2013 AGU Presentations Featuring ASR

American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting

San Francisco, California. December 9-13, 2013

Monday, December 9

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
A11K. Tropical and Midlatitude Convective Storm Systems and Their Roles in Weather and Climate I
Oral Invited A11K-01. The Role of Low-Level Convective Heating in Tropical Weather and Climate C Schumacher 8:00 am, M-West 3012
A13I. Emissions and Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers II
Oral Invited A13I-02. The Value of Emissions from a Single Source TC Bond, Y Chen 2:06 pm, M-West 3004
A13J. From Air Pollution to Climate Changes in Asia III
Oral A13J-03. Identification and Separation the Roles of Aerosols in the Climate Changes of China Z Li 2:10 pm, M-West 3008
Oral A13J-04. Long-Term Trends in Precipitation and Thunderstorm and the Potential Roles of Increasing Air Pollution in Northwest and Southeast China X Yang, Z Li 2:25 pm, M-West 3008
Oral A13J-08. Characteristics of Boundary Layer Convective Heat Flux and Possible Role of Aerosols on Deep Convection During GVAX M MG, Z Li 3:25 pm, M-West 3008
A14A. Emissions and Impacts of Short-lived Climate Forcers III
Oral A14A-05. Assessing the Extent of Black Carbon Absorption Enhancements from Field Observations CD Cappa, X Zhang, AR Metcalf, H Kim, Q Zhang, K Zimmermann, TH Bertram, AL Corrigan, LM Russell 5:00 pm, M-West 3004
A14B. From Air Pollution to Climate Changes in Asia IV
Oral A14B-08. Simulating Aerosol-cloud-radiation Feedbacks Over East Asia Using WRF-Chem J Wang, DJ Allen, KE Pickering, Z Li 5:45 pm, M-West 3008
A14C. Marine Trace Gases and Aerosols II
Oral A14C-07. Radiative Effects of Aerosol in the Marine Environment: Tales from the Two-Column Aerosol Project LK Berg, JD Fast, J Barnard, D Chand, EG Chapman, JM Comstock, RA Ferrare, CJ Flynn, JW Hair, CA Hostetler, J Hubbe, R Johnson, E Kassianov, C Kluzek, A Laskin, Y-N Lee, F Mei, JJ Michalsky, J Redemann, RR Rogers, PB Russell, AJ Sedlacek, B Schmid, JE Shilling, Y Shinozuka, SR Springston, JM Tomlinson, JM Wilson, A Zelenyuk, CM Berkowitz 5:30 pm, M-West 3010
Oral A14C-08. Aerosol Optical Properties in the Marine Environment During the TCAP-I Campaign D Chand, LK Berg, J Barnard, CM Berkowitz, SP Burton, EG Chapman, JM Comstock, JD Fast, RA Ferrare, FJ Connor, JW Hair, CA Hostetler, J Hubbe, C Kluzek, F Mei, MS Pekour, AJ Sedlacek, B Schmid, JE Shilling, Y Shinozuka, JM Tomlinson, JM Wilson, A Zelenyuk-Imre 5:45 pm, M-West 3010
Poster Sessions
Poster A11C-0037. Optical Properties of Soot Particles: Measurement–Model Comparison S Forestieri, AT Lambe, D Lack, P Massoli, ES Cross, MK Dubey, C Mazzoleni, J Olfert, A Freedman, P Davidovits, TB Onasch, CD Cappa 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11C-0057. Investigating the Forcing-Per-Emission Relationship of Regional BC Direct and Cloud-Related Climate Effects Y Chen, TC Bond, H Wang, B Singh, PJ Rasch 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11D-0072. Column and Near-surface Aerosol Properties during TCAP: Temporal Changes in a Coastal Region E Kassianov, J Barnard, MS Pekour, LK Berg, JE Shilling, JD Fast, JJ Michalsky, KO Lantz, G Hodges 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11D-0076. Aerosol Activation Properties and CCN Closure During TCAP F Mei, JM Tomlinson, JE Shilling, JM Wilson, A Zelenyuk, D Chand, JM Comstock, J Hubbe, LK Berg, B Schmid 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11D-0079. The Composition of Droplet-Forming Aerosol as a Function of Supersaturation B Friedman, EC Browne, K Ardon-Dryer, AJ Carrasquillo, KE Daumit, K Boulanger, JH Kroll, JA Thornton, DJ Cziczo 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11D-0087. Demonstration of Simultaneous Retrievals of Trace Gases and Aerosol Microphysical Properties by Ground Based 