Associate Director/Lab Director, Earth Observing Laboratory


7 December 2022 - 31 March 2023

NCAR is excited to announce the job opening for the NCAR Associate Director/Lab Director position for the Earth Observing Laboratory (EOL). As one of NCAR’s seven laboratories, EOL provides state-of-the-art atmospheric observing systems, leadership and scientific expertise  to enable the university-based research community to advance climate, weather, and related Earth system science. EOL manages the majority of the NSF Lower Atmosphere Observing Facilities and deploys them in support of observational field campaigns for researchers from universities, government agencies, and NCAR and in support of education. EOL fulfills this mission by leveraging cutting-edge technology and tools across four key initiatives: development, deployment, data service, and discovery.

Reporting to the NCAR Director this position carries a dual title and role of Director of the Laboratory and NCAR Associate Director.  The Lab Director role is responsible for the scientific vision, direction, productivity, innovation capacity, and overall excellence of EOL’s research and development programs, including the formulation and implementation of strategic plans, budgets, and priorities of the lab. These responsibilities are carried out in coordination with the NCAR Director and in close alignment with the NCAR strategic plan and other programmatic priorities. The Lab Director fosters interaction and collaboration between NCAR and UCAR staff and programs and the external scientific community. The role of NCAR Associate Director affords responsibility in the overall leadership and management of NCAR. NCAR Associate Directors support the NCAR Director on NCAR-wide matters and act in the best interest of NCAR and not a particular lab. They serve on the NCAR Executive Committee, foster cross NCAR collaboration, may serve as Acting NCAR Director in the absence of the NCAR Director and can lead initiatives that are NCAR-wide. They also foster interaction and collaboration between NCAR and UCAR staff and programs.