Postdoctoral Researcher—CO2 Flux Measurements


9 August 2022 - 1 November 2022

The Richardson Lab seeks to hire postdoctoral scholars with interests in the following NSF-funded projects:

  1. Evaluating the continuity of NEON and AmeriFlux data streams recorded at collocated sites from tundra to subtropics. The postdoc will quantify the degree of continuity between new measurements conducted at recently-instrumented NEON sites across the United States, and long-term measurements conducted at pre-existing, nearby AmeriFlux sites. The analysis will use data from 11 sites across 8 NEON domains spanning a broad ecoclimatic gradient from Alaska to Florida. The focus will be on surface-atmosphere fluxes of energy, water, and carbon measured by eddy covariance and phenological data derived from PhenoCam imagery. Analyses will be conducted in the time and frequency domains. This position is funded by a new grant from NSF’s Macrosystems Biology program.
  2. The role of phenology in land-atmosphere coupling at local-to-continental scales. The postdoc will analyze CO2 and H2O flux measurements from AmeriFlux and NEON and phenological data from PhenoCam and satellite remote sensing, and will evaluate feedbacks between the land surface and the atmosphere that are mediated by phenology. Potential extensions of this work include model analyses using CLM or WRF, or developing phenological models for under-studied biomes or plant functional types. This position is funded by a grant from NSF’s Macrosystems Biology program.

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