Surviving the Deluge (part I): Learning from an Analysis of Data Extraction Patterns from the ARM Climate Research Facility Data Archive

W. Christopher Lenhardt Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Stefanie Shamblin Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Raymond McCord Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Giri Prakash Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sean Moore Alliant Techsystems, Inc.

Category: Infrastructure & Outreach

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

The ARM Climate Research Facility Data Archive supports the Atmospheric System Research program through the storage, management, and distribution of ASR data. To support growing demand for data from a growing supply, the Archive has developed a data extraction utility for its interfaces that enables users to find and selectively access relevant data for their research. Future usage of the large volumes of data anticipated from the new 3D observations is anticipated to be very dependent on data extractions. The Archive recently implemented a capability to log usage of these extractions. Usage logs of end-user data extraction represent a rich source of potential information about the data needs and usage patterns of the ARM Climate Research Facility Data Archive. This usage information gives the Archive developers a snapshot and a hint at usage trends and the needs for additional similar features. This poster will present an analysis of Archive data extractions that examines measurement themes and the frequency and extent of data extractions. The goal will be to better understand how our end users approach data extractions and to infer their typical data needs and analysis patterns. Understanding these patterns is important as a guide to the allocation of resources within the Archive and as a reality check to make sure the Archive is meeting the needs of its users as science needs evolve. Evaluating this analysis at this time is particularly important for the insights it may provide for developing the specifications of the user interfaces, data extraction, and data processing for the new instruments expected to come online in the future. Another objective for the poster will be to gain additional validation in the form of feedback from Science Team Meeting participants.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.

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