Convective Buoyancy and Entrainment Rate Estimated from A-Train Data: an Observational Basis for Evaluating GCM Cumulus Parameterization

Zhengzhao (Johnny) Luo City College of New York

Category: Modeling

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

A new satellite-based method to simultaneously estimate convective buoyancy (B) and entrainment rate (λ) was recently developed by the authors. Initial results of the new method applied to A-Train data in the tropics are presented and discussed in light of our current understanding of tropical convection. Inherent uncertainties are also estimated. Similar analysis can be conducted based on ARM Climate Research Facility data. This new database provides an important observational basis against which GCM cumulus parameterization can be evaluated. Examples will be presented.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.