Site Operations Manager & Safety/Security Officer (ARM BNF site)


The Site Operations Manager is responsible for managing personnel and overseeing the performance of instrument maintenance and operation in support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Third Mobile Facility (AMF3) at the Bankhead National Forest (BNF) site at or near Moulton, Lawrence County, AL. This position will also oversee and maintain the BNF Site Safety program.


  • Track, manage, and communicate status to AMF3 Technical Representative/Site Manager of all site operations tasks and related ARM change requests/orders.
  • Manage all personnel and processes utilized at the BNF site to perform the continuous daily site operations.
  • Develop and maintain the operations cost accounting system to plan and track costs of instruments, systems, and services needed to support operations and maintenance of the BNF site.
  • Develop and maintain the operations financial plan and budget in coordination with the AMF3 Management/Technical Representative. Track actual costs via the operations cost accounting system.
  • Develop and maintain all facility personnel shift and operations procedures.
  • Participate in design reviews of new instruments and new facilities as required.
  • Coordinate and support facility maintenance and repair actions. Create a SOW for all maintenance and repair activities as required.
  • Coordinate the BNF shipping and receiving activities.