VAP Highlights for the CAPI Working Group

Laura Riihimaki Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sally McFarlane U.S. Department of Energy
Chitra Sivaraman Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Tim Shippert Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Krista Gaustad Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Yan Shi Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Jennifer Comstock Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Category: Infrastructure & Outreach

We will present an update on the development of value-added products (VAPs) associated with the Cloud-Aerosol-Precipitation Interactions (CAPI) working group. VAP highlights for this year include the following efforts:

  1. Initial development of a cloud droplet number (NDROP) product and submission of data to the ARM Data Archive evaluation area.
  2. Processing Radiatively Important Parameters Best Estimate (RIPBE) and Broadband Heating Rate Profile (BBHRP) for initial ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Set (ACRED) cloud retrievals as part of the Quantification of Uncertainty in Cloud Retrievals (QUICR) focus group.
  3. Updating RIPBE and BBHRP to run with new versions of input data.
  4. Extension of Cloud Optical Depth from MFRSR (MFRSRCLDOD) to Southern Great Plains (SGP) extended facility sites, TWP sites, and the ARM Mobile Facility (AMF) Azores deployment.
  5. Adjusting the Raman Lidar Cloud Profile VAP to include cloud properties up to 20 km at the Tropical Western Pacific (TWP) Darwin site.
  6. Extending the surface spectral albedo product to the North Slope of Alaska (NSA).

We will also discuss plans for future CAPI VAP efforts including continued work on the Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) Height products, development of an Infrared Thermometer Sea-Surface Temperature (IRTSST) VAP for AMF2 ship deployments, and implementation of a new retrieval for the 3-channel microwave radiometers.

This poster will be displayed at ASR Science Team Meeting.

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