Analysis of Aerosol-cloud Interactions (ACI) in Accordance with Atmospheric Stability

Byung-Gon Kim Gangneung-Wonju National University
You-Joon Kim Gangneung-Wonju National University
Lim-Seok Chang Global Environmental Research Center
Mark Miller Rutgers University
Qilong Min State University of New York, Albany

Category: Aerosol-Cloud-Radiation Interactions

Working Group: Cloud-Aerosol-Precipitation Interaction

The subject of aerosol-cloud interactions (ACI) has received prominent attention because of still higher uncertainty in estimating its climatic forcings and its possible climate implications. Aerosol chemical and physical properties, cloud dynamic and turbulent characteristics, and the aerosol-cloud interactions should be considered together when evaluating the aerosol indirect effects. In this regard, ACI has been examined along with the distinctive different stability conditions between Pt. Reyes (PTR) and Southern Great Plains (SGP) in the similar low-level stratus/stratocumulus cloudy conditions. This study focuses on the role of static stability in the context of aerosol influences on the cloud microphysics. We found that stability appears to be critical in modifying aerosol-cloud interactions by suppressing cloud variability, with keeping the clouds being close to adiabatic especially in the PTR stratus clouds in comparison with SGP. We speculate that ACI could be possibly facilitated in the specific region and certain period, that is, low variability in the cloud macroscopic property (natural variability) largely suppressed by the static stability, certainly admitting a couple of possible inherent limitations in terms of measurement artifacts and discrepancy in aerosol properties in the comparisons of PTR and SGP.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.

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