2D-MAX-DOAS During TCAP I Ortega, S Coburn, E Kassianov, J Barnard, LK Berg, CA Hostetler, JW Hair, RA Ferrare, G Hodges, KO Lantz, RM Volkamer 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0095. Air Vertical Velocity Distributions of Trade Cumulus and Stratocumulus Clouds from the ARM Mobile Facility CAP-MBL Campaign KL Verlinden, SP de Szoeke 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0100. Vertical Velocity Measurements in Warm Stratiform Clouds EP Luke, P Kollias 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0102. Retrievals Of Vertical Motion in Convective Precipitating Systems: an ARM Perspective SM Collis, SE Giangrande, K North, A Protat, V Kumar, J Helmus, P Kollias 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0103. Investigation of the Storm Dynamics Associated with the 25 April 2011 and 23 May 2011 Cases from MC3E B Dolan, A Matthews, SA Rutledge, W Xu, MP Jensen, SM Collis 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0104. Vertical Velocities in Mid-Latitude Cirrus: A Comprehensive Comparison Between Aircraft Observations, Doppler Radar and Model Simulations AD Muhlbauer, C Zhang, TP Ackerman 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0105. Estimating Vertical Air Motions using S-band and Ku-Band Vertically Pointing Radars during MC3E CR Williams 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0106. Understanding the Covariance of Microphysics, Thermodynamics, and Dynamics in Mixed Phase Clouds using Airborne Measurements JM Comstock, J Fan, JM Tomlinson, J Hubbe, C Kluzek, B Schmid 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0107. Using Observational Retrievals to Expose Precipitation and Convective Dynamics Biases in Simulations of a Tropical MCS A Varble, EJ Zipser 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A11E-0111. Identifying and Tracking Individual Updraft Cores using Cluster Analysis: A TWP-ICE Case Study X Li, W-K Tao, SM Collis, A Varble 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A13B-0187. Characterizing the Amount and Chemistry of Biogenic SOA Formation from Pine Forest Air Using a Flow Reactor BB Palm, AM Ortega, P Campuzano Jost, DA Day, J Fry, KJ Zarzana, DC Draper, SS Brown, L Kaser, T Karl, W Jud, A Hansel, A Hodzic, WP Dube, NL Wagner, WH Brune, JL Jimenez 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A13B-0195. Vertical Profile of Aerosol Properties at Pico Mountain, Azores K Wright, C Mazzoleni, LR Mazzoleni, K Dzepina, J Hueber, S China, N Sharma 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A13B-0198. Aging of Soot Particles: Remote Marine Free-tropospheric Aerosol at the Pico Mountain Observatory, Azores S China, C Mazzoleni, LR Mazzoleni, S Kumar, M Dziobak, PJ Fialho, K Dzepina, J Hueber, D Helmig, LJ Kramer, N Sharma, SC Olsen, RC Owen 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A13F-0280. Cloud Population and Deep Convective System Organization in the Tropical Warm Pool Area Affected by the Madden-Julian Oscillation J Yuan 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A13F-0288. Dynamics of the Stratiform Sector of a Tropical Cyclone Rainband AC Didlake, R Houze 1:40 pm, M-South

Tuesday, December 10

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
A24D. Multi-scale Organization of Tropical Convection: Modeling Activities Utilizing YOTC and DYNAMO/CINDY II
Oral (Invited) A24D-02. Application of Radar Observations to the Evaluation and Improvement of High Resolution Model Simulations of Cloud Populations in MJO SM Hagos, Z Feng, CN Long, K-S Lim 3:25 pm, M-West 3008
Poster Sessions
