Poster Abstracts of the 10th Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science Team Meeting

ASR-CONF-2019, , 2019,

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  • A Community Retrieval for Multi-Instrument Thermodynamic Profiling of the Boundary Layer ABSTRACT
    Gero, J., Turner, D., Wagner, T., Garcia, R., and Hackel, D.
  • A Computationally Efficient Chemistry, Thermodynamics, and Microphysics Model to Study Atmospheric Evolution of Organic Aerosol ABSTRACT
    Chuang, W., Jathar, S., Pierce, J., Cappa, C., Zaveri, R., Shilling, J., Lambe, A., and Joel, T.
  • A Convective-scale Data Assimilation System for the ARM Megasite ABSTRACT
    Zhang, M., wang, J., Xie, S., Tang, S., Oue, M., and Kollias, P.
  • Aerosol and CAPE Sensitivity Simulations with the NASA WRF Bin Microphysical Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutledge, S., Iguchi, T., Tao, W., Matsui, T., Dolan, B., Lang, S., and Barnum, J.
  • Aerosol and Cloud Chemistry During the ACE-ENA Campaign ABSTRACT
    Zawadowicz, M., Wang, J., Wood, R., Pekour, M., Liu, J., Suski, K., and Shilling, J.
  • Aerosol Properties During Two IOPs at the ARM ENA Site ABSTRACT
    Kassianov, E., Pekour, M., Flynn, C., Uin, J., and Watson, T.
  • Aerosol Size Distributions and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Spectra and Their Temporal Variability in the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Marinescu, P., Levin, E., Collins, D., and Kreidenweis, S.
  • A First Look at Cloud Radar Value-Added Products During the CACTI ARM Mobile Facility Deployment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Johnson, K., Giangrande, S., Kollias, P., Wang, M., Zhou, A., Toto, T., and Ma, L.
  • Aged Biomass Burning Aerosol: BC-dominated Absorbing Plumes Observed at Ascension Island Within the Marine Boundary Layer During LASIC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Aiken, A., Zuidema, P., Watson, T., Sedlacek, A., Uin, J., Springston, S., Dubey, M., Gallo, F., Lee, J., and Romonosky, D.
  • Aircraft Cloud Measurements During ACE-ENA ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mei, F., Comstock, J., Wang, J., and Jensen, M.
  • A Laser Hygrometer Payload for the ScanEagle UAS ABSTRACT
    Sonnenfroh, D. and Zondlo, M.
  • A Machine Learning Assisted Development of a Model for the Population Dynamics of Clouds ABSTRACT
    Hagos, S., Feng, Z., Plant, B., and Protat, A.
  • A Miniaturized, Lower Cost Static Diffusion Chamber for Cloud Condensation Nuclei Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McMeeking, G., Huffman, J., and Huffman, D.
  • Analysis of Climate-Relevant Gas Absorption Properties from ARM Spectral Measurements ABSTRACT
    Mlawer, E., Payne, V., Turner, D., and Cadeddu, M.
  • Analysis of the Shallow-to-deep Convection Transition in GoAmazon Observations ABSTRACT
    Tian, Y., Zhang, Y., and Klein, S.
  • An Analysis of Dynamical and Microphysical Characteristics Using Wind Profiler and C-band Scanning Radars for Deep Convective Clouds Observed During CACTI Field Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Oue, M., Treserras, B., and Kollias, P.
  • An Evaluation of Size-resolved Cloud Microphysics Scheme Numerics for Use with Radar Observations. Part 2. Water Vapor Diffusion ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, H., Fridlind, A., and Ackerman, A.
  • A New and User Centric Data Discovery Tool to Access the ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Prakash, G., Dumas, K., and Devarakonda, R.
  • A New Method for Operating a Continuous Flow Diffusion Type Ice Chamber to Investigate Immersion Freezing: Assessment and Performance Study ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kulkarni, G.
  • Application of the Dual Tandem DMA Method to Study the Amorphous Phase Transition of Organic Aerosols ABSTRACT
    Petters, M., Rothfuss, N., Kasparoglu, S., Champion, W., Grieshop, A., Ziemann, P., Kreidenweis, S., and DeMott, P.
