Poster Abstracts of the 8th Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2017, March 13-17, 2017, Vienna, VA

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  • A 3D Particle-resolved Model to Quantify Spatial and Temporal Variations in Aerosol Mixing State ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Curtis, J., Riemer, N., and West, M.
  • Absorbing Aerosol Measurements in the ARM AOS Suites ABSTRACT
    Flynn, C., Aiken, A., Ermold, B., Jefferson, A., Kassianov, E., Kulkarni, G., Sedlacek, A., Senum, G., Shippert, T., Springston, S., and Watson, T.
  • ACME-V Campaign: Intensive Greenhouse Gases Observations on the North Slope of Alaska During Summer, 2015 ABSTRACT
    Biraud, S., Torn, M., Sedlacek, A., Springston, S., and Sweeney, C.
  • Aerosol Bimodality ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hudson, J. and Noble, S.
  • Aerosol-Cloud-Precipitation Interactions During STORMVEX ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hallar, G., Mace, G., Lowenthal, D., Benson, S., and Chachere, C.
  • Aerosol Properties Across the North Slope of Alaska: Sources and Distributions from Utqiagvik (formerly Barrow) to Oliktok Point ABSTRACT
    McComiskey, A., Creamean, J., de Boer, G., Maahn, M., Telg, H., and Sedlacek, A.
  • Aerosol Source Apportionment for the GoAmazon2014/15 Experiment ABSTRACT
    Artaxo, P., Burger, A., Barbosa, H., Brito, J., Carbone, S., Rizzo, L., and Martin, S.
  • Amazon Boundary-layer Aerosol Concentration Sustained by Vertical Transport During Rainfall ABSTRACT
    Wang, J., Krejci, R., Giangrande, S., Kuang, C., Barbosa, H., Brito, J., Carbone, S., Chi, X., Comstock, J., Ditas, F., Lavric, J., Manninen, H., Mei, F., Daniel, M., Pohlker, C., Pöhlker, M., Saturno, J., Schmid, B., Souza, R., Springston, S., Tomlinson, J., Toto, T., Walter, D., Wimmer, D., Smith, J., Kulmala, M., Machado, L., Artaxo, P., Andreae, M., Petaja, T., and Martin, S.
  • Amazonian Squall Line Downdraft and Cold-pool Characteristics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schumacher, C., Mayne, S., MacDonald, L., Funk, A., Giangrande, S., and Fuentes, J.
  • Ambient Measurements of Amines and Related Nitrogen-containing Compounds in a Rural Environment Using Protonated Ethanol Chemical Ionization High-resolution Mass Spectrometry ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Stark, H., Nowak, J., Abdelhamid, A., Browne, E., Kimmel, J., Mauldin, R., Smith, J., Soper, R., Schatz, J., Jayne, J., and Worsnop, D.
  • Amorphous Phase State Diagrams of Secondary Organic Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Petters, S., Rothfuss, N., Petters, M., Ziemann, P., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • Analysis of Albedo Versus Cloud Fraction Relationships in Liquid Water Clouds Using Heuristic Models and Large-Eddy Simulation ABSTRACT
    Feingold, G., Balsells, J., Glassmeier, F., Yamaguchi, T., Kazil, J., and McComiskey, A.
  • Analyzing Ice Cloud Lidar Ratio Derived from Ground-Based ARM Raman Lidars at SGP and TWP ABSTRACT
    Balmes, K., Fu, Q., and Thorsen, T.
  • An ARSCL Simulator: Generation and Application to LASSO Case Studies ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Oue, M., Kollias, P., Tatarevic, A., Toto, T., Vogelmann, A., Endo, S., and Gustafson, W.
  • An Assessment of Rain “contamination” in ARM Two-channel Microwave Radiometer Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wall, C., Marchand, R., Zhao, W., and Cadeddu, M.
  • An Efficient Representation of Aerosol Mixing State for Atmospheric Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ching, J., Zaveri, R., Easter, D., Riemer, N., Fast, J., ZelenyukImre, A., Subramanian, R., and Sedlacek, A.
