Aviation Safety Manager, Pilot (ARM-related)


9 August 2022 - 30 November 2022


The Workers Safety & Health (WS&H) and Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Aerial Facility (AAF) are groups of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) operated by Battelle Corporation for the Department of Energy. The WS&H group manages the PNNL aviation safety programs. The AAF operates both manned and unmanned aircraft configured as science platforms worldwide for sampling the earth’s atmosphere.The Aviation Manager, Aviation Safety Point of Contact (ASPOC) and Aviation Subject Matter Expert (SME) positions report to the WSH group.

The PNNL WS&H portion of this position covers the following:

  • PNNL Aviation Manager – In this capacity the PNNL Aviation Manager is held accountable for all PNNL aviation compliance and safety by the DOE Office of Aviation Management.
  • The PNNL Aviation Safety Point of Contact (ASPOC) – in this capacity the ASPOC is responsible for all PNNL aviation safety programs, policies, and publications. The ASPOC is also the advisor to PNNL senior leadership regarding aviation safety issues.
  • PNNL’s primary liaison with the FAA, NTSB, federal agencies and other national laboratories for aviation matters.
  • Primary investigator for all aviation mishaps, incidents and off normal events. The ASPOC is also the primary to act as PNNL’s invited party to an NTSB investigation.
  • The PNNL Aviation Subject Matter Expert (SME) – The PNNL Aviation SME is responsible for advising and coaching all PNNL programs and projects on the use of manned and unmanned aviation assets.
  • This is inclusive of all contracted aviation assets.

The PNNL AAF Director of Aviation Safety portion of this position is as an advisor to the AAF manager on AAF aviation safety. This position also encompasses the pilot position for the AAF Challenger 850.  In this capacity the AAF Director of Aviation Safety is responsible for:

  • Pilot duties in the Challenger
  • All training and qualifications associated with pilot duties
  • Management, training and updates of the Emergency Response Plan and Safety Management Systems (SMS) manuals.
  • The IS-BAO program management and audits
  • Review and input on all AAF aviation programs and manuals.
  • Management of the Baldwin portal supporting the SMS.
  • Consultation on campaign site selections, facilities, potential hazards and mitigations.