  • Argentinian CACTI Campaign Reveals Storm Life Cycles, Evolution ABSTRACT
    Patel, N., Argay, P., Champenois, S., Chu, D., Cunha, B., Goering, T., Nitschke, K., Ortega, P., Powers, H., Castro, V., Silva, T., and Viegas, J.
  • ARM Aerosol Measurement Plan Progress ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Springston, S., Mather, J., and Flynn, C.
    Comstock, J., Kehoe, K., and Prakash, G.
  • ARM Data Studio ABSTRACT
    Krishna, B., Prakash, G., Dumas, K., and Singh, A.
  • ARM Evaluation Data User Metrics and Best Practices ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Isphording, R., Davis, M., and Cederwall, R.
  • ARM Remote Sensors Reveal Higher Frequency of Occurrence of Clouds and Drizzle in the Eastern North Atlantic: How Ground-based Observations Can Complement CloudSat/Calipso ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lamer, K., Kollias, P., and zhu, Z.
  • ARM Southern Great Plains (SGP) Update 2018 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ritsche, M., Theisen, A., and Hickmon, N.
  • ARM Tethered Balloon System Measurements from POPEYE IOP at AMF3 ABSTRACT
    Dexheimer, D., Mei, F., de Boer, G., Creamean, J., Telg, H., Hardesty, J., and Ivey, M.
  • Assessing the Drivers of Isoprene SOA: Laboratory Studies, Calculations and Modeling ABSTRACT
    Volkamer, R. and Thornton, J.
  • Assessment of Precipitating Marine Stratocumulus in EAMv1: a Case Study During the ARM MAGIC Campaign ABSTRACT
    Zheng, X., Klein, S., and Ghate, V.
  • Assimilation of Satellite Aerosol Observations Into NASA LaRC’s CERES SYN1deg Data Product – Validation and Effect on Surface Radiative Transfer Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutan, D., Rose, F., Fillmore, D., Caldwell, T., Doelling, D., Smith, W., and Kato, S.
  • Atmospheric Turbulent Structures Inferred from Small Unmanned Aerial Systems in the Arctic as Part of the POPEYE Campaign ABSTRACT
    Goldberger, L., Mei, F., Schmid, B., de Boer, G., Solomon, A., and Lawrence, D.
  • A Use Case: the Operational Ground-Based Retrieval Evaluation for Clouds (OGRE-CLOUDS) Framework ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, M., Jensen, M., Kollias, P., Zhang, D., Shippert, T., Riihimaki, L., and Comstock, J.
  • Bayesian Cloud Property Retrievals for Shallow Liquid Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Posselt, D., van Lier-Walqui, M., and Kollias, P.
  • Biological Aerosols and Their Role on Cloud-aerosol Interactions in the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Steiner, A.
  • Boundary Layer Thermodynamic Decoupling at the ARM ENA Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ghate, V., Cadeddu, M., Jensen, M., Mechem, D., Matthews, A., Reis, F., and Azevedo, E.
  • Buoyancy Sorting Versus Two-point Mixing: Investigating Mixing in Shallow Cumuli Using RACORO Observations, LES, and Lagrangian Particle Tracking ABSTRACT
    Wei, X. and Kuang, Z.
  • Calibration Stability of the ARM Raman Lidar at ENA ABSTRACT
    Chand, D., Newsom, R., Goldsmith, J., Bambha, R., Flynn, C., Sivaraman, C., Cromwell, E., Thorsen, T., and Comstock, J.
  • Chamber-based Insights Into the Factors Controlling IEPOX SOA Yield, Composition, and Volatility ABSTRACT
    Thornton, J., D'Ambro, E., Schobesberger, S., Gaston, C., Lopez-Hilfiker, F., Lee, B., Liu, J., ZelenyukImre, A., Bell, D., Cappa, C., Helgestad, T., Li, Z., Guenther, A., Wang, J., Barsanti, K., Wise, M., Caylor, R., Surratt, J., Riedel, T., and Shilling, J.
  • Characteristics of Snow Regimes at North Slope Alaska as Derived from the NSA Snowfall Product ABSTRACT
    Wood, N., Mateling, M., Cooper, S., and Lecuyer, T.