  • A New Framework for Aerosol Simulation ABSTRACT
    Laura, F. and McGraw, R.
  • A New Look at the Effect of NOx on Biogenic SOA Yields ABSTRACT
    Shilling, J., Liu, J., Zaveri, R., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Bell, D., Thornton, J., DAmbro, E., Schobesberger, S., Gaston, C., Lee, B., Ehn, M., Otso, P., Sarnela, N., Yan, C., Cappa, C., Helgestad, T., Li, Z., Wise, M., Wang, J., Thalman, R., Surratt, J., and Riedel, T.
  • A Newly Calibrated Long-term Radar Data Set for Darwin Dual-polarization Radar ABSTRACT
    Louf, V., Protat, A., and Jakob, C.
  • Anomaly Detection for ARM Radiometers Using Machine Learning Algorithms ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gregory, L., Mitchell, J., Ma, L., Wagener, R., and Riihimaki, L.
  • ARM Data Center (ADC) Computational and Storage Resources for the Scientific and Infrastructure Users ABSTRACT
    Records, R., Clodfelter, A., Rush, E., Keck, N., and Prakash, G.
  • ARM Data Center: Data Discovery Updates, New Data Retrieval and Distribution Options, and Use of the Digital Object Identifier in ARM ABSTRACT
    Devarakonda, R., Cederwall, R., Dumas, K., Krishna, B., Singh, A., Clodfelter, A., and Prakash, G.
  • ARM Data Quality Office ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kehoe, K., Monroe, J., King, J., Theisen, A., Moore, S., and Peppler, R.
  • in the Cloud ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Beus, S., Martin, T., Macduff, M., Goss, H., and Wagener, R.
  • ARM’s First Value-Added Product ‘Code Sprint’: a Successful Development Acceleration Paradigm ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Johnson, K., Kollias, P., Clothiaux, E., Toto, T., Wang, M., Lamer, K., Oue, M., Jensen, M., Giangrande, S., Luke, E., and Chen, Y.
  • ARM Southern Great Plains (SGP) ABSTRACT
    Hickmon, N., Sisterson, D., and Ritsche, M.
  • A Status Update on the ARM Raman Lidars ABSTRACT
    Goldsmith, J., Newsom, R., Thorsen, T., Chand, D., and Sivaraman, C.
  • A Stochastic Approach for Representing Ice Cloud Microphysical Processes in Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarquhar, G., Finlon, J., Wu, W., Um, J., and Morrison, H.
  • A Study of IR Loss Correction Methodologies for Commercially Available Pyranometers ABSTRACT
    Long, C., Andreas, A., Augustine, J., Dooraghi, M., Hall, E., Kutchenreiter, M., McComiskey, A., Reda, I., and Sengupta, M.
  • A Summary of Recent ARM Metadata Activity: New and Adjusted Workflows, Primary Measurement Types, and Databases ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Troyan, D., Lazar, K., Wagener, R., Cederwall, R., Ma, L., Liang, M., Cialella, A., and Gregory, L.
  • Atmospheric Aerosol Sources and Composition During Summer at Two Alaskan Arctic Coastal Sites ABSTRACT
    Sheesley, R. and Pratt, K.
  • Atmospheric Stability and Monin-Obukhov Lengths During the MAGIC Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Lewis, E. and Reynolds, R.
  • Atmospheric State Parameters Observed During ICARUS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mei, F., Hubbe, J., Dexheimer, D., Cherry, J., Schmid, B., de Boer, G., Lawrence, D., Shupe, M., and Ivey, M.
  • Attribution of Surface Radiation Errors at the Southern Great Plains in GCMs ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Van Weverberg, K., Morcrette, C., Petch, J., Zhang, C., Ma, H., Klein, S., Gustafson, W., Ahlgrimm, M., Cole, J., Wang, Y., Xie, S., Tang, Q., and Johnson, K.
  • Barrow Cloud Properties in a Pan-Arctic Context ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shupe, M., Persson, O., and Solomon, A.
