The American Geophysical Union (AGU) Fall Meeting will be held December 13-17, 2010 in San Francisco, California. Below is a list of sessions that may be of interest to the ASR community. For more details, visit the AGU meeting website.

  • Session GC14: “The Use of Observations for Evaluating CMIP5/IPCC Simulations” Conveners: Gerald Potter, Amy Braverman, Duane Waliser, and Joao Teixeira
  • Session GC38: “Challenges in Understanding and Modeling Global-Regional Climate Connections” Conveners: Prashant Sardeshmukh, Gilbert Compo, and Mary Penland
  • Session A05: “Three Dimensional Cloud, Trace Gas and Aerosol Retrievals. Conveners” John Porter, Dong Huang, Pavlos Kollias, Anthony Davis.
  • Session A16: “Innovative Applications of Satellite and Ground Observations in Evaluating Large-Scale Models: Beyond the Resemblance Test” Conveners: Xianglei Huang, Stephen Klein, and Zhengzhao Luo
  • Session A28: “Fast Physics in Climate Models: Parameterization and Evaluation” Conveners: Yangang Liu, Leo Donner, Robert Wood, and Surabi Menon
  • Session A32: “Arctic Supercooled Clouds as Buffered Systems” Conveners: Jerry Harrington, Hugh Morrison, Graham Feingold, and Kara Sulia
  • Session A40: “Ice Formation and Multiplication in Tropospheric Clouds” Conveners: Ottmar Moehler, Xiaohong Liu, Paul Connolly, and Greg McFarquhar
  • Session A55: “Ocean-Cloud-Land-Atmosphere Interactions in the Southeastern Pacific. Conveners” Paquita Zuidema and Jerome Fast.
  • Session A56: “Entrainment and Mixing in Clouds” Conveners: Steven Krueger, Zhiming Kuang, and Hermann Gerber.