First 3D Water-vapor Measurements with Differential Absorption Lidar

Andreas Behrendt Hohenheim University
Volker Wulfmeyer Hohenheim University
Sandip Pal University of Virginia

Category: Instruments

Working Group: Cloud-Aerosol-Precipitation Interaction

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First RHI scan of the humidity field around clouds using water-vapor DIAL. Streakline structures around the clouds likely indicate interaction of aerosol-cloud microphysics as well as detrainment and entrainment processes.

We present the first water-vapor differential absorption lidar (DIAL) system that is able to perform 3D measurements. The system is based on a high-power Ti:Sapphire laser transmitter with excellent spectral properties. 3D measurements are realized by simultaneous scans of an 80 cm telescope in so-called Coude configuration in which field-of-view of the laser output is transmitted and fixed by a high-power fiber. The performance of the system is discussed with respect to vertical pointing and scanning measurements. In vertical pointing mode, a unique combination of spatial and temporal resolutions (15 m, 1 s), respectively, is achieved even during daytime. This permits the investigation of turbulent transport processes in the convective boundary layer with “large-eddy resolution.” Various PPI and RHI scans demonstrate that the system is capable of studying land-surface exchange processes in heterogeneous terrain as well as detrainment and entrainment processes around clouds.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.