Breakout Summary Report


ARM/ASR User and PI Meeting

New and Emerging Ground-Based Measurements and Technologies
24 October 2022
4:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Adam Theisen, Olga Mayol-Bracero, Allison Aiken, Jennifer Comstock

Breakout Description

ARM measurements are always evolving, whether it’s the deployment of new (ice nucleating particles), upgrade of existing (radiometers), or retirement of older (SODAR, SGP SACR) instrumentation. Throughout all these processes it’s important for ARM and the broader community to be aware of the latest technologies that have recently become available or will be in the near future so that they can take advantage of them when the opportunity arises. Through presentations and discussion, the goal of this session is to identify the existence and state of emerging and maturing measurement technologies across the broad measurement categories that ARM deploys at the surface (aerosol, clouds, precipitation, radiation, surface properties, soil, and beyond) and to gauge community interest in these new capabilities. In planning for the future of ground-based instrumentation in ARM, we will continue to serve the needs of the scientific community for years to come.

Main Discussion

ARM has resources to invest in instrument development or relatively new-to-ARM instrumentation. This session brought together speakers from DOE,universities, SBIR recipients, and other vendors to present on new and emerging instrumentation that could be beneficial for the ARM facility. Each talk was 5 minutes long and expected to provide an overview of the technology, its technology readiness level, and why it would be beneficial to ARM. There are some sensitivities for some of these groups in revealing proprietary information, so many presentations were at a high level suitable for public consumption. The added benefit of this session was in engaging with the DOE SBIR recipients and highlighting how ARM can benefit their SBIR projects.

Key Findings

There are a lot of potential benefits to ARM in the arena of new and emerging technologies that can enable new measurements or enhance or improve upon technologies that ARM currently deploys. While this session was beneficial to ARM, the engagement with the SBIRs and inclusion of them at the PI meeting was also beneficial to the SBIR recipients.







Future Plans

The conveners, along with the ARM technical director, will meet in the weeks after the PI meeting to discuss the technologies presented and provide recommendations on where the biggest impact to ARM might be for possible investment. Additionally, ARM will meet with the presenters individually to further discuss these instruments or others that were not ready for public consumption. The timeline for these meetings are expected to begin within 3 months after the PI meeting.

Action Items