Poster A21C-0063. Aerosol Microphysical Effects on Warm Cloud in Eastern China: Impacts of Meteorological Conditions J Guo, F Wang, Z Li 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A21D-0071. Aerosol Optical Thickness Comparisons Between NASA LaRC Airborne HSRL and AERONET During the DISCOVER-AQ Field Campaigns AJ Scarino, RA Ferrare, SP Burton, CA Hostetler, JW Hair, RR Rogers, T Berkoff, AL Cook, DB Harper, RM Hoff; BN Holben, J Schafer, MJ McGill, JE Yorks, KO Lantz, JJ Michalsky, G Hodges 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A21E-0093. Madden Julian Initiation Experiments in CAM F Ahmed, C-L Lappen, C Schumacher 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A21E-0102. Diagnosing MJO Forecast Biases in the NCAR Community Atmosphere Model During the DYNAMO Field Campaign AC Subramanian, GJ Zhang 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A21E-0103. Characterizing 3D Structure of Convective Momentum Transport Associated with the MJO Based on Contemporary Reanalyses J-H Oh, X Jiang, DE Waliser, MW Moncrieff, RH Johnson 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A23C-0246. Aerosol Effects on the Cloud-Field Properties of Tropical Convective Clouds SS Lee, G Feingold 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A23C-0259. Vertical Velocity-CCN Correlations JG Hudson, SR Noble 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster B21C-0501. Validated Airborne CO2 Observations in the US Southern Great Plains S Biraud, PP Tans, MS Torn, JR Smith, C Sweeney 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A23C-0257. Modeling Aerosols and Their Interactions with Shallow Cumuli During the 2007 CHAPS Field Study MB Shrivastava, LK Berg, JD Fast, RC Easter, A Laskin, EG Chapman, WI Gustafson, Y Liu, CM Berkowitz 1:40 pm, M-South

Wednesday, December 11

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
A31J. Atmospheric Ice Nuclei and Ice Cloud Formation I
Oral Invited A31J-02. Evaluating Ice Nucleation in Global Models and Its Impact on Climate A Gettelman, JM English, JE Kay, X Liu 8:15 am, M-West 3010
Oral A31J-05. The CAM/IMPACT/CoCiP Coupled Climate Model: Radiative Forcing by Aircraft in Large-Scale Clouds JE Penner, U Schumann, Y Chen, C Zhou, K Graf 9:00 am, M-West 3010
A31K. Meso-Scale Aerosol Processes, Comparison and Validation Studies from DRAGON Networks within AERONET III
Oral Invited A31K-01. Evaluation of Extinction Profiles and Aerosol Optical Depth from Lidar and DRAGON in the Baltimore-Washington DISCOVER-AQ Experiment RM Hoff, P Sawamura, BN Holben, J Schafer, S Kondragunta, RA Ferrare, AJ Scarino, RR Rogers, MD Obland, JW Hair, CA Hostetler, T Berkoff, R Delgado 8:00 am, M-West 3006
Oral Invited A31K-02. Measurements of Aerosol Distributions and Properties from Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar and DRAGON during the DISCOVER-AQ California Experiment RA Ferrare, SP Burton, AJ Scarino, CA Hostetler, JW Hair, RR Rogers, D Mueller, E Chemyakin, AL Cook, DB Harper, R Hare, BN Holben, J Schafer, BE Anderson, P Sawamura 8:15 am, M-West 3006
A32B. New Atmospheric Sciences Fellows Presentations
Oral A32B-03. How Resilient are Cloud Systems to Aerosol Perturbations? G Feingold 10:50 am, M-West 2022
A32C. The Southern Ocean: Clouds, Aerosols, and the Air-Sea Interface I
Oral Invited A32C-02. Derived Properties of Warm Marine Low Clouds over the Southern Ocean: Precipitation Susceptibility and Sensitivity to Environmental Parameters GG Mace, T Ferguson, S Avey, S Benson 10:35 am, M-West 3006
Oral A32C-07. Observed and Projected Ocean Wind Speed Trends and Marine Boundary Layer Clouds J Kazil, G Feingold 11:50 am, M-West 3006
TH32C. DOE Atmospheric Model-Measurement Testbeds
Oral TH32C-01. DOE Atmospheric Model-Measurement Testbeds SA McFarlane, DM Koch, WR Ferrell 12:30 pm, M-West 2004
A33I. Molecular Chemistry and Physicochemical Properties of Organic Aerosols II
Oral A33I-06. Shaken, not Stirred: Mixing Organic Aerosol NM Donahue, E Robinson, ER Trump, R Saleh 3:10 pm, M-West 3010
A33J. The Madden-Julian Oscillation: Its Initiation, Identification, and Structure II
