2022 AMS Presentations Featuring ASR Science


102nd American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting

23-27 January 2022
Virtual, Virtual

Sunday, 23 January 2022

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time
(Central Standard Time)
Remote Poster - Polar Meteorology
Oral RS99. Meteorological Drivers of Blowing Snow Events at the ARM North Slope Alaska Site Talia Dawn Kurtz 18:00

Monday, 24 January 2022

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time
(Central Standard Time)
Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Warm Clouds. Part I
Oral 1A.4. Role of Surface Latent Heat Flux in Shallow Cloud Transitions: A Mechanism-Denial LES Study Youtong Zheng 09:30
Remote Poster 13 - 19Meso Monday Poster Session
Oral 146. Environments Supporting Deep Convection Initiation during the CACTI Campaign James Marquis 17:00
Session 2 - Results from Recent Field Projects: Cloud, Fog, and Winter Observations. Part II
Oral 2.1. A Multi-Instrument Algorithm for Detecting Blowing Snow: Results from the AWARE and MOSAIC Campaigns Alec Sczepanski 10:45
Session 2A - Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Warm Clouds. Part II
Oral 2A.2. Where and When to Find Brightening or Darkening Clouds: The Role of Meteorology on Albedo Susceptibility of Marine Low Clouds Jianhao Zhang 11:00

Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time
(Central Standard Time)
Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Deep Convective Clouds. Part II
Oral 8B.2. Examining the Relationship between Aerosols, Deep Convection, and Lightning over the Amazon Basin Dale J. Allen 16:00
Session 5B - New Observations and Modeling Studies of Smoke–Cloud–Radiation–Climate Interactions
Oral 5B.2. Amplified Seasonal Cycle in Southeastern Atlantic Low Cloud Cover when Biomass Burning Aerosol is Present Jianhao Zhang 09:00
Session 6B - Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Deep Convective Clouds. Part III
Oral 6B.2. Linking Synoptic Patterns to Cloud Properties and Local Circulations over the TRACER Domain in Houston, Texas Dié Wang 11:15
Oral 6B.3. Summary of First Light Observations from the Tracking Aerosol Convection Interactions Experiment (TRACER) Michael P. Jensen 11:30
Session 7 - Python Tools in the Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences. Part I
Oral 7.1. A Python Port of the PIEKTUK Column Blowing Snow Model Aaron K. Scott 13:30
Remote Poster 34 - 14Aerosol Tuesday Poster Session
Oral 345. Estimation and Meteorological Analysis of CCN during RELAMPAGO-CACTI in Córdoba, Argentina William Louis Faletti Jr. 17:00
Joint J6A - Improved Monitoring, Modeling, and Prediction of Water Availability across Scales. Part II
Oral J6A.3. Using Ground-Based Profiling Networks to Observe Characteristics of Water Vapor Advection Timothy J. Wagner 11:15
Remote Poster 27 - 26Applied Tuesday Poster Session
Oral 290. A Climatology of Blowing Snow Events at Alaskan ARM Sites Lauren Vocke 17:00

Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time
(Central Standard Time)
Session 9A - ACMAP. Part I
Oral 9A.2. Long-Term Trends of Aerosols, Meteorology, and Radiation in the Southeastern U.S. Warming Hole Region Virendra P. Ghate 08:45
Session 10A - Aerosol–Cloud Interactions in Mixed-Phase Clouds. Part I
10A.5. Insights on Sources and Formation Mechanisms of Central Arctic Supercooled Clouds (Invited Presentation) Israel Silber 11:45
Oral 10A.1. Ice Nucleating Particles in Arctic Cold-Air Outbreaks Paul J. DeMott 10:45
Oral 10A.3. Arctic Mixed-Phase Clouds Sometimes Dissipate due to Insufficient Aerosol: Evidence from Idealized Large Eddy Simulations Lucas Sterzinger 11:15
10A.2. The Seasonal Contrast of Aerosols That Can Seed Ice Formation in Central Arctic Clouds (Invited Presentation) Jessie Creamean 11:00
Oral 10A.4. Ice-Nucleating Particle Reservoir Dynamics in Mixed-Phase Arctic Boundary Layer Clouds: A 1D Modeling Study Daniel A. Knopf 11:30
Interactions between Atmospheric Chemistry and Boundary Layer Dynamics. Part II
Oral 12B.4. Aerosol–Boundary Layer Interactions Modulate the Entrainment Process Tianning Su 16:30
Session 9 - Dynamics of Organized Tropical Convection
Oral 9.3. A Further Look at Q1 and Omega: Implications for Mesoscale Parameterization Courtney J. Schumacher 09:00
Remote Poster 48 - 24AtChem Wednesday Poster Session
Oral 513. Agricultural Sources of Ice-Nucleating Particles in Argentina during the DOE-ARM Cloud, Aerosol, and Complex Terrain Interactions (CACTI) Experiment Baptiste Testa 17:00

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time
(Central Standard Time)
Session 16 - Measurements and Modeling of CCN and INP. Part III
Oral 16.2. A Southern Great Plains Pilot Field Campaign to Evaluate a Field-Observational Approach to Aerosol–Ice Formation Closure Daniel A. Knopf 16:00
Oral 16.3. On Particle-Based Modeling of Immersion Freezing Sylwester Arabas 16:15
Oral 16.1. Interannual and Interseasonal Variabilities and Sources of Ice-Nucleating Particles in the Arctic: Insights from Long-Term Measurements and Model Simulations from Ny-Ålesund Yang Shi 15:45
Session 15 - Measurements and Modeling of CCN and INP. Part II
Oral 15.4. Retrieval of the Sea Spray Aerosol Mode from Submicron Particle Size Distributions and Supermicron Scattering during LASIC Jeramy L Dedrick 14:30
Clouds, Radiation, and Climate Sensitivity. Part II
Oral 15A.3. First Climatology of Cloud-Top Radiative Cooling in Marine Shallow Clouds Youtong Zheng 14:00
Session 13 - Advances in Understanding Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems and Precipitation Processes Using Observations, Models, and Artificial Intelligence
Oral 13.1. Updraft and Downdraft Kinematics of Mesoscale Convective Systems through Observations and Simulations Dié Wang 08:30
Session 13A - AI in Weather and Climate Modeling: Bridging the Gap between Theoretical Advances and Production Use
13A.1. Enhancing Aerosol Predictions on the Global Scale with Particle-Resolved Modeling and Machine Learning (Invited Presentation) Nicole Riemer 08:30
Remote Poster 59 - 19Meso Thursday Poster Session
Oral 713. Dependence of Simulated Deep Convection Growth Biases on Instability and Model Resolution Zhixiao Zhang 17:00
The Role of Atmospheric Chemistry in Aerosol–Cloud–Radiation–Meteorology Interactions
13.1. Estimation of Aerosol Hygroscopicity, Aerosol Liquid Water Content, and Their Vertical Variations from In Situ and Remote Sensing Measurements (Invited Presentation) Zhanqing Li 08:30