Atmospheric Engineer- Year Round Intern (ARM-related)


Are you a motivated undergraduate student in STEM interested in working side-by-side with world experts within Sandia’s Climate Security Center? Are you interested in solving challenges related to atmospheric and climate science, instrument development, field and laboratory measurements and many related fields at the DOE’s leading engineering R&D laboratory? Join Sandia, where we emphasize students’ growth in communication and teamwork through working in cross-disciplinary teams in support of Sandia’s overarching mission of delivering “Exceptional Service in the National Interest!”

Our Student Interns benefit from hands-on, flexible, and innovative research opportunities while being mentored by Sandia National Laboratories scientists and engineers.

The staff in the Atmospheric Sciences Department (8933) at Sandia National Laboratories have expertise in atmospheric measurements, instrumentation and balloon systems. The department supports the DOE Atmospheric Radiation Measurement program and is tasked with developing and supporting tethered balloon systems that are available to a wide variety of federal and academic users. The tethered balloon system consists of an advanced winch system that tethers a 22’ diameter balloon. The systems support many flight missions including national security, wind energy, marine energy, aerosol measurement, atmospheric research, biological sampling and radar calibration. A video demonstrating the tethered balloon system is available at .