New shortwave array spectrometers for the ARM Climate Research Facility





Connor J. Flynn — University of Oklahoma School of Meteorology
Joseph J. Michalsky — Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science Patrick Disterhoft — NOAA - Earth System Research Laboratory
James Barnard — University of Nevada Reno Albert Mendoza — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Danny Alan Nelson — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Peter W. Kiedron — National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Randy Norheim — Pacific Northwest National Laboratory


Shortwave array spectrometer instrument suite.
Shortwave Array Spectrometers (SAS) providing full spectral measurements of zenith radiance, direct solar irradiance, and hemispheric diffuse irradiance from 350 nm to 1700 nm are being designed under funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The SAS will be provided as a suite of two systems. Zenith radiance will be measured by the SAS-Ze while direct solar and diffuse hemispheric irradiance will be measured by the SAS-He (for "hemispheric"). We present the instrument design, measurement strategy, and lab results for these novel solar radiometers.