  • Bayesian Cloud Property Retrievals from ARM Active and Passive Measurements ABSTRACT
    Posselt, D., van Lier-Walqui, M., Remillard, J., and Kollias, P.
  • Biomass Burning and Black Carbon Aerosol from African Sources ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Aiken, A., Sedlacek, A., Springston, S., Watson, T., Zuidema, P., Adebiyi, A., Flynn, C., Dubey, M., Nitschke, K., Ryczek, M., Schwarz, J., Yokelson, R., de Graaf, M., Kreidenweis, S., and Robinson, A.
  • Boundary-Layer Controls on Shallow Cumulus Convection at the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lareau, N., Zhang, Y., and Klein, S.
  • Calibration Stability of the SGP ACSM and Total Mass Comparison with SMPS and UHSAS, and APS Measurements ABSTRACT
    Watson, T., Kuang, C., Bullard, R., and Springston, S.
  • Case Study in the Persistence of Low Marine Boundary Layer Aerosol Concentrations over the Eastern North Atlantic ABSTRACT
    Pennypacker, S. and Wood, R.
  • CAUSES (Clouds Above the United States and Errors at the Surface): Error Contribution from Precipitation and Surface Energy Budget ABSTRACT
    Ma, H., Klein, S., Xie, S., Zhang, C., Tang, S., Tang, Q., Morcrette, C., Van Weverberg, K., Petch, J., Ahlgrimm, M., Berg, L., Cole, J., Forbes, R., Huang, M., Gustafson, W., Liu, Y., Merryfield, W., Qian, Y., and Wang, Y.
  • Characteristics and Processing of Aerosols in Regional Air Masses and Free Troposphere in the Western U.S. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhou, S., Collier, S., Jaffe, D., and Zhang, Q.
  • Characteristics of 3D Cloud Properties During the LASIC Campaign ABSTRACT
    Chiu, J. and Blanchard, Y.
  • Characterizing the Vertical Distribution of Aerosols Above SGP Using CHARMS Data ABSTRACT
    Ferrare, R., Thorsen, T., Clayton, M., Mueller, D., Chemyakin, E., Burton, S., Goldsmith, J., Holz, R., Kuehn, R., Eloranta, E., Marais, W., Newsom, R., Sawamura, P., Moore, R., Holben, B., Kassianov, E., Shi, Y., Hostetler, C., and Liu, X.
  • Chemical Composition and Optical Properties of Wildland and Agricultural Biomass-burning Particles Measured Downwind During the BBOP Study ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Onasch, T., Shilling, J., Wormhoudt, J., Sedlacek, A., Fortner, E., Pekour, M., Chand, D., Zhou, S., Collier, S., Zhang, Q., Kleinman, L., Lewis, E., Worsnop, D., Yokelson, R., Adachi, K., Buseck, P., Freedman, A., and Williams, L.
  • Cloudiness and Marine Boundary-layer Variability at the ARM Eastern North Atlantic Site ABSTRACT
    Remillard, J., Kollias, P., Zhou, X., and Luke, E.
  • Cloud-Resolving Model Intercomparison of a MC3E Squall Line Case: Part I – Convective Updrafts ABSTRACT
    Fan, J., Han, B., Varble, A., Morrison, H., North, K., Kollias, P., Chen, B., Dong, X., Giangrande, S., Khain, A., Lin, Y., Mansell, E., Milbrandt, J., Stenz, R., Thompson, G., and Wang, Y.
  • Cloud Responses to Increased Absorption by Brown Carbon in Biomass Burning ABSTRACT
    Feng, Y. and Kotamarthi, V.
  • Clouds Above the United States and Errors at the Surface (CAUSES) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morcrette, C., Van Weverberg, K., Ma, H., Ahlgrimm, M., Bazile, E., Berg, L., Cheng, A., Cheruy, F., Cole, J., Forbes, R., Gustafson, W., Huang, M., Lee, W., Liu, Y., Qian, Y., Roehrig, R., Wang, Y., Xie, S., Klein, S., and Petch, J.
  • Clouds in the Trade Cumulus Regime - the "too Few, Too Bright" Problem ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M. and Forbes, R.