Oral Invited A33J-01. Moistening Processes for the October-November 2011 MJO Events RH Johnson, PE Ciesielski, M Katsumata 1:40 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A33J-03. Transition from Shallow to Deep Convection and Initiation of MJO during AMIE/DYNAMO Z Feng, SM Hagos, K Landu, CN Long, C Zhang 2:10 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A33J-05. The Microphysical Structure of Mesoscale Convective Systems during the MJO Active Phases in DYNAMO H Barnes, R Houze/td>

2:40 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A33J-06. Cloud and Precipitation Variations Associated with MJO Events Observed from AMIE/DYNAMO and ARM TWP Sites M Deng, CN Long, SA McFarlane, C Zhang, J Mace 2:55 pm, M-West 3012
A33K. Fast Physics in Climate Models and Cloud-Resolving Models: Parameterization, Evaluation, and Observation II
Oral A33K-05. Evaluation of Triggering Functions in Convective Parameterization Schemes Using Observations S Ettammal, GJ Zhang 2:40 pm, M-West 3006
A34B. Molecular Chemistry and Physicochemical Properties of Organic Aerosols III
Oral (Invited) A34B-01. Chemical and Physical Approaches to Probing the Phase of Secondary Organic Aerosol BJ Finlayson-Pitts, VM Perraud, C Waring-Kidd 4:25 pm, M-West 3010
Oral A34B-05. Relationship between Oxidation Level and Optical Properties of Secondary Organic Aerosol AT Lambe, CD Cappa, P Massoli, TB Onasch, S Forestieri, AT Martin, MJ Cummings, DR Croasdale, WH Brune, DR Worsnop, P Davidovits 5:15 pm, M-West 3010
A34C. The Madden-Julian Oscillation: Its Initiation, Identification, and Structure III
Oral A34C-03. Characteristics and Variability of the Melting Stable Layer during DYNAMO H Yu, RH Johnson, PE Ciesielski, H-C Kuo 4:30 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A34C-08. MJO Modulation of Lightning in Mesoscale Convective Systems K Virts, R Houze 5:45 pm, M-West 3012
A34D. Fast Physics in Climate Models and Cloud-Resolving Models: Parameterization, Evaluation, and Observation III
Oral (Invited) A34D-01. Characterizing Turbulence in the Convective Boundary Layer with a Raman Lidar DD Turner, V Wulfmeyer, LK Berg, J Schween 4:00 pm, M-West 3006
Oral (Invited) A34D-02. Development of a Multi-Scale Data Assimilation System for Model-Observation Integration and Climate Model Evaluation Z Li, Y Liu, W Lin, AM Vogelmann, S Feng, AM Fridlind 4:15 pm, M-West 3006
Oral Invited A34D-05. Limitations on Cloud-Resolving Models Posed by Their Sub-Grid Parameterizations L Donner 5:00 pm, M-West 3006
Oral A34D-08. Estimates of the Vertical Profile of Cumulus Entrainment Rate from Millimeter-Wavelength Radar Observations MP Jensen, T Toto, P Kollias, C Lu, TJ Wagner, EP Luke, SE Giangrande 5:45 pm, M-West 3006
Poster Sessions
Poster A31A-0002. A GigaLES of the TWP-ICE Field Campaign DA Dazlich, SK Krueger, CL Moeng, M Khairoutdinov, R Pincus, PN Blossey, JJ Helly 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0007. Toward a Unified Stochastic Representation of Dry, Shallow and Deep Convection P Gentine, F D'Andrea, BR Lintner, AK Betts 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0016. Reconstructing the Inversion Layer in the Stratocumulus-Capped Boundary Layer T Yamaguchi, G Feingold, VE Larson 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0017. Large Eddy Simulations of Continental Boundary Layer Clouds Observed during the RACORO Field Campaign S Endo, AM Fridlind, W Lin, AM Vogelmann, T Toto, Y Liu 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0018. Investigation of the Causes for Climate Model Biases When Simulating Continental Shallow Cumulus Clouds Using a RACORO Case Study W Lin, AM Vogelmann, AM Fridlind, S Endo, H Song, T Toto, Y Liu 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0019. Evaluation of Cloud Properties in Seven SCMs under Updraft and Downdraft Regimes H Song, W Lin, Y Lin, A Wolf, L Donner, AD Del Genio, R Neggers, S