Atmospheric Scientist—Cloud Modeling (Early-Career)


In this position you will work with a team of scientists in the Environmental & Climate Sciences Department, an exciting, collaborative group that spearheads innovative cloud research using modeling, observations, theoretical development, and analysis methodologies for the study of cloud dynamical, microphysical, and radiative processes that impact cloud lifecycle, particularly with a focus on aerosol-cloud-precipitation interactions. You will have a strong interest in the complementary and innovative use of observational datasets for the cloud process studies, particularly engaging in the use of the group’s state-of-the-art retrievals and observations. Candidates with an appetite for team approaches and solid independent thinking are strongly encouraged to apply.   You will interact with faculty and students at neighboring Stony Brook University and will have a high level of interaction with an international and multicultural scientific community. Additionally, there will be opportunities to work on urban science through engagement with the Center for Multiscale Applied Sensing (CMAS;