Overview of the ARM Aerial Facility

Jason Tomlinson Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
John Hubbe Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jennifer Comstock Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Beat Schmid Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Stephen Springston Brookhaven National Laboratory
Gunnar Senum Brookhaven National Laboratory

Category: Infrastructure & Outreach

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The AAF G-1 aircraft is shown in the center. Images from the ISDAC and RACORO campaigns are shown along the sides.

The ARM Aerial Facility (AAF) provides airborne measurements to answer science questions proposed by the ASR Science Team and the external research community. The AAF operates a Gulfstream-1 (G-1) turboprop aircraft and has access to a multitude of research aircraft operated by other agencies. The G-1 is currently undergoing a number of improvements that will increase the flight time, increase the available research power, enable the aircraft to carry a total of 8 external probes, enable it to carry radiometers, and update the onboard data system. The AAF is in the process of acquiring 17 state-of-the-art cloud probes, aerosol instruments, and gas phase instruments through Recovery Act funding. An overview of these improvements and acquisitions will be presented.


This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.

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