  • Characteristics of the Cold-air Outbreak Cloud Regime over the Southern Ocean, as Observed in MARCUS ABSTRACT
    Hu, Y., Wang, Y., Lebo, Z., and Geerts, B.
  • Characterization of Aerosol Above-cloud Incidence and Optical Properties over the Southeastern Atlantic ABSTRACT
    Feng, Y., Muradyan, P., Sedlacek, A., and Kotamarthi, V.
  • Characterization of Shallow Oceanic Precipitation Using Profiling and Scanning Radar Observations at the Eastern North Atlantic ARM Observatory ABSTRACT
    Kollias, P., Lamer, K., zhu, Z., and Puigdomenech, B.
  • Characterizing the Impact of Entrainment Rate in Stratocumulus from ARM Observations and Large-Eddy Simulations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mechem, D., Ghate, V., McMichael, L., Eissner, J., Jensen, M., and Giangrande, S.
  • Characterizing Turbulence in the CBL Using ARM Observations and LES ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Turner, D., Heus, T., Osman, M., and Wulfmeyer, V.
  • Cimel Sun-Photometers: New and Updated Data Products: Lunar Aerosol Optical Depth & Three-channel Cloud Optical Depth ABSTRACT
    Gregory, L., Ma, L., Wagener, R., Giangrande, S., and Toto, T.
  • Cloud and Water Vapor Influences on ERA5, AMPS, and ModelE3 Surface Downwelling Longwave Radiation Biases in West Antarctica ABSTRACT
    Verlinde, J., Silber, I., Wang, S., Bromwich, D., Fridlind, A., Cadeddu, M., Eloranta, E., and Flynn, C.
  • Cloud Edge Properties Measured by the ARM Shortwave Spectrometers over Ocean and Land ABSTRACT
    Marshak, A.
  • Cloud Optical Properties over Antarctica from Shortwave Spectral and Broadband Measurements During AWARE ABSTRACT
    Lubin, D., Cadeddu, M., Vogelmann, A., Ghate, V., scarci, K., and Scott, R.
  • Cloud Processing and Photoparticle Production from Cloud Remote Sensing and Surface Aerosol Size Spectra at SGP ABSTRACT
    Hudson, J. and Noble, S.
  • Collaborative Research – BC5 Laboratory Studies of the Optical Properties and Ice Nuclei Activity of Carbonaceous Particles as a Function of Mixing State and Phase State ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, Y., Nichman, L., Bhandari, J., Spencer, P., Heffernan, B., jung, I., Lee, T., Williams, L., Worsnop, D., Mazzoleni, C., Onasch, T., and Davidovits, P.
  • COMBLE: Studying Norwegian Sea’s Cold-Air Outbreaks ABSTRACT
    Heikoop, J., Aiken, A., Argay, P., Champenois, S., Dickman, L., Goering, T., Ortega, P., Patel, N., and Powers, H.
  • Datasets and Early Results from MARCUS and MICRE ABSTRACT
    Marchand, R. and McFarquhar, G.
  • Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Hydrometeor Classification Using Dual Polarization Doppler Radars ABSTRACT
    Lu, Y. and Kumar, J.
  • Detection and Chracteristics of Blowing Snow During the AWARE Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Loeb, N. and Kennedy, A.
  • Determination of the Decoupling Degree and Cloud-base Updrafts of Marine Stratocumulus Using Satellite and the MAGIC Campaign Data ABSTRACT
    Li, Z., Zheng, Y., and Rosenfeld, D.
  • Developing Atmospheric Stability Parameter to Improve MFRSR Data ABSTRACT
    Hodges, G. and Herrera, C.
  • Developing New Methods to Retrieve MBL Cloud and Drizzle Microphysical Properties Using Ground-based and Aircraft in Situ Measurements During ACE-ENA ABSTRACT
    Wu, P., Dong, X., and Xi, B.
  • Development of a Framework to Allow for Easy Sharing of Code ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Theisen, A., Hickmon, N., Collis, S., Jackson, R., Kehoe, K., King, A., Godine, C., Sockol, A., and Peppler, R.
