Lectureship in Atmospheric Radiation, Composition and Climate


13 June 2023 - 31 August 2023


The Department of Meteorology seeks to recruit a lecturer with an established research record and a growing international profile. This is a permanent faculty post which includes both teaching and research responsibilities, broadly equivalent in level to Assistant Professor in the USA.

The lecturer will be expected to build an independent research presence that interacts strongly with an existing research group with wide interests on the links between atmospheric composition (greenhouse gases, ozone, clouds and aerosols), radiative processes and weather and climate change. The lecturer’s research interests could cover observational and/or numerical modelling.

Opportunities exist for broader collaboration across the full range of science covered in the Department; in addition to the research activities of faculty staff, this includes the NERC National Centres for Atmospheric Science and Earth Observation (which have a strong presence in the Department),  the UK Met Office (including its MetOffice@Reading component), and the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts, which will move on to the University’s campus in the next few years.