Endo, Y Liu 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0020. Impacts of Clouds on Surface Radiation Fluxes from Decade-Long Observations over the Southern Great Plains in the United States W Wu, Y Liu, MP Jensen, T Toto, MJ Foster, CN Long, AK Betts 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0021. Double-Moment Cloud Microphysics Scheme for the Deep Convection Parameterization in the GFDL AM3 A Belochitski, L Donner 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0029. Insights from Preliminary Modeling and Observational Evaluation of a Precipitating Continental Cumulus Event Observed During the MC3E Field Campaign DB Mechem, CS Fish, SE Giangrande, P Borque, P Kollias 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0032. Expanded Large-Scale Forcing Properties Derived from the Multiscale Data Assimilation System and Its Application to Single-Column Models S Feng, Z Li, Y Liu, W Lin, T Toto, AM Vogelmann, AM Fridlind 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31A-0034. Examination of Scale-Awareness of Convective Transport for Parameterization Development in Mesoscale and Climate Models Y-C Liu, J Fan, GJ Zhang, K-M Xu 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31C-0083. Application of Atmosphere Transport Matrix in Constraining Historical Black Carbon Emissions Inventory T Sun, TC Bond, M Flanner, T Kirchstetter, C Jiao, C Preble 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31C-0090. Brown Carbon in Fresh and Aged Biomass Burning Emissions R Saleh, E Robinson, DS Tkacik, A Ahern, S Liu, AC Aiken, RC Sullivan, AA Presto, MK Dubey, NM Donahue, AL Robinson 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31D-0111. Assessment of the GECKO-A Modeling Tool Using Chamber Observations for C12 Alkanes B Aumont, S La, F Ouzebidour, R Valorso, C Mouchel-Vallon, M Camredon, JM Lee-Taylor, A Hodzic, S Madronich, LD Yee, CL Loza, JS Craven, X Zhang, J Seinfeld 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31D-0121. Chemical Characterization of Free Tropospheric Aerosols in the North Atlantic Measured at the Pico Mountain Observatory During Summer of 2012 K Dzepina, S China, S Kumar, C Mazzoleni, M Dziobak, PJ Fialho, J Hueber, D Helmig, RC Owen, LJ Kramer, SC Olsen, LR Mazzoleni 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31D-0133. SOA Multiday Growth: Model Artifact or Reality? JM Lee-Taylor, S Madronich, B Aumont, A Hodzic, M Camredon, R Valorso 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31F-0146. An MJO Tracking Method C Zhang, M Ulate, J Ling 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31F-0148. Mitigation of Sri Lanka Island Effects in Colombo Sounding Data during DYNAMO PE Ciesielski, RH Johnson, K Yoneyama 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31F-0149. The Diurnal Cycle of Moistening by Shallow Convection during DYNAMO JH Ruppert, RH Johnson 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31F-0154. The Structure and Organization of Clouds Under Suppressed Conditions Observed by S-Band Radar During DYNAMO A Rowe, R Houze 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31F-0157. Ship-Based Observations of Turbulence and Mass Flux Transport in the Indian Ocean from the DYNAMO Field Program A Choukulkar, A Brewer, CR Williams, AA Grachev, CW Fairall 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A31F-0160. Radar-Based and Large-Scale Views of Convection and Tropospheric Humidity during DYNAMO/AMIE S Powell, R Houze 8:00 am, M-South
Poster C31B-0651. UAS Measurements of Ice Fog and Diamond Dust in the Arctic at the DOE ARM Mobile Facility of Oliktok Point, Alaska CG Schmitt, M Stuefer, A Heymsfield 8:00 am, M-South