  • Development of a Global Quasi-3-D Multiscale Modeling Framework ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jung, J., Konor, C., and Randall, D.
  • Development of an Autonomous Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor with Integrated Calibration and Quality Assurance Capability ABSTRACT
    Croteau, P., Zhang, Q., Watson, T., Xu, W., Williams, L., Canagaratna, M., Jayne, J., and Worsnop, D.
  • Development of Modular Ice Microphysics Retrieval for AWARE and Other ARM Sites ABSTRACT
    Tridon, F., Kalogeras, P., Kneifel, S., and Battaglia, A.
  • Direct Comparison of LES of Cumulus Convection with ARM-SGP Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Heus, T., Neggers, R., Griewank, P., and Lareau, N.
  • Dissipation of Mixed-Phase Arctic Clouds and Its Relationship to Aerosol Properties ABSTRACT
    Igel, A. and Sedlar, J.
  • Diurnal Vagaries over the Amazon in CESM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bai, H., Schumacher, C., Anselmo, E., and Machado, L.
  • ECOR SmartFlux: Upgrading the ARM Eddy Correlation Flux Measurement Systems ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sullivan, R. and Cook, D.
  • Effects of Convective Ice Fall Velocity and Detrainment on Anvil Clouds: Single-Column Model Testing with NCAR CAM6 Evaluated with the ARM TWP-ICE and MC3E Data ABSTRACT
    LIN, L., Fu, Q., Liu, X., and Shan, Y.
  • Effects of Marine Organic Aerosol as Sources of Ice Nucleating Particles on Mixed-Phase Clouds at High Latitudes ABSTRACT
    Liu, X., Zhao, X., Burrows, S., McCluskey, C., and DeMott, P.
  • Effects of Under-resolved Convective Dynamics on Mesoscale Convective Evolution ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varble, A. and Morrison, H.
  • Eliminating Double ITCZ in the NCAR CESM1 Through Improvement of Convection Parameterization ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G.
  • Enabling Near-Real-Time Aircraft Data Visualization ABSTRACT
    Beus, S., Dohnalek, D., Tomlinson, J., and Matthews, A.
  • Engineering Evaluation of the ARM X Band Precipitation Radars at SGP ABSTRACT
    Chandrasekar, V., Morin, A., Mendez, Z., Graniello, S., Dutta, A., Lindenmaier, I., and Bharadwaj, N.
  • Entrainment, Convective Heating and Organized Convection ABSTRACT
    Yang, D.
  • Entrainment in Tropical Deep Convection ABSTRACT
    Anber, U., Giangrande, S., and Jensen, M.
  • Evaluating a Stochastic Ice Microphysics Parameterization Scheme in Simulations of Deep Convection ABSTRACT
    Stanford, M., Varble, A., Morrison, H., Berner, J., Wu, W., McFarquhar, G., Finlon, J., and Milbrandt, J.
  • Evaluating Cloud Number Concentration Retrievals in Marine Stratocumulus with ACE-ENA Measurements ABSTRACT
    Zhang, D., Yang, F., Luke, E., Kollias, P., Vogelmann, A., and Wang, Z.
  • Evaluating the Effect of Coupled-to-decoupled Transition of the Atmospheric Boundary Layer on the Change of Phase Partitioning in the Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yang, F., Ovchinnikov, M., Zhang, D., Luke, E., Oue, M., Lubin, D., Kollias, P., and Vogelmann, A.
  • Evaluation and Improvement of the Parameterization of Aerosol Hygroscopicity in Global Climate Models Using In-situ Surface Measurements ABSTRACT
    Zieger, P., Burgos, M., Titos, G., Andrews, E., Bian, H., Buchard, V., Curci, G., Kirkevag, A., Matsui, H., Randles, C., and Zhang, K.
  • Examination of Cloud Microphysical Relationships and Their Implication on Entrainment and Mixing Processes in Stratocumulus Clouds Measured During the ACE-ENA Campaign ABSTRACT
    Yeom, J., Yum, S., Wang, J., Shaw, R., Mei, F., Schmid, B., and Matthews, A.
