Extreme Weather Predictability Research Scientist


Lawrence Berkeley National Lab’s (LBNL) Climate & Ecosystem Sciences Division has an opening for an Extreme Weather Predictability Research Scientist to advance the understanding and predictability of extreme weather phenomena by focusing specifically on physical drivers, climate variability and change.

The research will entail investigation of high-impact extreme weather events, including tropical cyclones and severe storms. In this exciting role, you will develop a deeper understanding of the physical mechanisms that precede and drive these extreme weather events, and how these processes interact with the climate system. The position will require expertise in atmospheric dynamics and extreme weather, and will entail designing, running, and analyzing high-resolution numerical climate model experiments to examine extreme weather events and their drivers in historical and future climates. You will work closely with interdisciplinary teams including physical scientists, statisticians, engineers, and computational scientists that aim to produce cutting edge research on extreme weather and real-world tools for decision makers and stakeholders.