Biomass Burning Particles Measured Downwind During the BBOP Study ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Onasch, T., Shilling, J., Fortner, E., Pekour, M., Kleinman, L., Sedlacek, A., Yokelson, R., Buseck, P., Adachi, K., Worsnop, D., and Williams, L.
  • Chemical Composition Measurement of Atmospheric Aerosols in Real-Time ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Naqwi, A., Hogan, C., Gross, D., Li, L., Duan, H., and He, S.
  • Chemical Reactivity and Liquid/Nonliquid States of Secondary Organic Material ABSTRACT
    Martin, S.
  • Cimel Sunphotometers: Highlights from Recent Deployments and New Data Product Developments ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wagener, R., Gregory, L., Ma, L., and Wu, W.
  • Cloud and Precipitation During GoAmazon: the Influence of Aerosol, Surface and Thermodynamics ABSTRACT
    Machado, L., Cecchini, M., Biscaro, T., Comstock, J., Mei, F., Schumacher, C., Giangrande, S., and Artaxo, P.
  • Cloud Detection Efficiencies of Radar, Lidar, and Stereo Cameras at the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Romps, D.
  • Cloud Microphysics and Aerosols in an Atmospheric River During the 2015 CalWater/ACAPEX Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Leung, L., Lim, K., Fan, J., Rosenfeld, D., DeMott, P., Prather, K., Spackman, R., and White, A.
  • Cloud Optical Depth of Shallow Cumulus Clouds ABSTRACT
    Delgadillo, R.
  • Cloud Optical Depth Results from BAECC Finland ABSTRACT
    Niple, E., Iannarilli, F., Conant, J., and Scott, H.
  • Cloud-Resolving Modeling Intercomparison Study of a Squall Line Case from MC3E – Convective Cores and Microphysics-Dynamics Feedback ABSTRACT
    Fan, J., Han, B., Varble, A., Morrison, H., Dong, X., Stenz, R., North, K., Kollias, P., Mansell, E., Milbrandt, J., Wang, Y., Khain, A., Thompson, G., Lim, K., Giangrande, S., and Collis, S.
  • Comparison of Ship-following Large-eddy Simulations with Cloud and Boundary Layer Structure Observed in MAGIC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bretherton, C. and McGibbon, J.
  • Condensate Variability in Ice Clouds - a Life Cycle Effect? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M. and Forbes, R.
  • Controls on the Widths of Intense Convective Updrafts ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Trapp, R., LasherTrapp, S., Nesbitt, S., and Marion, G.
  • Convective Cloud Velocity and Mass-Flux Characteristics from Wind Profiler Observations During GoAmazon14/15 ABSTRACT
    Giangrande, S., Toto, T., Feng, Z., Jensen, M., Schumacher, C., Machado, L., Bartholomew, M., Williams, C., and Protat, A.
  • Determination of Water Vapor Continuum Coefficients in the Far-infrared from the RHUBC-II Campaign ABSTRACT
    Mlawer, E., Turner, D., Cady-Pereira, K., Dan, G., Pernak, R., and Palchetti, L.
  • Development of a Portable Particle Extinctiometer Based on Direct Absorbance in the Visible and Near IR ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Turnipseed, A., Williford, C., Anderson, P., Birks, J., and Dubey, M.
  • Development of Cloud-type Classification Algorithm in Conjunction with LASSO Project ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lim, K., Riihimaki, L., Kleiss, J., Berg, L., Zhang, Y., and Shi, Y.
  • Developments in CAPS Extinction-Based Aerosol Measurements ABSTRACT
    Freedman, A., Onasch, T., Brown, W., Hills, F., and Bacon, F.
  • Diagnosing Raindrop Breakup and Coalescence from Vertically Pointing Radar Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Williams, C.
  • Diagnostic Study of Improved Simulation of Low-level Clouds with ACME Candidate Convective Scheme ABSTRACT
    Lin, W., Xie, S., Vogelmann, A., Ma, H., and Larson, V.
  • Direct Comparisons of Ice Microphysical Properties Simulated by the Community Atmosphere Model CAM5.4 with ARM SPartICus Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, X., Wu, C., Zhang, K., Diao, M., and Gettelman, A.
