ARM Data Analyst


Argonne National Laboratory (Argonne) is seeking atmospheric scientists with an interest in data analysis to advance the characterization and application of atmospheric measurements associated with the Department of Energy (DOE) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility (

ARM operates a network of six atmospheric observatories with over 450 instruments deployed with over 3 petabytes of data collected so far, dating back to 1993. Measurements from these instruments are made publicly available to advance community research related to atmospheric science and related disciplines.  The primary goal of this work is to advance the utility of these data for scientific applications; however, publication of work in peer-reviewed journals is encouraged as well as contributing ideas and code to relevant ARM groups to advance the monitoring and processing of ARM data.

In this role, you can expect to:

  • Work with ARM data to assess data quality, to quantify measurement uncertainties, to identify regimes of scientific interest within the data and organize the data according to those regimes, to develop advanced data products, to demonstrate novel applications of the data and other possible applications.
  • Work closely with ARM’s Instrument Mentors, Science Translators, and Data Quality Office (DQO) along with members of the scientific community.  They will work in an open science framework with ARM open-source tools such as the Python ARM Radar Toolkit (Py-ART; and the Atmospheric data Community Toolkit (ACT;
  • Work with the ARM Instrument Operations Manager on projects as they arise that would get the successful candidate experience with ARM instrumentation and infrastructure processes.