  • Collaborative Aerosol Research: Laboratory Studies of the Chemical and Physical Properties of Atmospherically Relevant Secondary Organic Aerosol ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, Y., Lambe, A., Nichman, L., Lee, T., jung, I., Massoli, P., Williams, L., Worsnop, D., Kolb, C., Onasch, T., and Davidovits, P.
  • Contrasting Ice Nucleation Characteristics in Mixed-phase Clouds over the North and South Poles Using Remote-Sensing Measurements ABSTRACT
    Zhang, D., Wang, Z., Vogelmann, A., Liu, X., and Zhang, M.
  • Controlling Factors of Continental Shallow Cumulus Clouds – Sensitivity Tests of LES and ACME Single-column Model on a New Composite SGP Case ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, Y., Klein, S., Lin, W., and Xie, S.
  • Controls and Interrelationships Between the Convective Components of Simulated and Observed Mid-latitude Deep Convection ABSTRACT
    Trapp, R., Lasher-Trapp, S., Nesbitt, S., Marion, G., Borque, P., Mallinson, H., and Engelsen, B.
  • Convective Cloud Vertical Velocity and Mass-flux Characteristics from ARM Radar Wind Profiler Observations During GoAmazon2014/15 ABSTRACT
    Giangrande, S.
  • Deployment of a New AOS for the Southern Great Plains Central Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Springston, S., Smith, S., Bullard, R., Kuang, C., Salwen, C., Sedlacek, A., Uin, J., and Watson, T.
  • Derivation of Aerosol Hygroscopicity at SGP from Size and Composition Measurements ABSTRACT
    Telg, H., Andrews, E., Feingold, G., McComiskey, A., Collins, D., and Watson, T.
  • Determination of Cloud Phase from Active and Passive Sensors During AWARE ABSTRACT
    Cadeddu, M., Lubin, D., Vogelmann, A., and Ghate, V.
  • Development and Testing of a Stochastic Representation of Ice Microphysical Properties in WRF ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morrison, H., Varble, A., Stanford, M., Zipser, E., Grabowski, W., and McFarquhar, G.
  • Development of a Polarimetric Radar Forward Operator for the Bayesian Observationally Constrained Statistical-physical Scheme (BOSS) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kumjian, M., Martinkus, C., Prat, O., van Lier-Walqui, M., and Morrison, H.
  • Development of Statistical Cloud Population Models ABSTRACT
    Hagos, S., Feng, Z., Burleyson, C., and Houze, R.
  • Diurnal Cycle of Clouds and Precipitation at the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Zhao, W., Marchand, R., and Fu, Q.
  • Early Drizzle Detection in Warm Stratiform Clouds: Interpretation of Radar Doppler Spectrum Skewness ABSTRACT
    Luke, E., Witte, M., Szyrmer, W., and Kollias, P.
  • Effects of Spatial Averaging in Vertical Velocity Statistics from the ARM Doppler Lidars ABSTRACT
    Newsom, R.
  • Enhanced Measurements with the ARM Tethered Balloon System at Oliktok Point During ICARUS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shupe, M., Matrosov, S., Schmitt, C., Brooks, I., de Boer, G., Dexheimer, D., Telg, H., Maahn, M., Turner, D., and Williams, C.
  • Entrainment Rate Estimates in the Northeast Pacific Stratocumulus Cloud Regime from Ship-based Data, Geostationary Satellite Retrievals, and Meteorological Reanalysis ABSTRACT
    Painemal, D., Xu, K., and Minnis, P.
  • Environmental Conditions Controlling the Shallow-to-Deep Transition in Convective Clouds During GoAmazon 2014/15 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Giangrande, S., Gostic, C., Ghate, V., Mechem, D., and Toto, T.
  • ERASMUS: Campaign Summary and Highlights ABSTRACT, POSTER
    de Boer, G., Lawrence, D., Palo, S., Argrow, B., LoDolce, G., Finamore, W., Weibel, D., Gao, R., Telg, H., Schmid, B., Long, C., Ivey, M., Bendure, A., Bland, G., Borenstein, S., Maslanik, J., and Elston, J.
