AMF2 Status: Plans and Progress

Richard Coulter Argonne National Laboratory
Brad Orr No Affiliation
Michael Ritsche Argonne National Laboratory
Timothy Martin Argonne National Laboratory
Richard Eagan Argonne National Laboratory
David Cook Argonne National Laboratory
Donna Holdridge Argonne National Laboratory

Category: Infrastructure & Outreach

Working Group: Aerosol Life Cycle

The second ARM Moble Facility (AMF2) is scheduled for its first deployment to the Storm Peak Laboratory during the winter of 2010–2011. Designed for deployment to harsh environments, including at sea, this system faces a number of challenges. The addition of two scanning radars, a high spectral resolution lidar, and an aerosol observing system create challenges to the original concept of a small, highly mobile facility. This poster reports on approaches and solutions to motion compensation at sea, data communications over extended ranges, and extreme climate conditions. An up-to-date status report is provided.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.