Cloud Model Simulations of TWP-ICE Deep Convection Using a New Bulk Ice Microphysics Scheme

Hugh Morrison NCAR
Wojciech Grabowski NCAR
Sally McFarlane U.S. Department of Energy
Jennifer Comstock Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Category: Modeling

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

A two-dimensional cloud model coupled with a new bulk ice microphysics scheme (Morrison and Grabowski, 2008, Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences) is applied to the Tropical Warm Pool-International Cloud Experiment (TWP-ICE) and compared against available observations and microphysical retrievals. The model setup is the same as that of the ARM TWP-ICE cloud model intercomparison. A number of simulations are performed to compare sensitivities to various aspects of microphysics and modeling framework (e.g., horizontal grid length, domain size). It is found that the simulated anvil cloud macrophysical and microphysical characteristics and hence TOA upward solar and longwave radiative fluxes are highly sensitive to representation of graupel density and heterogeneous freezing of cloud droplets.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.

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