2013 AMS Presentations Featuring ASR

Sunday, January 6

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Poster Sessions
Poster S146 Examining Stratocumulus Properties over the Southeast Pacific IL McCoy, A Muhlbauer, and R Wood 5:30-7:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster S150 Analysis of SPartiCus Data for Cirrus Modeling Case Studies RL Atlas, AM Fridlind, and M Diao 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3

Monday, January 7

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Oral 1.3 Ice nuclei from biomass burning emissions PJ DeMott, AJ Prenni, GR McMeeking, C McCluskey, Y Tobo, SM Kreidenweis, RC Sullivan, R Yokelson, and AP Sullivan 11:30 am, Room 5ABC
Oral TJ12.4 Aerosol Indirect Effect on Tropospheric Ozone via Lightning T Yuan, L Remer, H Bian, R Albrecht, J Ziemke, K Pickering, L Oreopoulos, S Goodman, H Yu, and D Allen 4:45 pm, Room 5ABC
Poster Sessions
Poster 42A Describing the DSD shape with the Mass Spectrum Standard Deviation CR Williams 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 216 Assimilating cloud water path as a function of WRF cloud microphysics option TA Jones, DJ Stensrud, P Minnis, and R Palikonda 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 389 Relationship between the Cloud condensation nuclei concentration and aerosol optical properties and their impact factors J Liu and Z Li 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3

Tuesday, January 8

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Oral Invited 2.1 Challenges in aerosol-cloud condensation nuclei closure studies SM Kreidenweis 8:30 am, Room 5ABC
Oral Invited TJ23.1 Increasing Evidences of the Impact of Aerosols on Cloud, Precipitation and Radiation due to Aerosol Indirect Effects Z Li 1:30 pm, Room 5ABC
Oral Invited 4.1 Physical mechanisms of cloud-aerosol interaction at different scales AP Khain 3:30 pm, Room 5ABC
Oral 3.1 Kinetics of CCN activation and droplet growth observed in recent field campaigns F Mei and J Wang 8:45 am, Room 5ABC
Oral 2.4 Simulations of Global Impact of Dust Speciation on Mixed-Phase Clouds Through Ice Nucleation X Liu, Y Wang, S Ghan, N Mahowald, and R Scanza 9:15 am, Room 5ABC
Oral 3.4 A Graphical User Interface for Cloud Radar Spectra Data Discovery KL Johnson, J Tiiffany, EP Luke, and MP Jensen 9:30 am, Room 12B
Oral 2.1 Large Eddy Simulations over Cape Cod in Support of the ARM Two-Column Aerosol Project SG Decker, V Ghate, and M Miller 11:00 am, Room 18B
Oral 3.2 Aerosol Indirect Effects on Circulation and Radiative Forcing through Deep Convection Clouds: Long-time Effects J Fan, LYR Leung, D Rosenfeld, Z Li, and Q Chen 11:15 am, Room 5ABC
Oral 3.3 Time-dependent freezing in deep convection and dependencies on aerosol conditions V Phillips, AP Khain and N Benmoshe 11:30 am, Room 5ABC
Oral 3A.4 The Impact of Vegetation Conditions on Land-Atmosphere Interactions During an Anomalously Wet Period J Basara, LM Tardif-Huber, DX Vanegas, BG Illston, C Biradar, and WP Kustas 11:45 AM, Room 10B
Oral 2.6 Seeding of Cirrus Clouds to Reduce Global Warming DL Mitchell, J Mejia, M Kuebbeler, U Lohmann, and M Xiao 4:45 PM, Room 9A
Oral 4.3 Global Simulations of Aerosol-Cloud-Climate Interactions: Linking the Micro to Global Scale A Gettelman, H Morrison, and M Lebsock 4:45 pm, Room 5ABC
Oral 4.5 Effects of Natural Dust and Sulfate on Atmospheric Circulation and Radiation in CESM 1.0: Comparison of Prescribed v. Interactive Emissions Schemes MJ DeFlorio, SJ Ghan, B Singh, AJ Miller, DR Cayan, LM Russell, and DJ Erickson III 5:00 pm, Room 5ABC