Poster GC31B-1058. MCMC-Bayesian Calibration of the Community Land Model for the US-ARM Site Z Hou, J Ray, M Huang 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A33C-0225. Inter-Comparison of the Phase Partitioning of Water in Mixed-Phase Clouds among Global Climate Models M Komurcu, T Storelvmo, I Tan, U Lohmann, Y Yun, JE Penner, Y Wang, X Liu, T Takemura 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A33C-0234. Minimalist Model of Ice Microphysics in Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds F Yang, M Ovchinnikov, RA Shaw 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A33C-0236. Using SPartICus Measurements to Study Ice Particle Size Distribution Modes Within In Situ Cirrus R Atlas, AM Fridlind, EJ Moyer, P Lawson, GM McFarquhar, J Um, GS Diskin, H Kalesse 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A33C-0241. High-Speed Imaging of Freezing Drops: Investigating the Role of Point-Like Contact in Heterogeneous Ice Nucleation C Gurganus, J Charnawskas, RA Shaw, AB Kostinski 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A33C-0242. SPARTICUS and MACPEX Cirrus Particle Sizes and Habits as a Function of Temperature and Synoptic Cirrus Type S Lance, P Lawson, EJ Jensen, AD Muhlbauer 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A33D-0246. Near-Field Evolution of Biomass Burning Aerosols AJ Sedlacek, LI Kleinman, K Adachi, WP Arnott, PR Buseck, S Collier, A Freedman, DA Jaffe, TB Onasch, M Pikridas, JE Shilling, SR Springston, J Wang, RJ Yokelson, NL Wigder, Q Zhang, S Zhou 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A33D-0252. Morphological Analysis of Soot Particles from Central California R Moffet, RE OBrien, A Laskin, M Gilles 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster H33E-1416. Analysis of Vertical Profiles of Reflectivity and Doppler Velocity from ER2-HIWRAP in Convective Clouds During MC3E L Tian, GM Heymsfield, L Liao, R Meneghini, M Grecu 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster H33E-1419. Measuring Snowfall at Summit, Greenland Using a Bistatic X-Band Radar B Castellani, M Shupe 1:40 pm, M-South

Thursday, December 12

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
A43H. Cloud Properties: Observations and Their Uncertainties II
Oral (Invited) A43H-01. The US-DOE ARM/ASR Effort in Quantifying Uncertainty in Ground-Based Cloud Property Retrievals S Xie, A Protat, C Zhao 1:40 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A43H-04. Using Meteorological Regimes to Constrain Ground Observations of Cloud Fraction at the ARM SGP Site AD Kennedy, X Dong, B Xi 2:25 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A43H-05. The Shortwave Spectroradiometer as a Versatile Sensor for Observation of Cloud Optical and Microphysical Properties D Lubin, AM Vogelmann, CJ Flynn 2:40 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A43H-06. Use of In-Situ Cloud Probe Data to Derive Bulk Cloud Parameters and Their Uncertainties: Impacts for Models and Remote Sensing Retrievals GM McFarquhar, J Um, T-L Hsieh, M Freer, BF Jewett, J Mascio, SK Kim, K Yaffe, T Nousiainen, J Tiira; H Lindqvist, A Schwarzenboeck, A Delplanque 2:55 pm, M-West 3012
Oral A43H-08. Microphysical Parameters of Precipitating Shallow Marine Clouds over Graciosa Island, Azores T West, J Mace 3:25 pm, M-West 3012
A44B. Cloud Properties: Observations and Their Uncertainties III
Oral A44B-07. Quantifying and Reducing Biases in Satellite Derived Ice Cloud Optical Thickness and Ice Effective Diameter by Simultaneous Retrievals of Ice Asymmetry Parameter B van Diedenhoven, AM Fridlind, AS Ackerman, B Cairns 5:30 pm, M-West 3012
TH45A. DOE’s Green Ocean Amazon Campaign
Oral TH45A-01. DOE’s Green Ocean Amazon Campaign DB Stover, WR Ferrell, D Koch 6:15 pm, M-West 2002
Poster Sessions