  • Estimates of Ice Crystal Terminal Velocity Using IPAS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schmitt, C., Sulia, K., and Lebo, Z.
  • Evaluating Arctic Clouds Across Scales: a Comparison of Clouds in Large-scale and Multi-scale Models with ARM Observations over the North Slope of Alaska ABSTRACT
    Hillman, B., Roesler, E., Dexheimer, D., and Ivey, M.
  • Evaluating Similar Large-eddy Simulation Representations of Cloud Regime Transitions Against DOE ARM Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mechem, D. and Giangrande, S.
  • Evaluating the Sources of Uncertainties in the Measurements from Multiple Pyranometers and Pyrheliometers ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sengupta, M., Habte, A., Andreas, A., Dooraghi, M., Reda, I., and Kutchenreiter, M.
  • Evaluation and Improvement of the Parameterization of Aerosol Hygroscopicity in Global Climate Models Using in Situ Surface Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Andrews, E., Zieger, P., and Titos, G.
  • Evaluation of the Effect of Cumulus Parameterization Physics on Convective Updraft Speeds ABSTRACT
    Del Genio, A., Wu, J., and Yao, M.
  • Evaluation of the SACR ADVance Velocity-Azimuth Display (SACR-ADV-VAD) Value-Added Product ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Toto, T., Johnson, K., Lamer, K., Giangrande, S., and Kollias, P.
  • Evidence for Anthropogenic Pollution Allowing for New Particle Formation in the Amazon Boundary Layer ABSTRACT
    Barbosa, H., Cirino, G., Brito, J., Rizzo, L., Carbone, S., Simoes De Sa, S., Palm, B., Jimenez, J., Souza, R., Smith, J., Martin, S., and Artaxo, P.
  • Extended Elemental Mixing State of Amazonian Aerosols During GoAmazon 2014/2015 IOP2 ABSTRACT
    Matthew, F. and Moffet, R.
  • Failure of Taylor's Hypothesis and Its Correction ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cheng, Y. and Gentine, P.
  • Feature-based Diagnosis of Convective Organization and Cold Pools Using ARM Data Sets and Evaluation of a Unified Convection Parameterization ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kim, D., Cheng, W., Rowe, A., and Park, S.
  • Field Measurements of the Impact of the Reactive Uptake of Reduced Nitrogen on the Hygroscopicity and Light Absorption of Ambient Secondary Organic Aerosol ABSTRACT
    Bertram, T. and Cappa, C.
  • First Look at the Extended Aerosol Size Distribution Measured from the New SGP AOS ABSTRACT
    Kuang, C., Bullard, R., Uin, J., Smith, S., and Springston, S.
  • Gathering Rare Data from Pole to Pole: the Mobile Atmospheric Observatory #2 (AMF2) ABSTRACT
    Powers, H., Nitschke, K., Haruta, A., Aiken, A., Leone, O., and Sonntag, K.
  • Global Simulations Using a Subcolumn Sampler for Microphysics, SILHS ABSTRACT
    Larson, V.
  • Highly Viscous States Affect the Browning of Atmospheric Organic Particulate Matter ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Martin, S.
  • High-resolution Measurements and Modeling over the North Slope of Alaska ABSTRACT
    Roesler, E., Dexheimer, D., McChesney, M., Hillman, B., and Dennis, L.
  • High-Resolution Surface Products for the ARM Land Atmosphere Cloud Interaction Group ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cialella, A., Wagener, R., and Gregory, L.
  • How Drizzle Evaporation Impacts Below-Cloud Turbulent Kinetic Energy in Transition Marine Stratocumulus ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Miller, M. and Kuang, Z.
  • How Fast Does Snow Fall? ABSTRACT
    Garrett, T.
  • HPC Infrastructure to Support the Next-Generation ARM Facility Data Operations ABSTRACT
    Prakash, G., Kumar, J., Rush, E., Records, R., Clodfelter, A., and Voyles, J.
  • Ice Nucleation Measurements Using PNNL Mobile Ice Chamber from FIN-2 Workshop ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kulkarni, G.