Wednesday, January 9

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Oral 9.1 Data Denial Experiments from the Wind Forecast Improvement Project (WFIP) J Wilczak, S Benjamin, J Freedman, CA Finley, G DiMego, K Orwig, JW Cline, M Marquis, L Bianco, IV Djalalova, J Olson, KL Clawson, RL Coulter, and LK Berg 8:30 am, Room 6A
Oral 9.3 The Wind Forecasting Improvement Project (WFIP): Results from the Southern Study Area J Freedman, P Beaucage, JW Zack, J Manobianco, I Flores, JL Schroeder, BC Ancell, K Brewster, K Orwig, V Banunarayanan, S Basu, J Wilczak, JW Cline, M Marquis, and LK Berg 9:00 am, Room 6A
Oral 2.4 Effects of Changes in Climate and Emissions on Future Particulate Matter Levels and Composition in the United States H Lei, J Wang, DJ Wuebbles, and XZ Liang 9:15 am, Room 16A
Oral 5.3 Reconciling estimates for the first aerosol indirect forcing from satellites and models C Zhou, JE Penner and SS Lee 9:15 am, Room 16A
Oral 8.4 Developing a Statistical Thermodynamic Profiling Retrieval for the AERI WG Blumberg, PM Klein, and DD Turner 9:15 am, Room 9C
Poster Sessions
Poster 512 Assimilating Remotely Sensed Satellite Derived Data with Land Surface Model Derived Data: Diagnosing and Reconciling Differences RF MacCracken, P Houser, E Wood, J Sheffield, D Lettenmaier, RT Pinker, C Kummerow, M Pan, H Gao, A Sahoo, and J Bytheway 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 654 Measuring Gas Phase Diesel Exhaust Organics by PTR-MS in Field and Laboratory Experiments BT Jobson, MH Erickson, and M Gueneron 2:30-4:00 PM, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 761 Applying super-droplets as a compact representation of warm-rain microphysics for aerosol-cloud-aerosol interactions A Jaruga, S Arabas, and H Pawlowska 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 763 Modeling of Ice Clouds Observed during ISDAC in Polluted and Pristine Air Masses M Breau-Roussel and E Girard 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 764 Measurements and Parameterization of Ice Nuclei Concentrations at a Forested Site in Colorado: Results from the BEACHON-RoMBAS Campaign Y Tobo, AJ Prenni, PJ DeMott, E Garcia, CS McCluskey, G Tian, SM Kreidenweis, JA Huffman, C Pöhlker, and U Pöschl 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 768 On the robustness of aerosol effects on an idealized supercell storm simulated with a cloud system-resolving model H Morrison 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 770 The Role of Vertical Wind Shear at Different Levels in Determining Aerosol Effects on Deep Convection J Fan and Q Chen 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 774 First aerosol indirect effect estimates in marine stratocumulus clouds using airborne observations during VOCALS-REx D Painemal and P Zuidema 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3
Poster 775 Effects of sea-salt aerosols on precipitation in Trade-Wind Cumulus Y Kogan, DB Mechem, and KY Choi 2:30-4:00 pm, Exhibit Hall 3

Thursday, January 10

Presentation Type Session ID and Presentation Title Presenters Time and Location
Oral Invited J44.1 Impact of Aerosols on Convective Clouds and Precipitation W-K Tao, JP Chen, C Wang, C Zhang, and Z Li 8:30 am, Room ABC
Oral 1.5 Radar-observed convective properties and heating profiles during two and a half MJOs C Schumacher 9:30 am, Ballroom F
Oral 9.2 Reconciling observations and models of the indirect effect from cloud to climate scales A McComiskey and G Feingold 3:45 pm, Room 5ABC
Poster Sessions
Poster 891 Radar Observations of MJO/Wave Interactions During DYNAMO/CINDY2011/AMIE A DePasquale, C Schumacher, and AD Rapp 9:45 am-11:00 am, Exhibit Hall 3