Ice Cloud Microphysics and Heating Rate Statistics at the Tropical Darwin Site

Jennifer Comstock Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Alain Protat Australian Bureau of Meterology
Sally McFarlane U.S. Department of Energy
Julien Delanoe University of Reading
Min Deng University of Wyoming

Category: Cloud Properties

Working Group: Cloud Life Cycle

Tropical clouds play an important role in the radiative energy balance and can impact water vapor transport in the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL). Forecasting the future climate invariably depends on accurate prediction of clouds and their associated radiative feedbacks. Long-term data sets provide the cloud properties statistics needed to evaluate and improve climate model simulations. In this study, we present statistics of cloud microphysical properties and computed heating rates in ice clouds over a 3.5-year period at the ARM Darwin site. We will compare microphysical properties derived from several independent lidar-radar retrieval algorithms to understand the uncertainty associated with these properties and evaluate the impact of this uncertainty on our knowledge of the radiative forcing of tropical ice clouds.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.