  • Identifying the Influence of Local Source Emissions on the Regional Representativeness of AOS Measurements Using Machine Learning ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mitchell, J., Smith, S., McMahon, A., Springston, S., Wagener, R., Gregory, L., and Madigan, T.
  • Impact of Aerosol-Cloud-Interactions (ACI) by Various Aerosol and Meteorological Factors ABSTRACT
    Li, Z., Lee, S., Liu, J., Zhang, Y., and Zheng, Y.
  • Impacts of Realistic Land Cover and Crop Phenology on Simulated High-resolution Surface Flux Heterogeneity in the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Bagley, J., Kueppers, L., Williams, I., Lu, Y., Biraud, S., Tadic, J., and Torn, M.
  • Improved Identification of Primary Biological Aerosol Particles Using Single-particle Mass Spectrometry ABSTRACT
    Cziczo, D.
  • Improving Convective Trigger Functions Using GOAmazon Observations ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G. and Song, F.
  • Improving Simulations of Phase Partitioning in Mixed-Phase Clouds in the Community Earth System Model (CESM) with ARM Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, X., Zhang, M., Yong, W., Zhang, D., Wang, Z., Ma, H., and Xie, S.
  • Improving the Representation of Marine Boundary-layer Clouds and Drizzle in CAM Based on ARM Observations in the Azores ABSTRACT
    Zheng, X. and Klein, S.
  • Influence of Urban Pollution on the Production of Organic Particulate Matter from Isoprene Epoxydiols in Central Amazonia ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Martin, S. and Simoes De Sa, S.
  • Initiation of Daytime Moist Convection over the Semi-arid Tropics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Couvreux, F. and Guichard, F.
  • In Situ Measurements of Potential SOA Formation and OA Aging During GoAmazon2014/15 & Direct Measurements of Gas-particle Partitioning and Mass Accommodation Coefficients in Environmental Chambers ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jimenez, J. and Day, D.
  • Investigating the Scale Dependence of SCM Simulated Precipitation and Clouds by Using 3D Forcing at the ARM SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Tang, S., Xie, S., and Zhang, M.
  • Laboratory Water Uptake Studies of Biomass Smoke and Assessment of BC Parameterization in DOE Climate Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bixler, S., Li, Y., Carrico, C., Riemer, N., Aiken, A., Rahn, T., and Dubey, M.
  • Land-atmosphere Coupling Strength over the U.S. Southern Great Plains: a New Diagnostic ABSTRACT
    Tang, Q., Xie, S., Zhang, Y., and Phillips, T.
  • Large-eddy Simulation of the Response of Shallow Cumuli to Land Surface Heterogeneity ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, J., Zhang, Y., and Klein, S.
  • Large-Eddy Simulations of Airflow Dynamics and Physics over the Island of Graciosa ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sever, G., Collis, S., and Ghate, V.
  • Large-Scale Data Analysis and Visualization Using NoSQL Technologies for LASSO, Radar Data, and Beyond ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Krishna, B., Dumas, K., Gustafson, W., Vogelmann, A., Toto, T., and Prakash, G.
  • Laser Hygrometer UAS Payload for Profiling the Thermodynamic State of the Arctic Lower Atmosphere ABSTRACT
    Sonnenfroh, D.
  • LASSO’s Data Bundles for Consumption ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., Gustafson, W., Toto, T., Endo, S., Xiao, H., Li, Z., Cheng, X., and Krishna, B.
  • Latent Heat Retrievals Using Polarimetric Radar Data ABSTRACT
    Carlin, J., Snyder, J., Khain, A., and Ryzhkov, A.
  • Layered Atlantic Smoke Interactions with Clouds: First Results from the LASIC Campaign. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zuidema, P., Delgadillo, R., Aiken, A., Flynn, C., Isom, B., Sedlacek, A., Zhang, J., Adebiyi, A., and Feng, Y.
  • LES for the Masses: LASSO’s Going Into Production ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gustafson, W., Vogelmann, A., Li, Z., Cheng, X., Endo, S., Krishna, B., Toto, T., and Xiao, H.