Poster A41A-0001. THE MAGIC Field Campaign in the Eastern North Pacific ER Lewis 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41A-0007. Satellite Cloud Data Validation through MAGIC Ground Observation and the S’COOL Project: Scientific Benefits grounded in Citizen Science S Crecelius, LH Chambers, PM Lewis, T Rogerson 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41A-0011. The Relationship Between Lower Tropospheric Stability and Marine Stratiform Cloudiness From Seasonal to Daily Time Scales SP de Szoeke, SE Yuter, DB Mechem 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41A-0012. Properties of Clouds and the Cloud Transition Zone Retrieved from Ship-Borne Hyperspectral Observations During MAGIC PJ McBride, A Marshak, S Schmidt, WJ Wiscombe 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41A-0016. Drizzle Droplet Size Estimation Using High Spectral Resolution Lidar and Millimeter Radar Data EW Eloranta, MJ Bartholomew, N Bharadwaj 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41A-0018. Comparing Marine Boundary Cloud Albedo Susceptibility with MAGIC and A-Train Data T Ferguson, J Mace 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41A-0023. Raman Lidar Observations from the ARM Site in Darwin, Australia: A Water Vapor and Aerosol Climatology S Mishra, DD Turner, RK Newsom, RA Ferrare, JE Goldsmith 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41A-0024. Cloud Microphysical and Optical Properties from “Cloud-Mode” Observations During the ARM MAGIC Campaign J-YC Chiu, L Gregory, R Wagener 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41C-0051. Retrieval of Continental and Marine Low-Level Cloud Microphysical Properties: Challenge and Difficulty to Retrieve its Profile X Dong 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41C-0059. Effects of Clouds on Cross-Atmospheric Radiative Flux Divergence: Case Studies in Different Cloud Conditions VP Ghate, MA Miller 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41C-0063. Convergence on the Prediction of Ice Particle Mass and Projected Area in Ice Clouds DL Mitchell 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41C-0064. Comparison of Cloud Properties Observed from In Situ and Satellite Measurements SR Noble, JG Hudson 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41C-0073. Automated Detection of Particulate Layers and Retrieval of Their Extinction from the ARM Raman Lidar TJ Thorsen, Q Fu, DD Turner, RK Newsom, JM Comstock, C Sivaraman 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41D-0085. Is The Indirect Forcing By Aircraft Soot Positive Or Negative? C Zhou, JE Penner 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41D-0090. Revised Estimates of Aerosol Indirect Effects in Thin, Liquid-Containing Arctic Clouds G de Boer, TJ Garrett, M Shupe, C Zhao 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A41G-0135. Separating Dust Mixtures and Other External Aerosol Mixtures Using Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar Data SP Burton, RA Ferrare, M Vaughan, CA Hostetler, RR Rogers, JW Hair, AL Cook, DB Harper 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A43A-0224. Interaction of the Planetary Boundary Layer Depth with Aerosol and Boundary-Layer Clouds VR Sawyer, Z Li 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A43B-0250. Interactions Between Clouds and Radiation on Arctic Present and Future Climates Using CMIP5 Models JM English, A Gettelman, JE Kay 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A43B-0259. Evaluating Clouds and Cloud Effects in the AM3 Model Using Atmospheric Classification SM Evans, R Marchand, TP Ackerman 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A43B-0261. Case Study of Mixed-Phase to Ice Precipitation in the Arctic C Pettersen, R Bennartz, M Kulie, M Shupe, DD Turner, VP Walden 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A43D-0285. Hyperspectral Aerosol Optical Depths from TCAP Flights B Schmid, Y Shinozuka, R Johnson, CJ Flynn, PB Russell, J Redemann, S Dunagan, C Kluzek, J Hubbe, M Segal-Rosenhaimer, JM Livingston, TF Eck, R Wagener, L Gregory, D Chand, LK Berg, RR Rogers, RA Ferrare, JW Hair, CA Hostetler, SP Burton 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A43D-0306. Effect of Aerosols on Ultraviolet and Visible Spectral Irradiance at Barrow, Alaska GH Bernhard, R Stone, A Jefferson, R Wagener, JE Frederick 1:40 pm, M-South

