The Diurnal Cycle of the Boundary Layer, Convection, Clouds, and Surface Radiation in a Coastal Monsoon Environment (Darwin, Australia)

Peter May Bureau of Meteorology
Alain Protat Australian Bureau of Meterology
Chuck Long NOAA Global Monitoring Division/CIRES
James Mather Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Category: Cloud Properties

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

The diurnal variation of convection and associated cloud properties remains a significant issue in climate models. This study analyzes observed diurnal variability of convection in a coastal monsoonal environment, examining the interaction of convective rain clouds, their associated cloud properties, and the impact on the surface radiation and corresponding boundary layer structure. The analysis uses data from TWP-ICE as well as routine measurements from the Darwin Bureau and ARM measurements. Both active monsoonal and large scale suppressed (break) conditions are examined.

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