Post Masters Atmospheric Science Student


Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is a multidisciplinary research institution engaged in science and engineering on behalf of national security that includes climate and energy. You will work in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Division, and will be primarily engaged with the Atmosphere, Climate, and Ecosystem Sciences Team. Our diverse team uses state of the art instruments to measure atmospheric trace gases and aerosols in the laboratory and the field. Our team will support and enrich your research and professional goals through their outstanding breadth and depth of expertise in their respective fields.

We seek to fill two positions with candidates interested in developing and applying skills related to greenhouse gas and aerosol measurements. Your research may include:

  • Building a miniaturized cloud chamber to be used in laboratory experiments to probe cloud properties.
  • Computer aided design, fluid simulations, chamber assembly, and testing.
  • Deploying sampling systems for characterization of greenhouse gas emissions across scales from a variety of sources and analyzing data.
  • Field deployment of in situ and remote sensing instruments and use data for inverse modeling of gas emissions and pollution transport.
  • Aerosol emission studies under controlled combustion environments.
  • Tube furnace and aerosol instrument user, data analysis, and aerosol box modeling