  • Linking Cloud Dynamics and Microphysics on Subgrid Scales ABSTRACT
    Ovchinnikov, M. and Wong, M.
  • Local and Long-range Emissions in Oliktok Point, Alaska ABSTRACT
    Uin, J., Senum, G., Springston, S., Kuang, C., and Sedlacek, A.
  • Long-term Arctic Ground-based Observations for Global Climate Model Evaluation: Liquid Phase Occurrence Within the Context of Cloud Vertical Structure ABSTRACT
    Lamer, K., Fridlind, A., Ackerman, A., Tselioudis, G., Luke, E., Kollias, P., and Clothiaux, E.
  • Long-Term Vertical Velocity Statistics Derived from SGP Doppler Lidar Data During Convective Conditions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berg, L., Newsom, R., and Turner, D.
  • Macro-physical Properties of Shallow Cumulus from Integrated ARM Observations: Development of a New Data Product for Model Evaluation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Riley, E., Kleiss, J., Long, C., Riihimaki, L., Berg, L., and Kassianov, E.
  • Marine-AERI Retrievals of Sea Surface Emissivity and Skin Temperature from the ACAPEX Campaign ABSTRACT
    Gero, J., Westphall, M., Knuteson, R., Nalli, N., and Smith, W.
  • Measuring Particle Absorption with the CAPS PMssa Monitor ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Onasch, T., Croteau, P., Wolff, L., Miake-Lye, R., and Freedman, A.
  • Mesoscale Cloud Cellular Organization of Marine Stratocumulus. Part I: the Dominant Impact of Vertical Moisture Gradient on Drizzling Stratocumulus Organization ABSTRACT
    Zhou, X., Ackerman, A., Fridlind, A., and Kollias, P.
  • Methods of Filtering Parsivel2 Data for Different Rain Regimes ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bartholomew, M.
  • MFRSR Hardware Improvements ABSTRACT
    Hodges, G.
  • Miniature Instrumentation for Measurements in Polar Mixed-Phase Clouds Using UAVs and TBS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lawson, P., Roden, C., Gurganus, C., and Schmidt, S.
  • Modeling and Observing Near-Infrared Methane Surface Radiative Forcing ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Feldman, D., Collins, W., Kuo, C., Flynn, C., and Torn, M.
  • Modeling and Polarimetric Radar Studies of Single- and Multi-layered Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chen, Y., Schrom, R., Lai, H., Zhang, F., Verlinde, J., Kumjian, M., Harrington, J., Clothiaux, E., and Aydin, K.
  • Modeling the Explicit Chemistry of Organic Aerosols: Formation, Removal, and Comparison with Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Madronich, S. and Hodzic, A.
  • Molecular-level Closure of New-particle Growth Rates over the Finnish Boreal Forest ABSTRACT
    Thornton, J., Mohr, C., Lopez-Hilfiker, F., Lee, B., and Schobesberger, S.
  • Multiscale Data Assimilation Forcing for LASSO ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Li, Z., Cheng, X., Gustafson, W., Xiao, H., Vogelmann, A., Endo, S., and Toto, T.
  • New Website Launched for ARM Next Generation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jundt, R. and Goss, H.
  • North Polar Radiative Flux Variability from 2002 Through 2014 ABSTRACT
    Rutan, D., Rose, F., Doelling, D., and Kato, S.
  • Novel Evaluation of Cloud Model Microphysical Fields Using Polarimetric Radar Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutledge, S., Tao, W., Matsui, T., Dolan, B., Iguchi, T., and Julie, B.
  • Observational Constraints on Black Carbon Wet and Dry Deposition ABSTRACT
    Farmer, D., McMeeking, G., and Emerson, E.
  • Observation and Simulations of Water Vapor Turbulence Profiles in Convective Boundary Layers over the ARM Southern Great Plains and Tropical Western Pacific Sites ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Osman, M., Heus, T., Turner, D., Newsom, R., and White, R.
  • Observations and Modeling of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions at ARM Sites in Alaska ABSTRACT
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