  • Distribution and Validation of CERES Irradiance Global Data Products Via Web Based Tools ABSTRACT
    Rutan, D., Mitrescu, C., Doelling, D., and Kato, S.
  • Do Local-generated Convective Cloud Regimes Have Any Preference over Wet or Dry Soil Moisture Condition? ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Y.
  • Dynamic Rain Gauge Calibration System ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kyrouac, J., Nelson, D., Ritsche, M., and Webb, C.
  • ERASMUS: Update on Recent UAS Deployments ABSTRACT, POSTER
    de Boer, G., Lawrence, D., Palo, S., Argrow, B., LoDolce, G., Curry, N., Finamore, W., Gao, R., Telg, H., Schmid, B., Long, C., Ivey, M., Bendure, A., Bland, G., Maslanik, J., Elston, J., and Weibel, D.
  • Estimates of Lower-tropospheric Divergence and Average Vertical Motion in the Southern Great Plains Region ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Muradyan, P., Kotamarthi, V., Coulter, R., and Ghate, V.
  • Estimation of Convective Entrainment Properties from Cloud-Resolving Model and Large-Eddy Simulations During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G., Wu, X., and Zeng, X.
  • Evaluating and Improving Prediction of Land Surface Forcing over the U.S. Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Bagley, J., Williams, I., Lu, Y., Biraud, S., Kueppers, L., and Torn, M.
  • Evaluating Drizzle Formation Parameterization Using Ensemble Cloud Retrievals from the MAGIC Campaign ABSTRACT
    Chiu, J., Fielding, M., and Hogan, R.
  • Evaluation of Aerosol Observing System Siting at the ARM Eastern North Atlantic Site: Implications for Data Quality and Meeting ARM and ASR Science Objectives ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sisterson, D., Feng, Y., McComiskey, A., and Wood, R.
  • Evaluation of MODIS-Derived Cloud Fraction Using Ground Observations at DOE ARM Sites ABSTRACT
    Zhao, C.
  • Examining Cloud Phase in Convective Conditions at Darwin ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Riihimaki, L., Comstock, J., Luke, E., Thorsen, T., and Fu, Q.
  • Explore Large-scale Data Analysis and Visualization for ARM Using NoSQL Technologies ABSTRACT
    Krishna, B., Prakash, G., Gustafson, W., Vogelmann, A., and Toto, T.
  • Exploring Observed and Simulated Liquid-ice Mass Partitioning in Stratiform and Convective Mixed-phase Clouds ABSTRACT
    Yang, J., Wang, Z., Zhang, D., and Liu, X.
  • Factors Controlling the Production of Secondary Organic Material from Isoprene Epoxydiols (IEPOX) in the Amazonian Wet Season (GoAmazon2014/5) ABSTRACT
    Simoes De Sa, S. and Martin, S.
  • Gas- and Particle-phase Chemical Composition Measurements Onboard the G-1 Research Aircraft During the GoAmazon Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shilling, J., Pekour, M., Fortner, E., Artaxo, P., Hubbe, J., Longo, K., Machado, L., Martin, S., Mei, F., Springston, S., Tomlinson, J., and Wang, J.
  • Going Beyond the Traditional Paradigm to Improve Understanding and Parameterization of Aerosol-cloud-interaction Regimes ABSTRACT
    Liu, Y., Chen, J., Lu, C., and Zhang, M.
  • How Well Can ARM Measure Liquid Water Path During Precipitation? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, M., Kollias, P., Johnson, K., Jensen, M., Battaglia, A., and Tridon, F.
  • Identifying Microphysical Precursor Conditions for Precipitation Initiation in Warm Clouds ABSTRACT
    Chandler, H. and Mechem, D.
  • Impact of Shallow Cumulus on Cloud-permitting WRF Simulations of the Diurnal Cycle of Deep Convection over the Amazon ABSTRACT
    Feng, Z., Hagos, S., Berg, L., Burleyson, C., Comstock, J., Qian, Y., Fast, J., Schumacher, C., Giangrande, S., and Long, C.