  • Exploring the Impacts of Relative Humidity on New Particle Formation Mechanisms ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Smith, J., Chee, S., Myllys, N., Jiang, J., Pierce, J., and Li, X.
  • Exploring the Secret Life of Low Clouds: a Proof-of-Principle for a Nocturnal Low-Cloud Mask During the PECAN Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Feldman, D. and Romps, D.
  • Exploring Variability of the Level of Neutral Buoyancy and Level of Maximum Detrainment for Deep Convective Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Wang, D., Diorio, J., Jozef, G., Johnson, K., Giangrande, S., and Starzec, M.
  • Fast Neural Network Emulation of a Planetary Boundary Layer Parameterization in a Numerical Weather Forecast Model ABSTRACT
    Kotamarthi, V. and Wang, J.
  • Formation and Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosol Particles Generated by Ozonolysis of β-Caryophyllene with and Without the Presence of Gas-phase Pyrene ABSTRACT
    ZelenyukImre, A., Bell, D., Suski, K., Imre, D., and Shrivastava, M.
  • Formation of Refractory Black Carbon by SP2-Induced Charring of Organic Aerosol ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sedlacek, A., Onasch, T., Nichman, L., Lewis, E., Davidovits, P., Freedman, A., and Williams, L.
  • Fractional Sky Cover Measurement for the ARM User Facility ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morris, V.
  • Gas/Particle Partitioning of L/SVOC Into Probe Particles, SOA, and Tubing; and Parameteterizing Isoprene SOA for Climate Models ABSTRACT
    Jimenez, J.
  • Growth of Urban Ultrafine Aerosols and Their Impact on Shallow Clouds and Precipitation in the Amazon Rainforest ABSTRACT
    Zaveri, R., Wang, J., Fan, J., Zhang, Y., Shilling, J., ZelenyukImre, A., Mei, F., Pekour, M., Tomlinson, J., Hubbe, J., Shrivastava, M., Fortner, E., Springston, S., Longo, K., Schumacher, C., Kim, S., Machado, L., Artaxo, P., and Martin, S.
  • Heterogeneity in Warm-season Land-atmosphere Coupling over the U.S. Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Tang, Q., Xie, S., Zhang, Y., Phillips, T., Santanello, J., Cook, D., Riihimaki, L., and Gaustad, K.
  • Highly Supercooled Drizzling Stratus over Antarctica: a Good Test for Climate Models? ABSTRACT
    Silber, I., Fridlind, A., Verlinde, J., Ackerman, A., Chen, Y., Wang, S., Bromwich, D., Cadeddu, M., and Eloranta, E.
  • Holographic Cloud Particle Imager (HCPI) Phase II Update ABSTRACT
    McAdams, D., Christian, J., and Wilcox, E.
  • How Important Is Microphysical Variability to Atmospheric Cloud Processes? Quantification of Variability and Impact on Forecast Model Results. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schmitt, C., Lebo, Z., Sulia, K., and Przybylo, V.
  • Ice Nucleation Activity of Laboratory Generated Soil Organic Particles ABSTRACT
    Laskin, A., China, S., Kulkarni, G., Burrows, S., Gilles, M., Knopf, D., and ZelenyukImre, A.
  • Ice Nucleation by Laboratory-Generated and Ambient Particles, Its Representation in Global Models, and the Role of Secondary Ice Multiplication Processes ABSTRACT
    Knopf, D., Wong, B., Wang, P., Lu, Y., Charnawskas, J., Cong, C., China, S., Veghte, D., Matthew, F., Laskin, A., Moffet, R., Gilles, M., Wang, J., Zipori, A., Rudich, Y., Rosenfeld, D., Perlwitz, J., Fridlind, A., Miller, R., and Pérez García-Pando, C.
  • Ice Number Concentration Retrievals from Scanning Cloud Radar Measurements for Studying Secondary Ice Production ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kedzuf, N., Chiu, J., Blanchard, Y., Chandrasekar, V., Lu, Y., Biswas, S., Isom, B., Bharadwaj, N., and Dolan, B.
  • Impact of Dry Intrusions on the Marine Boundary Layer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ilotoviz, E., Raveh, S., and Ghate, V.
