Jiwen Fan Paper Tops Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences Most Read List

Published: 25 November 2017

Jiwen Fan, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Congratulations to Atmospheric System Research (ASR) scientist Jiwen Fan, who is the lead author of the most read paper from the past 12 months on the Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences website.
Fan is an atmospheric modeler at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory specializing in untangling the relationships between aerosols, clouds, and climate. Specifically, she has contributed to the understanding of how aerosol particles impact storm (deep convective) clouds—one of the most difficult and complicated climate problems.
Fan’s ASR-funded paper, “Review of Aerosol-Cloud Interactions: Mechanisms, Significance, and Challenges,” has been accessed 1,390 times since being published online in October 2016. Fan co-wrote the paper with Yuan Wang, California Institute of Technology; Daniel Rosenfeld, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; and Xiaohong Liu, University of Wyoming. They discussed how aerosols interact with different kinds of clouds and influence precipitation and energy balance on regional and global scales. The authors also explored ways to overcome modeling and observational obstacles in studying aerosol-cloud interactions.
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This work was supported by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science, Office of Biological and Environmental Research as part of the Atmospheric System Research Program.