  • Implications of New Anthropogenic-biogenic Interaction Pathways on SOA Formation During the GoAmazon 2014/5 Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Shrivastava, M., Fast, J., Shilling, J., Thornton, J., Zaveri, R., Easter, D., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Barbosa, H., Gomes, H., Guenther, A., Zhao, C., Gu, D., Fan, J., Martin, S., Goldstein, A., Isaacman-VanWertz , G., Yee, L., Alexander, L., Berg, L., Fuentes, J., Artaxo, P., Brito, J., Liu, J., Liu, Y., Simoes De Sa, S., McNeill, V., and Jathar, S.
  • Improved Representations of Ice Microphysical Properties Derived from In-Situ Aircraft Observations During ARM Field Campaigns ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarquhar, G., Wu, W., and Um, J.
  • Improvement of Convective Ice Parameterization for the NASA GISS GCM and Impacts on Cloud Ice Simulation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Elsaesser, G., Del Genio, A., Jiang, J., Fridlind, A., Ackerman, A., and van Lier-Walqui, M.
  • Increased Absorption by Brown Carbon: Impact on Estimation of Black Carbon Radiative Effect ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Feng, Y., Liu, X., Kotamarthi, V., Lu, Z., and Streets, D.
  • Investigation of DCS Cloud-rain Drop Size Distributions and Precipitation Through an Integrative Analysis of Aircraft in Situ, NEXRAD Reflectivity and Surface Disdrometer Measurements ABSTRACT
    Wang, J., Dong, X., Xi, B., and Heymsfield, A.
  • Ka/W-band SACR-2 Spectral and Polarimetric Measurements of Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds at the NSA Oliktok Site ABSTRACT
    Oue, M., Kollias, P., Jiang, Z., Clothiaux, E., and Verlinde, J.
  • Laboratory Experiments and Modeling to Study the Aging of Black Carbon During Atmospheric Transport ABSTRACT
    Subramanian, R., Saliba, G., Bhandari, J., China, S., Noopur, S., Scarnato, B., Shilling, J., Liu, S., Dubey, M., Kulkarni, G., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Laskin, A., Zaveri, R., Sedlacek, A., Mazzoleni, C., Aiken, A., and Chand, D.
  • Land-atmosphere Coupling and Climate Prediction over the U.S. Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Williams, I., Lu, Y., Biraud, S., Bagley, J., Kueppers, L., and Torn, M.
  • Large-Scale Structure of Forcing Data Derived from GoAmazon2014/5 Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Tang, S., Xie, S., Zhang, Y., Schumacher, C., Zhang, M., Jensen, M., Johnson, K., Wang, M., Ahlgrimm, M., and Feng, Z.
  • Latent Heating, Microphysical and Aerosol Processes of MC3E Mesoscale Convective Systems ABSTRACT
    van den Heever, S., Kreidenweis, S., Marinescu, P., Saleeby, S., and DeMott, P.
  • LES ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) Workflow: Ensemble Forcings and LES Sensitivity ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Endo, S., Li, Z., Cheng, X., Xiao, H., Gustafson, W., Vogelmann, A., Toto, T., Ahlgrimm, M., Xie, S., and Tang, S.
  • LES ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) Workflow: Model-Observation “Data Cubes” ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., Gustafson, W., Toto, T., Endo, S., Xiao, H., Li, Z., and Cheng, X.
  • Long-lifetime Ice Particles in Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yang, F., Ovchinnikov, M., and Shaw, R.
  • Long-Term Vertical Velocity Statistics Derived from SGP Doppler Lidar During Convective Conditions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berg, L., Newsom, R., and Turner, D.
  • Major Additions to the Eastern North Atlantic Site ABSTRACT
    Azevedo, E., Nitschke, K., Ortega, P., Sousa, C., Wood, R., Miller, M., Powers, H., and Haruta, A.
  • Making Sense of the Data: an “all of the Above” Approach to Retrievals from a Many Radar Network ABSTRACT
    Collis, S., Helmus, J., and Weber, C.
  • Mapping ARM Radar Observations to Microphysical Processes in Mixed-phase Single-layer Cloud ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lamer, K., Szyrmer, W., Fridlind, A., Clothiaux, E., Ackerman, A., Tselioudis, G., and Kollias, P.