Friday, December 13

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
A51M. New Particle Formation I
Oral A51M-02. Formation and Growth of Ultrafine Particles from Methanesulfonic Acid and Amines in a Fast Flow System H Chen, MJ Ezell, KD Arquero, BJ Finlayson-Pitts 8:15 am, M-West 3006
A52C. Local Sources of Arctic Pollution and Their Impacts II
Oral A52C-06. Characterization of Arctic Elemental Carbon in Barrow, AK Using Radiocarbon Source Apportionment TE Barrett, S Usenko, EM Robinson, RJ Sheesley 11:35 am, M-West 3008
A53L. Multiphase Chemistry: Impacts on Aerosol Formation and Processing and on the Budgets of Trace Gases II
Oral A53L-03. Size Distribution Dynamics Reveal Particle-Phase Chemistry in Organic Aerosol Formation M Shiraiwa, LD Yee, K Schilling, CL Loza, JS Craven, A Zuend, PJ Ziemann, J Seinfeld 2:10 pm, M-West 3006
A54C. Chemical Imaging Analysis of Atmospheric Particles II
Oral A54C-06. Evolution of Soot Particle Morphology and Mixing State in the Atmosphere C Mazzoleni, S China, N Sharma, K Gorkowski, MK Dubey, AC Aiken, RA Zaveri, N Salvadori, RK Chakrabarty, H Moosmuller, TB Onasch, S Herndon, LR Williams, S Liu, K Dzepina, D Helmig, J Hueber, PJ Fialho, LR Mazzoleni, S Kumar, M Dziobak, K Wright 5:12 pm, M-West 3014
A54D. Cloud, Convection, Radiation, Water and Energy Cycles III
Oral A54D-06. Improved Low-cloud Simulation from the Community Atmosphere Model with an Advanced Third-order Turbulence Closure A Cheng, K-M Xu 5:15 pm, M-West 3010
A54E. Constraining Aerosol Indirect Forcing in Climate Models With Observations II
Oral Invited A54E-07. Aerosol Indirect Effects from the Cloud to Climate Scale: Implications of Observational Scale for Constraining Forcing AC McComiskey, G Feingold 5:30 pm, M-West 2022
Poster Sessions
Poster A51A-0009. Multi-Wavelength Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar Observations of Aerosol Above Clouds in California During DISCOVER-AQ CA Hostetler, SP Burton, RA Ferrare, RR Rogers, D Mueller, E Chemyakin, AL Cook, DB Harper, LD Ziemba, AJ Beyersdorf, BE Anderson 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A51B-0025. The Sensitivity of Deep Convection to Environmental Humidity in Warm and Cold Climates N Arnold, Z Kuang 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A51G-0119. Importance of Dry and Wet Deposition of Condensable Organic Vapors on the Budget of Secondary Organic Aerosols S Madronich, CJ Knote, A Hodzic 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A51G-0125. Is Dry Deposition of Semi-Volatile Organic Gases a Significant Loss of Secondary Organic Aerosols (SOA)? A Hodzic, B Aumont, CJ Knote, JM Lee-Taylor, S Madronich 8:00 am, M-South
Poster A53C-0192. Tracking Long-Range Transported Upper-Tropospheric Pollution Layers with a Newly Developed Airborne Hyperspectral Sun/Sky Spectrometer (4STAR): Results from the TCAP 2012 Campaign M Segal-Rosenhaimer, PB Russell, B Schmid, J Redemann, JM Livingston, CJ Flynn, R Johnson, S Dunagan, Y Shinozuka, JR Herman, A Cede, N Abuhassan, JM Comstock, J Hubbe 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A53F-0234. A New Method for Measurement of Gas-Phase Ammonia and Amines in Air ML Dawson, A Gomez, KD Arquero, VM Perraud, BJ Finlayson-Pitts 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A53F-0236. New Particle Formation In, Around and Out of Ice Clouds in MACPEX D Axisa 1:40 pm, M-South
Poster A53F-0245. Characterizing Ultrafine Particle Growth at a Pine Forest Site Influenced by Anthropogenic Pollution During BEACHON-RoMBAS-2011 Y Cui, A Hodzic, JN Smith, JV Ortega, B de Foy 1:40 pm, M-South