Instrument Maintenance Lead (ARM BNF site)


The Engineering Technician V (Instrument Maintenance Lead) is responsible for performing instrument maintenance and operation in support of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Third Mobile Facility (AMF3) at the Bankhead National Forest (BNF) site at or near Moulton, Lawrence County, AL.


  • Manage, track, and report instrument status, including operational, troubleshooting and data status.
  • Manage, track, and report technician tasks and activities.
  • Review applicable documentation, status, and operability in order to track and manage completion of instrument operations for all BNF site instruments.
  • Coordinate with the Data Quality Office (DQO)/Mentors on all applicable instrument data quality issues, and methods to improve instrument performance.
  • Participate and manage technician participation in all ARM tracking and reporting procedures.
  • Participate in regular safety procedures reviews and improvement efforts. Assist BNF Site Operations Manager in safety compliance of all personnel, visitors, and guests.
  • Submit instrument summaries for inclusion in the BNF Weekly and Monthly Summary Report.
  • Ensure that assigned instrument routine preventative maintenance and scheduled/unscheduled maintenance activities are performed in accordance with established procedures.
  • Responsible for current and historical instrument inventory in approved databases and coordinates/implements any required property control actions with the applicable DOE Laboratory.
  • Develop, augment, and maintain all instrument maintenance procedures; ensures instrument maintenance personnel have current versions of required maintenance documentation.
  • Assist in the review, planning, and coordination of Field Campaign support requirements including guest instrument installations and support needs.
  • Prepare for and conduct training for instrument maintenance technicians, including periodic refresher training and weekly departmental safety training.
  • Lead annual review of Preventative Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance procedures.
  • Function as the Laser Safety Officer.
  • Function as the primary operator and maintenance technicians for all instruments involving laser technology.
  • Perform, along with other technicians, basic preventative maintenance, and scheduled/unscheduled corrective maintenance on all site instruments, with specific advanced troubleshooting and corrective maintenance on instruments involving laser technology.
  • Perform daily operations of the instrument maintenance, troubleshooting, status, and documentation involving lasers.
  • Participate in the planning and development of instrument and site needs.
  • Participate in the development of operations and maintenance procedures.
  • Work with instrument mentors on new instrument installations and upgrades of existing systems.
  • Maintain the current and historical instrument inventory databases in the Asst. Management DB.