Forecasting for Field Campaigns at the Southern Great Plains ARM Site

Daniel Hartsock University of Oklahoma
Peter Lamb University of Oklahoma

Category: Field Campaigns

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

Specialized operational forecasts typically are required during more intensive field campaigns, especially when aircraft attempt to penetrate specific cloud types. Our intention is to discuss the lessons learned over the past few years of forecasting field campaigns at the SGP by the Site Scientist Team, as well as the different techniques used to make these specific forecasts. The recent campaigns for which forecasting duties were necessary include CLASIC/CHAPS (June 2007), RACORO (January–June 2009), and SPARTICUS (currently ongoing). The forecasts have included specific cloud types ranging from fair- weather cumulus and boundary layer clouds with low optical water depths to upper-level cirrus. A recent shift also has been ongoing from Intense Operation Periods to less intensive and more routine flights over extended periods of time. Plans also are underway to upgrade the forecast and nowcast capabilities on site by adding real-time displays of data from some instrument systems (radars, lidar, ceilometers, etc).

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.