  • Impacts of Phase State on Secondary Organic Aerosol Partitioning and Amine Uptake by Particles ABSTRACT
    Shiraiwa, M., Carlton, A., Smith, J., Nizkorodov, S., Li, Y., DeRieux, W., Glicker, H., Dempsey, R., Fleming, L., and MontoyaAguilera, J.
  • Improved and Streamlined Data and Operations Management Tools Provided for the ARM/ASR Community ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Devarakonda, R., Guntupally, K., Dumas, K., and Prakash, G.
  • Individual Particle Characterization of the Carbon Content of Aerosols Collected in the Eastern North Atlantic ABSTRACT
    Moffet, R., Bonanno, D., Matthew, F., Wong, B., Charnawskas, J., Wang, P., Cong, C., Tomlin, J., Josette, M., China, S., Knopf, D., Gilles, M., and Laskin, A.
  • Influence of Free-tropospheric Aerosol at the Boundary Layer in Remote Marine Environment ABSTRACT
    China, S., Veghte, D., Weiss, J., Tomlin, J., Moffet, R., Knopf, D., Raveh, S., Gilles, M., Wang, J., and Laskin, A.
  • Influence of Soil Moisture Gradient on Convective Cloud Development During HI-SCALE ABSTRACT
    Sakaguchi, K., Berg, L., Fast, J., Tai, S., Newsom, R., Huang, M., and Pekour, M.
  • Insights from Eight Years of Aerosol Composition Measurements at SGP: Aerosol Chemistry, Sources, Processes, and Seasonal Trends ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Q., Wang, N., Parworth, C., Watson, T., Croteau, P., and Williams, L.
  • Integrated Cloud and High-Performance Computing Platform for Interactive Analysis of ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Kumar, J., Price, Z., Clodfelter, A., Records, R., and Prakash, G.
  • Integrating Sphere-Based Nephelometer for UAS Applications ABSTRACT
    Schloesser, H. and Moosmuller, H.
  • Interactions Between the Atmospheric Large-scale and the Small-scale Tropical Convection Using 15 Years of Data ABSTRACT
    Louf, V., Jakob, C., Protat, A., Bergemann, M., and Narsey, S.
  • Inventory of Speciated Non-methane Organic Compounds Emissions from Open Biomass Burning ABSTRACT
    Lu, Z., Goldberg, D., and Streets, D.
  • Investigating Aggregate Properties Using a Multi-faceted Modeling Approach ABSTRACT
    Przybylo, V., Sulia, K., Lebo, Z., and Schmitt, C.
  • Investigating the Impacts of Kelvin Wave Activity on Convection in the Amazon Through Observations and Model Experiments ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Serra, Y., Rowe, A., Hagos, S., and Feng, Z.
  • Investigating the Mechanisms of Shallow Precipitating Clouds Formation During the HI-SCALE Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Chen, J., Hagos, S., Xiao, H., Houze, R., Fast, J., and Feng, Z.
  • Investigation of Precipitation Processes with RAMS and Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dolan, B., Saleeby, S., van den Heever, S., Rutledge, S., and Tucker, K.
  • Laboratory Measurements of Aerosol Scavenging in a Cloudy, Turbulent Environment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cantrell, W., Kinney, G., Shawon, A., Mazzoleni, C., and Shaw, R.
  • Large Scale Drivers Versus Local Processes Impacts on Post-cold Frontal Cloud Properties in Observations and CAM6 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Naud, C., Booth, J., Gettelman, A., and Lamraoui, F.
  • Large-scale Moisture Budget and Land-atmosphere Coupling over US Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Tao, C. and Zhang, Y.
  • LASSO Operationalization (LASSO-O) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Toto, T., Vogelmann, A., Gustafson, W., Johnson, K., Gaustad, K., Ermold, B., and Giangrande, S.
  • LASSO Update: Current Products and Expansion Planning ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., Gustafson, W., Li, Z., Cheng, X., Endo, S., Johnson, K., Krishna, B., Toto, T., Xiao, H., and Mather, J.
  • Lessons Learned from Simulating SOA Formation in the Manaus Plume with a Detailed Organic Chemistry Mechanism ABSTRACT
    MouchelVallon, C., Madronich, S., Hodzic, A., and Lee-Taylor, J.
