Upgrades and Additions to the ARM Climate Research Facility Balloon-borne Sounding Systems

Donna Holdridge Argonne National Laboratory
Michael Ritsche Argonne National Laboratory
Jenni Kyrouac Argonne National Laboratory
Richard Coulter Argonne National Laboratory
Douglas Sisterson Argonne National Laboratory

Category: Instruments

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

Several new additions and improvements to the ARM Climate Research Facility balloon-borne sounding systems have either been completed in the past year or are scheduled for completion during the coming year. Chipset upgrades were made to all the DigiCORA-I and DigiCORA-II backup systems to provide the latest radiation correction codes used with the redesigned radiosonde temperature booms. DigiCORA-III software was upgraded to the latest version to assure each system is current. A new DigiCORA-III system is being purchased and will be installed at the SGP, freeing up the current DigiCORA-III system to be used as a backup. A Vaisala Autosonde system has been purchased for installation at NSA-Barrow in June 2010 to allow for an increased launch schedule with less burden on the local observers. Monthly or twice-monthly launches of cryogenic frost point hygrometers (CFH) will begin at the SGP in June 2010 as part of the GRUAN network. The additional data products from the CFH will provide improved humidity profiles in the troposphere and lower stratosphere.

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