  • Measurements and Analysis of Ice Nucleating Particles During ACAPEX/CalWater-2015 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    DeMott, P., Hill, T., Petters, M., McCluskey, C., Suski, K., Levin, E., Prather, K., Leung, L., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • Measurements of Particle Phase Transitions Using Synthesized Nanoparticles. Implications for Particle Viscosity ABSTRACT
    Rothfuss, N., Petters, M., Ziemann, P., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • Microphysics of Amazonian Aerosol Under Background Conditions and the Impact from the Urban Pollution and Biomass Burning ABSTRACT
    Wang, J.
  • Mid-level Clouds over West Africa : Origin, Properties and Impacts ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bourgeois, E., Bouniol, D., Couvreux, F., Guichard, F., Birch, C., Marsham, J., Parker, D., and Garcia-Carreras, L.
  • MiniSPLAT: a Miniaturized Aircraft-Compatible Single Particle Mass Spectrometer for In-situ Quantitative Multidimensional Single Particle Characterization ABSTRACT
    Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Bell, D., Wilson, J., and Imre, D.
  • Model-Observation Comparisons of the Vertical and Spatial Distributions Arctic Black Carbon on the North Slope of Alaska ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sedlacek, A., Feng, Y., Biraud, S., and Springston, S.
  • Moving from Establishing Model Deep Convective Biases Toward Constraining Their Causes ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varble, A. and Zipser, E.
  • Multiple New-particle Growth Pathways Observed and Modelled at the DOE Southern Great Plains Field Site ABSTRACT
    Pierce, J., Hodshire, A., Smith, J., McMurry, P., Barsanti, K., Hanson, D., Lawler, M., Zhao, J., and Jen, C.
  • Multipurpose Use of Ceilometer: Estimating Visibility, Rain Occurrence, Aerosol Property ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Song, J., Yum, S., and Eunha, L.
  • New Development of a Three-dimensional Constrained Variational Algorithm to Derive ARM Model Forcing Data for Multiple Columns ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, M., Tang, S., and Xie, S.
  • New Miniature Instrumentation for Measurements in Polar Mixed-Phase Clouds Using UAV’s and TBS ABSTRACT
    Lawson, P.
  • New Optical Experiments to Clarify the Role of Particle Morphology and Chemical Composition in the Absorption Enhancement of Coated Soot Particles ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wolff, L., Lambe, A., Onasch, T., Freedman, A., Williams, L., Helgestad, T., Cappa, C., Fischer, A., Smith, G., China, S., Mazzoleni, C., Sedlacek, A., Browne, E., Isaacman-VanWertz , G., Kroll, J., Brogan, J., Parmar, Y., Lee, T., Jayne, J., Worsnop, D., and Davidovits, P.
  • Observational Constraint of Drizzle Properties and Processes in Large-eddy Simulations from Two Models with Size-resolved Microphysics ABSTRACT
    Remillard, J., Kollias, P., Fridlind, A., Ackerman, A., Tselioudis, G., Mechem, D., Chandler, H., Luke, E., Chuang, P., Witte, M., Rossiter, D., and Wood, R.
  • Observations of Cloud Properties in Cloudy-to-clear Transition Zones During MAGIC Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Marshak, A., Yang, W., McBride, P., Chiu, J., Knyazikhin, Y., Schmidt, S., Flynn, C., and Lewis, E.
  • Observed Differences in Surface Radiative Forcing Trends from Methane ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Feldman, D., Collins, W., Biraud, S., Turner, D., Gero, J., Xie, S., Mlawer, E., Shippert, T., and Torn, M.
  • Oliktok Point Site Science: Aerosols and Their Impacts on Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Creamean, J., McComiskey, A., de Boer, G., Shupe, M., and Norgren, M.
  • Oliktok Point Site Science: Initial Results Using Multi-wavelength Radar Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Matrosov, S., Williams, C., and de Boer, G.
  • Oliktok Point Site Science: Putting Local Measurements Into a Broader Perspective ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shupe, M., de Boer, G., Solomon, A., Turner, D., Starkweather, S., Cox, C., and Stone, M.
  • Optimal Sparse-particle Representations for Efficient Modeling of Aerosols and Aerosol-cloud Interactions ABSTRACT
    Laura, F. and McGraw, R.
  • Overview of SatCORPS Satellite-Derived Cloud and Radiation Retrieval Coverage of ARM Domains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Khaiyer, M., Minnis, P., Bedka, K., Bedka, S., Chang, F., Chee, T., Nordeen, M., Palikonda, R., Scarino, B., Smith, W., Spangenberg, D., Trepte, Q., and Yost, C.