  • Lidar Observations of Updrafts and Water Vapor Anomalies at ARM SGP on Days with Cumulus Convection ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lareau, N.
  • Lidar-Retrieved Aerosol Humidification Factors at SGP Derived from CHARMS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dawson, K., Ferrare, R., Moore, R., Thorsen, T., Chemyakin, E., Burton, S., Clayton, M., Hostetler, C., Mueller, D., Eloranta, E., and Holz, R.
  • Making Unknown Unknowns More Known: Quantifying Structural Uncertainties of MAM3/7 with the Particle-resolved Model WRF-PartMC ABSTRACT
    West, M., Curtis, J., and Riemer, N.
  • Measurements of SOA Photolysis Rates and Their Atmospheric Implications ABSTRACT
    Shilling, J., Zawadowicz, M., Flynn, C., Shrivastava, M., Lee, B., and Thornton, J.
  • Mechanisms of Mesoscale Convective Clustering in a Maritime Two-Day Rain Event (AMIE/DYNAMO) and in a Continental Afternoon Precipitation Event (MC3E) ABSTRACT
    Cheng, W., Kim, D., Rowe, A., and Moon, Y.
  • Melting Layer Height Estimation Using Ka-band Cloud Radars ABSTRACT
    song, J. and Yum, S.
  • Meteorology Both Masks and Magnifies the Aerosol-cloud Radiative Effect ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Glenn, I., Feingold, G., Gristey, J., and Yamaguchi, T.
  • Microphysical Properties of Mixed-phase and Ice Clouds over the Southern Ocean and Antarctica and Comparison with NCAR CAM Model ABSTRACT
    Diao, M.
  • Midlatitude Oceanic Cloud and Precipitation Properties as Sampled by the ARM Eastern North Atlantic Observatory ABSTRACT
    Giangrande, S., Wang, D., Bartholomew, M., Jensen, M., Mechem, D., Hardin, J., and Wood, R.
  • MOSAiC: the World’s Largest Central-Arctic Expedition ABSTRACT
    Powers, H., Aiken, A., Argay, P., Champenois, S., Chu, D., Ortega, P., Patel, N., and Wales, N.
  • Multi-instrument “Forensic” Approach to Understanding NSA Winter Precipitation Events ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Delamere, J., Sturm, M., and Irving, K.
  • Multi-Scale Simulations of Biogenic Volatile Organic Compounds Around the SGP Site During HI-SCALE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fast, J., Scanza, R., Shrivastava, M., Shilling, J., Liu, J., Schobesberger, S., D'Ambro, E., Lee, B., and Joel, T.
  • Near Zenith Variation of the Lidar Ratio—High Spectral Resolution Lidar Observations of Oriented Ice Crystals ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E., Razenkov, I., and Garcia, J.
  • Neglect of Irrigation Effects Accounts for Dry-warm Bias in Climate Model over the Central United States ABSTRACT
    Qian, Y., YANG, Z., Liu, Y., Gustafson, W., Berg, L., Feng, Z., Huang, M., and Yang, B.
  • New Insights Into Convective Updraft Kinematics and Microphysics Provided by the ARM SGP X-SAPR Network ABSTRACT
    van Lier-Walqui, M. and Lytle, S.
  • New Microphysical Insights from Analysis of Centimeter-Resolution Holographic Data During ACE-ENA ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Desai, N., Liu, Y., Glienke, S., and Shaw, R.
  • New Opportunities for Combined Raman and High Spectral Resolution Lidar Retrievals ABSTRACT
    Bambha, R., Goldsmith, J., Eloranta, E., and Newsom, R.
  • New Project: Exploring Natural Aerosol Formation from DMS Oxidation and Implications for Aerosol Forcing ABSTRACT
    Kroll, J. and Heald, C.
  • Northern Alaska Site Science: Cloud and Precipitation Microphysical Studies at the Northern Alaska ARM Facilities ABSTRACT
    Matrosov, S., Maahn, M., Williams, C., de Boer, G., Shupe, M., and Hardin, J.
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