Value-added Product Highlights from the Aerosol Life Cycle Working Group

Connor Flynn Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jerome Fast Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Duli Chand Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Evgueni Kassianov Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Annette Koontz Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Timothy Shippert Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Manishkumar Shrivastava Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Category: Aerosol Properties

The Aerosol Life Cycle working group (ALWG) occupies a central role within ASR and ARM as the organizing body responsible for furthering our understanding of basic aerosol properties. These basic properties cover a wide scope, including both extensive and intensive aerosol optical properties, aerosol size distribution, temporal and spatial distribution, response to humidity and characterization near clouds, and life cycle processes including formation (primary and secondary), evolution, scavenging, and dry/wet deposition.

The ALWG translator team and developers within the ARM infrastructure are focused on meeting the needs of the broader science community and specifically on facilitating ASR science through the processing of aerosol instrumentation datastreams and development of value-added processing to calibration, qualify, and improve the measurements and to provide quantities that are difficult or impossible to obtain directly.

We present an overview of ALWG value-added products and highlight results from several current efforts including the MFRSR AOD retrievals from AMF deployments, Aerosol Intensive Properties, Aerosol Best-Estimate, Organic Aerosol Composition, and analyses of aerosol-related field campaigns (CARES).

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.