  • Patterns in the Composition of Ground Level Aerosols During a Biomass Burning Event at the T3 Site on October 6, 2015, Determined from Aerosol Chemical Species Monitor Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Watson, T., Springston, S., Uin, J., and Senum, G.
  • Photo-acoustic and Baseline Filter Absorption Inter-Comparison at SGP/ARM: Quantifying Biases in Long-Term Records ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dubey, M., Aiken, A., and Torres, L.
  • Potential of Higher Moments of the Radar Doppler Spectrum for Studying Ice Clouds ABSTRACT
    Maahn, M. and Loehnert, U.
  • Precipitation Controls During the Amazonian Dry Season: Observations from the GOAmazon Field Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ghate, V. and Kollias, P.
  • Preliminary Results from AWARE ABSTRACT
    Uin, J., Senum, G., Springston, S., and Kuang, C.
  • Quantifying Aerosol Influences on the Cloud Radiative Effect ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Feingold, G., McComiskey, A., Yamaguchi, T., and Kazil, J.
  • Quantifying the Uncertainties of Model Physical Processes in Affecting Precipitation, Surface Fluxes and Land-air Coupling Strength over the Amazon Region ABSTRACT
    Qian, Y.
  • Relationship Between Turbulence and Drizzle Onset and Growth in Low-level Continental and Marine Stratiform Clouds Using ARM Observations ABSTRACT
    Luke, E., Borque, P., Szyrmer, W., and Kollias, P.
  • Response of Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Properties to Aerosol Perturbations Associated with Meteorological Conditions from the 19-month AMF-Azores Campaign ABSTRACT
    Liu, J. and Li, Z.
  • Sea Surface Emissivity, Temperature and Atmospheric Measurements from the M-AERI During the ACAPEX Campaign ABSTRACT
    Gero, J., Westphall, M., Knuteson, R., Hackel, D., and Phillips, C.
  • Secondary Organic Aerosol Formation from Ambient Air in an Oxidation Flow Reactor at GoAmazon2014/5 ABSTRACT
    Jimenez, J.
  • Sensitivities of Polarimetric Radar Forward Operators Used with Numerical Models ABSTRACT
    Snyder, J., Ryzhkov, A., Dawson II, D., Jung, Y., and Khain, A.
  • Sensitivity of Cloud Feedbacks to Turbulence Closure, Microphysics, and Grid Size in Cloud-Resolving Radiative-Convective Equilibrium Simulations ABSTRACT
    Lesage, A., Krueger, S., and Khairoutdinov, M.
  • Seven Years of Aerosol Scattering Hygroscopic Growth from SGP: the Relationship to Aerosol Size, Optical Properties and Chemistry ABSTRACT
    Jefferson, A.
  • Ship-based and Satellite Remote Sensing Cloud Retrievals Consistency and the Quantification of Aerosol-cloud Interactions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Painemal, D., Minnis, P., Chiu, J., and Lewis, E.
  • Short-Range Structure of Cloud Optical Depth in North Central Oklahoma Determined by High Resolution Photography from the Surface ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schwartz, S., Huang, D., and Vladutescu, D.
  • Simulations of the May 20 MC3E Squall Line Case: Impacts of Evolving Ice Habits on the Transition Region and Stratiform Precipitation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dunnavan, E., Jensen, A., and Harrington, J.
  • Spectro-microscopy of Ambient Aerosol Particles: Water Vapor Uptake from the Southern Great Plains Site & Preliminary Results from GoAmazon ABSTRACT
    Gilles, M., Wang, B., Petters, M., China, S., and Laskin, A.
  • Statistical Assessment of the Impact of Local Sources on Regional Representativeness ABSTRACT
    Springston, S. and Senum, G.
  • Summary and Preliminary Analysis of Observations from the Radar Wind Profiler (915 MHz) for Cloud Forecasting at BNL Campaign ABSTRACT
    Bartholomew, M., Giangrande, S., and Jensen, M.
  • Synthesis of Aerosol Physical, Chemical, and Radiative Properties from Various Sources: Consistency and Closure ABSTRACT, POSTER
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